We all need a vacation at least once in our lives. There are many amazing destinations that you can visit around the world but the memories you will make in Turkey are incredible. The biggest attraction of Turkey is that it is the place where East meets West. You will be surprised to know Turkey joins the two most important continents of the world Asia and Europe. It has land divided between both borders. Another major attraction of Turkey is that it is a cheap tourist destination. It means if you are on a tight budget you can easily visit Turkey without creating any financial issue for yourself.

You might have been wondering that Istanbul is the only famous place to visit in Turkey but you are wrong. There are various amazing tourist destinations that you should visit in Turkey. Here we have 15 places you must see in Turkey.

1. Lake Van

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It is the most famous lake in Turkey because of the amazing blue water. The water in the lake is like saline soda. It is located in the widest point of the area and 119 km long. The lake covers an area of 3755km which makes it one of the largest lakes in Turkey. There are legends which say that there are monsters living in the lake which makes it more exciting. The people living around the lake say that the monsters in the lake are similar to the famous Loch Ness Monster. The lake is located in Bitlis and Van.

2. Cappadocia

Cappadocia Turkey

The most famous place that you should visit in Turkey is Cappadocia. You will be surprised to see the desert like area with a lot of mountains. However, there is various hot air balloon in the region in which you can have the ride. You can select the height that you would like to cover in the balloon. Watching the mountains from above is a very mesmerizing scene. It is known as the dream place in Turkey that most people like to visit. It should be 1st on your travel list.

3. Tortum Waterfall

Tortum Waterfall Turkey

Do not forget to visit the most famous waterfall of Turkey. It is the largest waterfall in Turkey with various amazing sights that you will love to explore while you are in Turkey. However, between the months of May and June, you will only find surplus water in the waterfall that is why you should carefully plan your trip. In the other months, the waterfall is commonly dry. It is located in Eastern Turkey in Erzurum province.

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4. Amasya

Amasya Turkey

It is a very beautiful and small city which is located in the narrow valley near the banks of Yeşilırmak. The biggest attraction of the city is that the famous Turkish folklore of Sirin and Ferhat took place in this city. There are various amazing cultural experiences that you can surely enjoy in this place. You can also explore the famous antique bridges and houses of Ottoman.

5. Ephesus

Ephesus Turkey

You will be surprised to know that even people in Turkey are not aware of this amazing place. It is the place where you will find various antique things and places and there are only a few well-preserved sites that you would like to explore. In making this impressive site there is a fair share of Italy and Greece. It is known as the most important city of ancient times. Temple of Artemis is the biggest reason that this city is very famous. It is among the 7 wonders of the world. Known as the home to 7 famous churches in Asia which have been mentioned in the Book of Revelation. It’s also famous as the largest archaeological site of Romans.

6. Uzungöl

Uzungöl Trabzon Turkey

Once you will enter this place you will feel like you are in Alps or Switzerland. It is one of the most gorgeous places to visit in Turkey. Here you will find traditional Turkish houses which are combined with amazing landscapes which are a pure bliss to mind and eyes.

7. Düden Waterfalls

Duden Waterfalls Turkey

Duden waterfalls are divided into two famous parts. There are upper and lower parts of the waterfall and assure that you explore all of them. The upper part is just a scenic part and you will find nothing amazing because it is flowing into the ocean. However, the lower parts are hidden in the trees which makes it even more perfect. Most of the locals love to visit this place in the summer to assure they can cool the heat.

8. Ölüdeniz

Oludeniz Fethiye Turkey

If you are planning to enjoy some amazing activities on your trip make sure that you visit Ölüdeniz. Here you will explore the incredible scenery and you can enjoy activities like skydiving and watersports. There are many amazing beaches where you can enjoy sunbath or spend some time in the waves. You will also come across the amazing villages while you are in town. Without a doubt, it is one of the best places that you should visit in Turkey.

9. Mamure Castle

Mamure Castle Turkey
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An amazing place to visit in Turkey which has been mentioned in the World Heritage site of UNESCO is Mamure Castle. It is the famous medieval castle that was built by the famous rulers of Cilicia in Armenian kingdom. You will be surprised to know that the castle has been destroyed and rebuilt various times which makes it even more special. It is a spectacular fortress that you should visit at least once.

10. Pamukkale

Pamukkale Denizli Turkey

For a long time, the place has been famous among the tourists. People around the world visit the place only to explore the thermal springs and scenes that are created by them. Not only the springs you will find the ancient ruins of Hierapolis in the location. These are the Roman ruins which have been well preserved and you should visit them on your trip to Turkey.

11. Aspendos

Aspendos Antalya Turkey

You might think that the most famous amphitheater in the world is Colosseum because you have not visited Aspendos yet in Turkey. It is the most famous amphitheater among the historians because of its beauty as well as it has been preserved perfectly. It is a grand venue where more than 12000 people can be easily seated and it was built in 155 BC. However, you can easily explore all the details of the amphitheater and understand why it is the best.

12. Myra’s Rock Tombs

Rock Tombs Myra Turkey

If you are planning to explore somethings historical then it is the place that you should visit. Myra is known as ancient Greek town in Lycia and in the modern era, it is known as the vertical rock tombs. You will hear many stories and enjoy exploring the place.

13. Harran Beehive Houses

Harran Beehive Houses Urfa Turkey

It is a very unique and special house that was once the part of the Mesopotamian city which is in ancient Harran. If you want to learn more about the culture and history of the world it is the place that you should visit once in your life. The architect of the house is more than 3000 years old but the place for inhibited until 1980. However, you will surely love the place and history associated with it. 

14. Mount Nemrut

Nemrut Mountain Adiyaman Turkey

One of the most stunning places to visit in Turkey is Mount Nemrut. It is also listed in the world heritage site on UNESCO. There are many amazing statues as well as historical sites that you can explore in the destination.

15. Patara

Patara Turkey

This is the longest beach that you can explore in Turkey. It is know as the hidden gem of Turkey where you will find some of the antique ruins. You can enjoy the long walks in this location.

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Bottom Line

You will be surprised to know that Turkey is one of those countries that you can easily visit any time in a year because the weather is always perfect and you can explore as many places as you like. So, pack properly according to the weather and enjoy your trip. Make sure that you properly plan your entire trip in Turkey to assure that you can get the most out of your trip and also you can catch the cheap flights here. Visit as many places as you can to assure that you can make some of the best memories that you can easily share with your friends and family members. Your trip to Turkey will be the most memorable and exciting trip of your life.