An island country with hundreds of islands in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, are famous for being the military base of US soldiers during World War II. This archipelago of 992 tropical islands has a double chain of volcanic islands extending over 1800 kilometers from Tikopia and Anuta in the east and Shortland Islands in the west. Solomon Islands are divided into 9 provinces. Guadalcanal, being the largest of all islands is known as the capital of Solomon Islands. The islands have a tropical oceanic climate having its hot and humid days together with plenty of rainfall and cool western winds. This mix of hot and cold keeps the weather pleasant all around the year.

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The landscapes of the islands offer a variety of sparkling turquoise waters, golden sandy beaches, croc-infected mangroves, lush emerald tropical jungles, rainforests, massive lagoons, tropical islets, hot springs, waterfalls, and Volcanic Mountains. The diverse landscape offers many different kinds of activities and luxurious hotels and resorts of different kinds as you will be able to find from top online hotel booking websites. If you are among those who want to fall off the map than this natural playground is the best place for you to explore. The magical Solomon Islands can offer you all kinds of activities, from scuba diving deep in the ocean to climbing the summits of Volcanic Mountains.

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The islanders like to take a jab at other holiday destinations and describe their own with the saying “we don’t put on make-up”. They believe in preserving the natural beauty of the islands and do not want to westernize them. This turns out to be a good thing when you want to get away from the western world of modernization and wander deep into the nature. Also you get the chance to explore the rich culture and history of these ancient islands.

If you want to explore the last unexplored and unspoiled holiday destination of the Pacific, than check out the best offers on top online hotel booking websites and book yourself a place in the Solomon Islands. Here are a few of the activities that you must not forego when holidaying in these tropical islands:

Explore the Island Life and Culture

The 550,000 islanders of Solomon Islands are predominantly Melanesian, but still differ wildly from one island to the next. They offer you a sneak peek into the history of World War II and also the untouched island life of the different societies and tribes of the Solomon Islands. Visit Choiseul, Malaita, Guadalcanal, San Crisbotal, New Georgia, and Santa Isabel to take a look into the life and colonial history of the Solomon Islands.

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Explore the Exotic Wildlife

The islands due to their varied landscapes and tropical rain forests, are rich in flora and fauna. All you have to do is get a pair of binoculars and your hiking shoes on and go exploring in the jungles of Solomon Islands. You might come across many exotic bird species with vibrant and colorful plumage. You will also find yourself admiring the wide range of reptiles, and marsupials, including flying foxes, opossums and phalanges.

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Get Wet in the Oceanic Waters

The Solomon Islands offer world’s best Snorkeling and Scuba Diving. Dive, snorkel, swim and surf around the 992 islands of the Solomon. You will find yourself surrounded by colorful schools of fish, a wide variety of other marine life, coral gardens waiting for you to visit, and wreckage of the World War II. It would not matter if you have never done such activities before, there will be camps to teach you and help you in exploring the magical underwater world of the largest ocean in the world.

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Poke the Dormant beasts on Land and in Water

Like all deadly things in the world, volcanoes also have a mysterious attraction that draws people to them. In Solomon Islands you will find many volcanoes and the best by far are Kavachi volcano and Kolombangara.

For seeing Kolombangara, you can visit Guadalcanal Island and hike up the rim of the crater to reach the summit, but it might take you a few days to be able to look down into the bowels of this ancient dormant giant.

The other one is the lava spewing Kavachi volcano that is known for lighting fire on the water. This submerged volcano creates lava islands on the water than erode away after sometime. It is a spectacular site to see if you are a fan of Volcanoes, or water, or fire or anything that bubbles and froths!

Browse the top online hotel booking websites to check which hotels offer tours to the volcanoes.

Other activities that you can fall in love with on the Solomon Islands are: Visiting the Nesting Leatherback Turtles, learning about World War II, visiting Skull Island, shopping in the Honiara’s colourful local markets, and visiting traditional villages.

While you are at it, do not forget to see these world renowned attractions of Solomon Islands:

1) Bonegi

A dream destination for all snorkelers and divers, Bonegi is just 12 km west of Honaiara. With its black sand beach and two massive Japanese Freighters that sank here in 1942, this site acts as the playground of scuba divers and snorkelers.

2) Skull Island

A small islet on the Vonavona Lagoon, the skull island is only a 30 minute boat ride away from Munda. This Treasure Island is known as the final resting place or burial ground for the countless warriors of WWII and also as the shrine of the Rendovan Chiefs. Dating back to 1920s the island is dotted with skulls of the vanquished warriors of the olden times. There is also a triangular shaped casket known as the skull house contains the chiefs’ valuables of clamshell-ring.

3) Vilu War Museum

An open-air museum to the south of Honiara, filled with the memorials of Japanese, US, Fijian, Australian and New Zealand. The major attractions of the museum are: Japanese field guns, a Betty bomber, a Lightning fighter and a Wildcat fighter.

4) Tenaru and Mataniko Falls

These breathtaking water falls outside Honiara, hold the ability to leave the onlookers stunned at their beauty and magnificence.

Marovo Lagoon, Bloody Ridge, WWII Museum, US War Memorial, Honiara Botanical Gardens, Lake Tagano, Serah Keu Lagoon Hideaway and Tranches Creek falls are a few of the other must see attraction of Solomon Islands.

Special Foods and traditions

If you want to bond with the locals of the Solomon Islands than the best way to do that is to chew the Betel Nuts with them. These nuts have been around the islands for centuries. They turn the teeth and gums bright red while also leaving the mouth tingling.


Also try Ulu (breadfruit) of the island, it can be served with any kind of dish. Also do not miss out on Poi, a traditional dish prepared with fermented taro roots.


Start browsing the top online hotel booking websites to get yourself a good offer for your next vacation in the Solomon Islands. But also beware of the charm and magical attraction of the islands, you might not want to return to your fast-paced lives after a laid back and serene retreat into the unexplored island nation of the South Pacific.

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