Starting from 1905 up to 2019, Australian Open has become the biggest annual sporting event in the whole of southern hemisphere. This annual tennis tournament held in Melbourne, Australia, starts over the last fortnight of January. Australian Open is the first of the four Grand Slam events of the world. It starts of the annual tennis calendar with a bang and is soon followed by French Open, Wimbledon Open and US Open. The Grand Slam features singles, doubles and junior championships (both in men and women categories), together with wheelchair, legends and exhibition event. It started on grass courts, then progressed to green rebound ace and is currently played on blue Plexicushion. This year it will be played Rod Laver Arena and Margaret Court Arena at Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Victoria. The Australian Open event will kick off on January 14 and will be coming to an end on January 24, 2019.

This tennis mega event is known for attracting a lot of crowds and spectators of every kind. Australia is going to get jam packed and it will be hard to find flights and a decent hotel even before the start of January. So I suggest that you start looking at the Top online hotel booking websites because this is a Grand Slam that you would not want to miss out on. It is the best way to start your year with soaring energy levels and a heady adrenaline rush. In the Australian Open arenas the adrenaline levels go sky high and the excitement of seeing your favorite players competing against each other, joins the people of several nations – all over the world – under the sunny blue skies of the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne Park. The level of competence further increases when Serena Williams joins the game. The 23 times grand slam winner, who was last spotted in US open in September, 2017, is back to maintain her winning streak. And all the tennis fan are aware of the fact that when Williams is on the court, some fun and action is bound to happen.

This tennis season is bound to turn out to be the talk of the world for the next couple of months because quite a few changes are going to be seen and history will be made. The Australian Open Tournament Director, Craig Tilley says:

“Our team has spent a lot of time this year talking to players, coaches and their teams about what’s important to them, what they like and what changes they want to see.
“From these discussions, held at tournaments around the world, we’ve come up with some changes we know the players want, including the Serve Clock and Electronic Review on all match courts, making conditions more consistent across the precinct.

“We’ve increased the women’s qualifying draw to 128, in line with the men’s qualifying, removing what was really an historical anomaly, and we’re starting qualifying a day earlier.

“The 25-second Serve Clock will be introduced for all matches – we know there’s a move to speed up play and we’ll continue to work with the players on the best ways to do this.”
On top of these changes, the directors have decided to change the name of the Hisense Arena to Melbourne Arena. And the prize money has also been increased to AUD60.5 million.

Furthermore, Serena Williams will be joined by Victoria Azarenka, double Melbourne Park champion. In the men’s category Novak Djokovic (six time men’s winner), Britain’s Andy Murray and Roger Federer (20 times Grand Slam winner) will be joining the games.
Other than the chance to see your favourite players in action and meet them after the games, Australian Open also offers many more events including the art and culture exhibitions and several musical events to end the Grand Slam in a grand way.
Start visiting the top online hotel booking sites and book your hotel now, if you do not want to miss out on the fun and excitement of Australian Open 2019. Make sure you also have your tickets booked before the game. The tickets for the two arenas can be bought depending on your budget. Mid-range tickets are available for the entry to 7500 seat space Margaret Court Arena, and the center court tickets are at a higher price to get a seat in 1500 seat space Rod Laver Arena.

While you are preparing to fly off to the games do not forget to visit the top hotel booking sites and book your residential space before time, also keep the viewing schedule of the Grand Slam with you. When packing, make sure to pack all the sun protection gear because you will have a lot of sun exposure while in the arena. When in Australia, dress comfortably so you can sit outdoors and enjoy the event to its fullest and also hold on tightly to your ticket if you do not want any extra trouble.

Book your flights and hotels now and get ready to kick off the first Grand Slam of the year 2019!

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