River rafting is a very popular sport and there are plenty of great locations around the world to do this sport. People love this sport for the excitement it gives an also for  seeing the beautiful and natural scenery while doing it. Although river rafting is dangerous and people who are doing it might be risking their lives, on the other hand it is an extraordinary experience that can be done in a lifetime. Because of the fact that it is risky and dangerous you should be very careful about your security and find the perfect place for experiencing this activity.

Here we collect 15 best river rafting destinations around the world to enjoy river rafting at its finest and have a quality experience.

1. Colorado River, USA

Colorado River is widely popular for its epic whitewater rapids. It is the major river of North America and wanders for about 277 miles through parts of northern Arizona. This place is perfect for river rafting. It is one of the greatest river rafting places around the world. River rafting in Colorado river is the best way to explore the great views around the river. You should spend at least 2 weeks to get the full experience. River rafting season begins in here on May and ends on September.

2. Magpie River, Canada

Magpie River is located in the eastern Quebec Province in Canada which is a perfect country for river rafting with its variety of rafting locations and it is one of the best river rafting destinations in Canada. It is also perfect for its stunning scenery, fishing and camping. But most importantly you can get to see the beautiful Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis.

3. Çoruh River, Turkey

Located in the northeastern of Turkey, the Çoruh is one of the best ten rivers in the world for river rafting. Çoruh River is 431 km longs and it is perfect for river rafting with its fast flows. Besides being perfect for river rafting you can also see great historical ruins and castles around Çoruh. You can find directly flights from Istanbul. If you have more time, you should definitely visit in Istanbul.

4. Västerdalälven River, Sweden

Västerdalälven River with its perfect rapids for river rafting, it is located in Dalarna region in Sweden. In Västerdalälven River you can both enjoy river rafting and great scenery in Sweden. After this activities if you need a sea vacation you can also check out top best cruise deals. Also, you can read our complete guide about Stockholm here.

5. Rhein River, Switzerland

Whereas the Swiss Alps are one of the best places in the world for skiing in winter it is also perfect for river rafting in summer. With its class II and III rapids it is one of the best places for river rafting. You can also enjoy the beautiful landscape of Swiss Alps along with tons of activities such as river rafting, skiing and more.

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6. Sjoa River, Norway

With its class II-V rapids Sjoa River is one of the greatest rivers in Scandinavia. There are many activities you can do here. After river rafting in Norway, you can also warm up in a sauna which is a great opportunity you can get. Also the stunning scenery in Norway provides a memorable experience along with river rafting or camping. You will never regret and forget your vacation in this marvellous Sjoa River.

7. Noce River, Italy

Noce River which is located in northern Italy, is one of the best river rafting locations in Europe with its class III–V rapids and great landscapes of the gorges of Mostizzolo. River rafting in Noce River, in Sun Valley is undoubtedly is an exciting experience. If you are a lover of river rafting you should definitely add this place to your travel list.

8. The North Johnstone River, Australia

Located in the north of Queensland, the North Johnstone River is very famous for river rafting with its Class IV and Class V rapids which are boosted by heavy rainfalls. It is also famous for the ancient rainforests and volcanic gorges. This place is reached only via helicopter ride and the helicopter takes the visitors to the starting point of river rafting. The North Johnstone River in Australia is really a great place to see especially for those who love river rafting.

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9. Zambezi River, Zimbabwe

Zambezi River in Zimbabwe is the Africa’s best and most thrilling place for river rafting. It provides class IV – V rapids which appeals rafting lovers mostly. You can also get the chance to see lots of animals there like hippos or crocodiles along the Zambezi River. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the great landscape  and animals while river rafting in here.

10. Franklin River, Tasmania

Located in Tasmania, Franklin River is one of the Earth’s wild rivers. The Franklin River has a wonderful scenery. The view you will get to see while rafting is absolutely breathtaking. There is guided tours that will take you down to the river. You can join those tours to explore and learn more about this beautiful river which can be a great and a memorable journey for you.

11. Tryweryn River, Snowdonia, UK

One of the best rivers in the United Kingdom, Tryweryn River lies in the beautiful moutains of Snowdonia. It runs through class IV rapids which is really challenging for river rafting. Rafting section in here might be short but the excitement it provides is really remarkable with the beautiful scenery it has.

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12. Río Pacuaré, Costa Rica

This place is perfect for those who would love rafting on a wild tropical river with warm water, Pacuare is one of the most popular rivers in the world with its class II to class V rapids and waterfalls. It flows into the Caribbean and surrounded by rainforests where you can find tropical animals such as monkeys, birds, butterflies, jaguars, leopards and more.

13. Katun River, Siberia, Russia

Katun River is one of the most popular and well-known rivers in Russia and Siberia. It is very popular because this river was the first river discovered by foreign river rafting lovers. Katun River is a fast flowing river that runs for approximately 700 miles and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the area while rafting. Also, because of the fact that Siberia is one of the remote parts of Russia you should get packed carefully.

14. Sun Kosi River, Nepal

Sun Kosi River rises from the border with Tibet which is one of the highest peaks in the world. With its class V rapids on the way through canyons and gorges and marvellous landscape of Himalayan beauty, it is a perfect place for river rafting in Nepal.

15. Tuolumne River, California

Tuolumne River appeals river rafting enthusiasths from all over the world and it is a very popular location for providing the best river rafting experience in California. It is located outside of Yosemite National Park. It is also perfect for its scenery and class IV rapids.

16. Tara River, Montenegro

A river in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tara River is one of the wild rivers in Europe. It also known for being the second longest and deepest river canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon.Its total length is 146 km and it flows from south to north. It is also protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is a part of Durmitor National Park. River rafting in Montenegro is very popular and the Tara river has a very clear water and a great landscape either. You should absolutely see this place if you are a rafting lover.

17. Inn River, Austria

Located in Tirol, Austria it flows from Switzerland into Austria. Inn River is one of the best rivers for river rafting in Europe. It is a very powerful river that provides class III to V rapids. It is a great place for rafting and for those who love rafting.

Bottom Line

If you love extreme sports such as river rafting and you are an adrenaline addict you should definitely add these places to your travel list immediately and start plannig your trip. You must know that the best season for doing this activity is summer, especially the months between May and October.

If you have not experienced this sport yet you should definitely try this thrilling extreme sport. To get the full experience from these rafting locations you should plan your entire trip carefully. I hope this article will help you to explore the best places for river rafting and if these activities are not enough for your summer vacation you can also check out top best cruise deals from here for more experience.