You cannot escape the environmental impact of traveling when you plan to travel on foot. Trekking is one of the best and most eco-friendly activities that you can enjoy. There are various amazing hiking trails around the world that you can explore on your terms. While you are on the hiking trails, you can enjoy various other activities like sleeping in the tent, counting the stars at night and exploring some of the flora and fauna that are present on the trails.

The long-distance hiking trails are rapidly gaining popularity. There are many individuals who are interested in spending some time alone on the trails because it brings relaxation and peace of mind. You will be surprised to know that number of individuals visiting the hiking trails are increasing every year. It means that if you are planning to visit some of the best hiking trails you should consider the following top 10 trails.

Larapinta Trail in Australia


If you are looking for one of the finest hiking trails in the world, Larapinta in Australia will be your best choice. It is situation near Alice Springs. You will have to walk across the West MacDonnell Ranges and cover the distance of 223 km. there are 12 different section of the trail that will take 12 to 14 days to complete. You will have the most memorable walk in the Red Center of Australia. The sunburned landscape and blue skies make a stunning contrast. There are various spectacular geographical formations that you can explore in the region. Some of the famous tracks are.

  1. Ormiston Gorge
  2. Simpson’s Gap
  3. Mount Sonder
  4. Ellery Creek Big Hole
  5. Much more

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Tongariro Alpine Crossing in New Zealand


The hiking trail is 12 miles long and you can easily cover the area in 1 day. The best time to visit Tongariro Alpine is November to April. It is known as the best day hikes in the world. While you are crossing the trail, you will get a little bit of everything. There are various dramatic landscapes and it gets hard to describe the beauty of this place in words. You will come across steaming vents, ancient lava flows, glacial valleys, crater lakes and much more. Discover more ultimate  hiking trails in New Zealand here.

The Pacific Crest Trail in USA


After the best-selling novel by Cheryl Strayed Wild, Pacific Crest Trail become one of the most famous trails of the world. Before that it was only famous among the people who loving hiking and tourists were not aware of the trail. The trail is 2659 miles long and it is located between the Canadian and Mexican border. You will have to cross the states of Oregon, California and Washington at least 150 miles towards east of Pacific Coast. If you are planning to cover the entire area of the hike it can easily take you 4 to 8 months. It means that you will have to come with proper training and gear to assure that you can enjoy your time in the best possible way.

The Camino de Santiago in Spain

Camino de Santiago in Spain

You will be surprised to know that most of the hiking trails in the world has been recently created. However, the history of CAMINO DE SANTIAGO goes back to at least a millennium. There are various pilgrims from the middle age in the hiking area and you can even visit the grave of St James. There are various trails on the area which you can cover. It is only 500 miles long which means that within 3 to 4 weeks you can easily. Stretching from east to west you can easily explore most of the top location in Spain. It will be the most memorable hike pf your life.

The Annapurna Circuit in Nepal


It is the second most popular trail in the world that will allow you to explore some of the best places. No doubt that most people are interested in the Everest Base camp but once you will see the Annapurna Circuit you will forget about all the other hiking trails in the world.

The trail is 128 miles long, and the complete trail is 128 miles long. It was used as a trading route for local traders who used to travel on their donkeys of yaks. It will take around three weeks to complete the trails. There are various highlights that you will notice including the Thorung La pass. You can even see the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas.

The W Trail in Chile


The trail is located in the Torres del Paine National Park. Here you will find the most pristine and dramatic mountain landscapes. It is the perfect trail that you should explore on foot. The mild temperature and water springs make it perfect even during summer days. It is only 37 to 52 miles long. However, there are various hurdles, and it is a very difficult trail which means that it might take four days or more to complete. There are various amazing destinations that you can explore on the trail.

The Inca Trail in Peru

Machu Pichu

It is a perfect hiking trail if you are ready for some adventure. It takes four days to reach the trail across the Peruvian Andes. There are various amazing archaeological ruins that you can explore on your way. Make sure that you visit the Sun Gate before your journey ends. The sunrise at this location will be like a reward for you that you will never forget. Climbing zones are almost 14000 feet long, and you will find the beautiful cloud forest before descending. Here you will see the birds flying through the mist. Only 500 hikers are allowed on the hiking trail.

The Karhunkierros Trail in Finland

Nordic nations are incredible spots to climb on account of Everyman’s Right, a conventional practice that enables individuals to get to all open and private land for recreational purposes.

In Finland, you can climb and camp wherever you like if you keep a sensible separation from private homes. You can likewise scavenge for mushrooms and berries and go angling without a permit.

In summer, Finland encounters gentle atmosphere and nonstop daylight. We as of late finished a 250-mile summer climb crosswise over Finland, and it was one of the best encounters of our lives.

The Great Trail in Canada

Trans Canada Trail

The Great Trail, in the past known as the Trans-Canada Trail, is the longest system of recreational trails on the planet. Image above by Dennis Javis shows the View from the old railway bridge on the Trans Canada Trail.

The trail passes all around Canada, from the famous Yukon to “Mile Zero” through a large portion of Canada’s areas and domains en route.

The entire system is around 12,000 miles in length and about 80% finish. It means to be done by Canada’s 150th commemoration in 2017.

Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan


The Tiger’s Nest is a symbol of Bhutan, similar to Paris’ Eiffel Tower and London’s Big Ben. The vast majority who make the voyage to Bhutan likewise make the journey to the Tiger’s Nest.

The Tiger’s Nest is a Buddhist religious community rooted in favor of a precipice, 900 meters off of the ground. It is a long move to arrive, yet gracious, what a view. Such a lofty working in an unstable position. Petition banners are waving noticeable all around, and you can smell the incense and hear the Buddhist priests in supplication. It is a rare chance. The separation is generally 3.25 km to 6.5 km round excursion. It takes a normal of 2 hours to achieve the Tiger’s Nest, less to get down. There is a cafeteria close to the Tiger’s Nest which makes for a decent pit stop. Permit no less than 5 to 7 hours for the whole visit, including an opportunity to visit the cloister.

Bottom Line

Make sure that you spend some of the best days of your life on the hiking trails. You can explore as many places as you like and take some of the best pictures that you can show to those you love. However, when you are planning to go for trekking to make sure that you plan everything properly. You will need special training to assure that you can cover the distance without getting tired as well as you will need proper hiking gear that will allow you to manage the task properly. Assure that you enjoy your time in the best possible way.