Iceland is the most famous tourist destination in the world. Millions of people from around the world plan to visit Iceland every year because of the amazing weather and a chance to see some of the most beautiful places in the world. You will be surprised to know that Iceland is one of those countries in the world where you cannot predict anything. From the weather to the cost of living changes can happen drastically. That is why if you are not properly prepared it will get hard for you to enjoy your trip to Iceland. Here we have some of the most important things that you need to know when you are planning to visit Iceland.

1. Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Iceland
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No doubt that the biggest attraction in Iceland is the Blue Lagoon. There are many people who visit Iceland only because of the biggest swimming pool. You should know that there are many reasons visiting Blue Lagoon will be the best option. But if you have a limited budget and don’t like the crowded areas you can skip this place.

2. People Are Amazing

People Amazing
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The best thing about Iceland is the locals. They are amazing and very friendly. They will never make you feel like you are in a foreign state. They will be by your side always and will assure to provide you with the help that you need. They will give you a complete guide related to how you can survive in bad weather, they might help you out if they find you stuck somewhere because they know how hard it gets to manage when the weather gets bad. You can ask anyone for help anytime and the will assure that you will get all the help and hospitality you need to enjoy your time in the best possible way. You can always trust the locals of Iceland.

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3. Weather Shifts Are Dramatic

Weather Shifts Iceland
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While you are in Iceland you should know that the weather changes can be drastic. You are on the road and there is not even a single sign of snow, after few minutes when you return from the same road you might find a lot of snow and it will get hard for you to even drive. You should know that weather is different at the sea level and at mountain level. That is why you should be properly prepared for the winters when you are planning to visit Iceland. Wear extra layers of clothes to assure that you can protect yourself ever from harsh weather. Even if you notice that weather is normal outside, still you should ear extra layers to assure you can protect yourself regardless of the conditions.

4. Harðfiskur Is the Dish You Must Try

Harðfiskur Icelandic Fish Food
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No doubt there are various amazing food items that you are going to enjoy in Iceland but one of the delicacies that you cannot leave the country without is the Harðfiskur. It is a codfish that has been dried using special techniques and salted. It might appear to you like a simple fish but the moment you will take the first bite you will indulge in the amazing flavor. The best thing about the product is that it is an amazing source of protein and energy. It will keep you warm in the cold weather of Iceland. You will get a chance to enjoy a healthy meal.

5. Rental Cars Are Better Than Taxis

Car in Iceland
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When you will reach the airport of Iceland you will surely get confused that whether you should get a taxi or order a rental car. You should know that if you are not planning to waste your money it is better that you always book a rental car because the taxi services are very expensive in Iceland and they are not reliable. Apart from that, there are various options you will get in the rental car. You should always rent the car that has spikes on the wheel because it will be easier for you to travel in the snow. As well as you have to get the car which comes with insurance to assure that you can get the required coverage in case anything happens.

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6. It Is Better to Carry Cash with You

Carry Cash in Iceland
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We know that in this digital age we like to carry debit cards and credit card because they are easy to manage and you can easily pay for anything without having to worry about the cash getting stolen that you have in your pocket. However, in Iceland, it is better that you always carry cash. On the gas stations, they do not accept debit cards. As well as there are various other locations in Iceland where they will not accept the debit card that is why you have to be extra careful. It would be better if you have cash on you all the time to assure that you will not have to rush to the nearest ATM every time you need money.

7. Always Have Your Tank Full of Gas and Bag Full of Snacks

Tank Full of Gas
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One of the most important things that you have to remember while you are in Iceland is that weather changes can be harsh and drastic. One moment it is clear outside and the next moment you are stuck because of the storm. The last thing you would like in this condition is being stuck with low gas in your tank and no food in your vehicle. That is why you should always keep the gas tank on your vehicle full to assure that you will not get stuck on the road. As well as always keep some extra snacks in your car because you can get hungry and not having something to eat can create some serious problems for you.

8. It Can Be Expensive

Iceland Can Be Expensive
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Iceland can be expensive. There are various facilities in Iceland that are expensive as compared to other parts of the world. That is why you have to conduct complete research while you are visiting the place. It is always better to have some extra money to assure that you will not have to deal with budget problems. Make sure that you look for some cheap options available in the destination to assure that you will not waste your money on hotels and you can enjoy more. There are various places in Iceland that have delicious food available at the most affordable rate. Instead of visiting the 5 star restaurants it is better that you eat at these kinds of places to enjoy your food and have the best time of your life. Make sure that you always keep some emergency cash with you, so if the need arises you can use that money.

9. Hot Water Smells

Hot Water Smells
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When you will go to take a bath you will notice a strong smell of the hot water, do not get confused or make a fool out of yourself by complaining to the landlord. The reason is that in Iceland hot water comes from the Geothermal plants that are why they have a very strong Sulphur odor. There is no need to worry because it is very good for the skin. Every time you will take a hot water bath your skin will feel soft, smooth and fresh. Without using any products, you can have perfect skin in Iceland.

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Bottom Line

As the name suggests you have to assure that you pack your bags properly with some of the warmest clothes because that is the only way you can keep yourself warm and stay healthy in Iceland. You should pay proper attention to the weather forecasts and do not take them as a joke because if you are not well-prepared you will have to face the consequences that come with it. You will surely spend some of the best days of your life in Iceland. Make sure that you capture all the important memories of Iceland because that is the only way you can show the adventures you had in Iceland to the world.