Take 14 islands and spread 2.3 million people over it. Connect the islands with 57 bridges and add a drop of style to get the pearl of Scandinavia commonly known as Stockholm. You will be surprised to know that Stockholm is a sexy choice just like Vince. It has the same grace and attractiveness that will make you fall in love with the place. The moment you will step inside Stockholm you will surely appreciate the beauty it holds.

If you are planning a vacation and confused which place will be the best for you, select none other than Stockholm. Here we have some amazing reasons to help you understand why Stockholm is called a pearl.

1. Incredible Cityscape

Stockholm Cityspace
Via Mariamichelle / Pixabay

Once you will enter Stockholm the first thing you will notice is the amazing landscape. It is the perfect combination of the modern and traditional architecture that makes it look beautiful and perfect. You will surely love the place because how perfectly both types of landscapes have been merged together to make it look more attractive and mesmerizing. If you truly want to enjoy the landscape of the place. Make sure that you reach at the top of your hotel building and from there explore the beautiful place. You will notice the amazing combination of colors and the beauty that it holds. It is one of the most picturesque cities in the world. Even a simple picture of the city taken from the top make it look like a piece of art. 

2. Greenery and Fresh Air

Green Stockholm Sweden
Via Mariamichelle / Pixabay

One of the biggest attractions of Stockholm is the greenery. In most parts of the world you will find buildings and homes all around the place and there are only a few trees in a park or the backyard of the home. However, in Stockholm things are different. You will find various beautiful and amazing green plants all around the place. They believe in keeping the environment green and that is why in the highly developed city you will easily find greenery that makes it more amazing. While you are in Stockholm you will truly understand what it feels like to breath in the fresh air. The atmosphere of Stockholm is very cool and calm. You will find more green plants in city area of the Stockholm than any other city in the world.

3. Healthy and Active Lifestyle

Bicycle Stockholm
Via Reverent / Pixabay

In most of the cities around the world people like to use the public transportation or they have their own vehicles that help them save time. However, we all know that it is the biggest reason behind the health issues we are dealing with. In Stockholm people are working hard to change this concept. That is why they pay more attention to their health which keeps them healthy and strong. They believe in having an active lifestyle and that is why you will see people going for a walk in the morning and visiting gyms to keep their body healthy. As well as there are more bicycles on the road as compared to cars and most of the people like to travel by foot because they know it will keep them healthy. You will love the healthy lifestyle people follow.

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4. Mesmerizing Architecture

Architecture Stockholm
Via Mariamichelle / Pixabay

Stockholm is famous for the amazing architecture that you will find in the area. They have an artistic appeal to the architecture that you will find in the area. Even the buildings of the offices are very unique and attractive which makes them look like artwork. Most of the buildings have at least 1 wall that is different from all the other walls that you will come across. There are different structures of the building walls like a curved wall and various other forms. It means that if you are unable to reach your favorite destination there is nothing to worry about because you can still move around, explore the buildings and appreciate the work that has been done on them.

5. Enjoy Your Summers

Summer Stockholm
Via Carinawittlock / Pixabay

If you are planning to visit an amazing place to enjoy your summer vacation nothing can be better than Stockholm. The reason is that they have the best summer weather that is calm and amazing. You will not have to deal with the sweaty summers like many other parts of the world. Another attraction of the place is that there are various activities that you can enjoy in Stockholm during the summer season that makes it even more special. You will not have to stay in the house because the outside is really hot. Just go outside and you will surely find an activity that you can participate in. As well as there are various amazing beaches in Stockholm where you can spend some of the best hours of your life.

6. Largest Art Exhibit of the World

Largest Art Exhibit Stockholm Metro
Via Andystravelblog

Stockholm is not only famous for its activities and cityscape. It is the city art in itself and perfect destination for the art lovers. If you have the eye for the art you will never get bored in Stockholm because they have the biggest art exhibit in the world. You can start from one end and even if you spend your whole day examining the amazing artwork you will not be able to complete the exhibition. There are various amazing forms of art in the exhibition. You will be able to explore the entire place and not even a single piece is similar. The entire artwork is unique and amazing. Make sure that you visit the art exhibit even if you are an art lover or not because you will surely love the place.

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7. Soul Food Is to Die For

Food Köfte Stockholm
Via Jakartapost

Even if a place is beautiful but they do not have amazing food you will never love that place. However, in Stockholm you will not have to deal with such issues because they have the best food available. You will forget about the comfort food you have been loving your entire life. There is nothing more special and delicious than the street food you will find in Stockholm. They have their unique and traditional dishes that are mouthwatering. At an affordable price you can enjoy some of the best and most delicious meals. Do not forget to try the amazing coffee in Stockholm while you are here. They have a special coffee which you can enjoy with the piece of cake or pie the traditional style.

8. Amazing Weather

Weather Stockholm
Via Free-photos / Pixabay

The weather in Stockholm is amazing. You can visit the place any time of the year and you will surely love the weather. Most of the time cold air is blowing that makes the weather more interesting. You have to check the weather forecast before visiting the place, so you can pack your bags accordingly. However, you will not have to deal with any kind of hard weather conditions in Stockholm that will make it easier for you to visit as many places as you like and enjoy your time in the best possible way. You can plan your trip in summer or winter because the weather is amazing around the year and will allow you to enjoy the place in the best possible way.

9. Nightlife Comes with A Unique Twist

Nightlife Stockholm
Via Stocksnap / Pixabay

A common thing that people like to consider when they have to visit another country is the nightlife. There are many people around the world who only travel to explore the nightlife around the world. You will be surprised to know that Stockholm has the best nightlife. You will come across some of the famous DJs in the bars that will allow you to dance and enjoy your drinks. All types of drinks are accessible in the place which means that you can you just name it and the perfect glass will be prepared for you. Make sure that you get the information about all the events that are being organized in Stockholm and you will not have to miss any of the best DJ playing at the bar.

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Bottom Line

After reading these reasons we are sure that you are booking your tickets to Stockholm and planning your entire trip. Make sure that you plan the trip according to the duration that you are planning to spend in Stockholm. You have to assure that you make a list of all the places you are planning to visit. You will surely enjoy every moment that you will spend in Stockholm.