Sydney, the world famous harbor city of Australia is the capital of New South Wales. It enjoys the strategic position of Australia’s largest and most important port city. Sydney started to be an important trading port as early as 19th century, when it first started emerging as a small settlement. Surrounded by hills and filled with the sparkling water and innumerable bays. The city offers a spectacular aerial as well as land view. The Sydney harbor city is famous for making people fall in love with the first sight of the breathtaking natural wonders together with the mad made steel wonder, the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the glittering shell on the water known as the famous Opera House of Sydney.

The city is surrounded by the natural landscapes of the Blue Mountains, Pacific Ocean and Lake Macquarie. This international standard city has much to offer no matter if you are visiting as a tourist or settling down as a resident. You will never run out of fun activities, things to do and sights to see in Sydney. You can visit the top tour booking websites and get your Sydney land and water tours booked for some memorable experiences to add to the book of life.

It has its own unique Australian culture mixed with the British heritage and some colors of the cities surrounding the Pacific, due to its position as an international port, international air terminal and holiday destination. The place is also famous for its sparkling waters surrounded by sandy beaches offering heart-warming sights and wonderful experiences. The water sports of the Sydney harbor become even more refreshing in the warm climate of the city.


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What To See And Do In Sydney?

 Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge

The most iconic landmark of Australia is the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It enjoys the distinctive position of world’s longest steel arch bridge. When in Sydney do not forget to sign up for a bridge climb if you want to capture the panoramic views of the Sydney skyline, opera house and the Pacific Ocean. This four hour long bridge climb is best when started at twilight so that you can enjoy the stunning Sydney sunset and evening scenes together with the daylight views.


Take a Stroll on the Sydney Harbor

The Sydney Harbor with its 150 miles long shoreline, is filled with amazing beaches of golden sands and spectacular views. The stunning golden beaches have always been the most popular attraction of the city, majorly the Bondi Beach. But if you want to go and get a tan at a less crowded beach than head over to Coogee, Bronte, Tamarama or Maroubra. You can also further enhance the beautiful experience by visiting the bays and taking a ferry ride. You can also book a ferry tour with top tour booking websites, to the Cuckoo Islands.


Get the Sydney Opera House Ticked On Your Bucket List

This iconic landmark is one of the most famous historical wonder not only for its architectural design but also for the breathtaking views offered from its glistening glass, due to its strategical position on the Sydney Harbor.


When tired with the water, you can always book a tour with the top tour booking websites to tour the Blue Mountains or the Chinatown. After the sightseeing do not forget to buy some souvenirs and bargain at the Rocks, Rozelle, Glebe, and Paddington, some of the best Sydney markets.

The city is open to tourists all through the year due to its mild climates and warm sunny days. But the best time to visit is March to May and September to November, if you want to avoid the really hot Australian summer. The travelling costs are also reduced during the spring season. Just keep in mind to not let your holiday get dampened with rainy seasons because those are not a very good time to visit Sydney.

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