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Are you one of those travelers looking to take your love for travelling to a whole new level? Do you like to explore different places, meet new people, and share awesome experiences?

We are revolutionizing your travelling experience by offering one-of-a-kind services that will make your life much easier.

Let’s face it. You love to travel, but it’s really hard to organize or plan your trip. You need to visit hundreds of sites, explore different flight deals, hotel bookings and more, and it takes a lot of time.

Until now!

iGo Escape – Your one-stop-shop to meet all of your travel needs.

Our mobile-friendly platform makes it easier than ever to plan every aspect of your next travel adventure all in the same place.

We have designed our services to do away with the inefficiencies travelers often meet when they set out to plan their next outing. In our modernized world, you shouldn’t have to shuffle between multiple websites and agencies to arrange your trip when you can do all of your planning on a single platform with iGo Escape.

You have expectations. We have solutions. Simplify your travel booking experience with iGo Escape.

Our simple, user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to find the right services for your trip, and book right here on our website.

  • Find the flight that fits your schedule and your budget with our flight-finder tool. Our flights page is organized by destination and airfare rates to make your search easier than it’s ever been. We regularly update our Sale page to help you take advantage of affordable domestic and international flight opportunities.

Flight booking

  • Book your hotel right on our website using our vast selection of international accommodations. We take care to keep our page updated with the most current pricing and availability information to make sure there is a hotel room on our site sure to suit your needs.

Hotel booking

  • Travel like you have never traveled before using our Tour booking feature. Gain access to fun and interactive tours anywhere in the world to enrich your travel experience!

Tour activities

  • We have partnered up with the experts at CruiseAway to help you find and book your perfect ocean excursion. CruiseAway offers many packages so you can customize your cruise experience. Or, if you prefer to do your planning independently, feel free to browse the available packages on your own time.

Need to make changes on the fly? No problem! You don’t have to be in front of a computer to make a last-minute change to your hotel booking or local transportation arrangements. Our platform is super mobile-friendly — don’t stress if a hitch in travel plans arises. Just adjust your booking right on your phone.

Check out our web store while you’re there to find travel tools and products made to ease your load on your journey. We stock things like travel power adapters and power banks to keep yourself connected, camping accessories made for our outdoor adventurers, a variety of travel bags, and selfie sticks to help you capture the memories you make as you explore the world around you. The iGo Escape web store also contains tons of packing accessories like men’s and women’s toiletry bags, multi-card holders and travel bags made for your kids.

Finally, all of your travel needs are housed under one roof. Skip the hassle of juggling multiple tabs and emails just to find the booking confirmations and information you need for a single trip.

Wish it. Dream it. Believe it. Book It.

Try iGo Escape to plan your next trip!


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