While travelling, it is very common to make some careless travel mistakes and sometimes. If you don’t act carefully while planning your trip, making travel mistakes would be inevitable for you and these travel mistakes could ruin your whole trip. But with a little proper planning, you can avoid making those common travel mistakes with ease. You should arrange everything cleverly in order to have a perfect trip and not to end up with frustrations. While planning your trip you should definitely and literally plan your every step beforehand to avoid frustrations. By doing that you can have an unforgettable and enjoyable vacation.

Here are 12 travel mistakes that are commonly done by travellers and knowing these travel mistakes will help you to easily overcome and avoid them. Have a great trip without making any of these travel mistakes.

1. Not Buying Travel Insurance

Common Travel Mistakes
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This is a very common travel mistake that people usually do and they don’t generally give attention to this step while planning their trip. Actually this is a very big travel mistake, because you can’t know what will happen to you while travelling. Travel insurance covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost baggages and more. You should buy travel insurance in order to protect from those bad things to happen.

Buying a travel insurance will help you not to worry about things you can’t control and helps you to be relax while travelling. Even if most of the people who are travelling abroad usually thinks that spending money on a travel insurance is in vain, it is actually very essential to overcome unwanted things to happen and overcome emergencies.

2. Not Packing the Right Stuff

Common Travel Mistakes
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Sometimes packing before travelling can be a headache and really hard. You can end up a bag full of stuff that you don’t need when you get packed carelessly. To avoid overpacking, you should pack only the things you will really need and don’t pack for the worst scenario. After all you don’t have to bring clothes for every occasion you would possibly face, instead of doing that you can use a few key pieces that are easy to combine and easy to make new outfits.

Also you can always do laundries or buy stuff while travelling. By following these steps you can easily avoid overpacking and be able to travel light.

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3. Not Checking Visa Requirements

Travel Mistakes About Visa
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It can be really frustrating to be turned away at the checkpoint. Before travelling to another country you sholudn’t forget to check the dates on your passport and make sure have the right visa to be let in to the country you are visiting.

To avoid ending up like that, before your trip, do your research for the proper visa requirements for the countries you are going to go. Because this step can take more than a month, you should start checking requirements for your destination, your passport dates and doing your research for your visa in advance before booking for your travel.

4. Taking too Many Pictures

Travel Mistakes About Taking Photos
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When people travel to another places, it is a very common travel mistake that they have the tendecy to take too many pictures of what they are seeing and see things through their camera instead of having an actual experience through their own eyes. This can be very frustrating afterwards because sometimes they can’t even remember those things and places actually.

They end up with thousands of pictures of the places that they can’t remember. It is not really necessary to have that much photos, to avoid this commonly done travel mistake you should take one photo and then put the camera down. This will help you enjoy the moment in real life.You don’t need too many pictures of the places you see, you actually need the experiences and feelings while you see those places.

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5. Not Searching Enough for the Hotel

Travel Mistakes About Hotel
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While planning your trip it can be very hard choose the perfect hotel and the one that suits your expectations. There are too many options with variety of prices. With that variety of options it can be really disappointing to not searching enough for the right hotel. It is very important to find the best option that suits you, so from here you can look for online booking hotel comparison and best hotel booking sites to find the right hotel for you and that suits fully your expectations.

6. Eating Near the Major Tourist Sites

Eating Near the Major Tourist Sites
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This is one of the very common travel mistakes that travellers usually do when they are seeing a major tourist site. Reastaurants near those tourist sites can be very expensive and don’t have the best quality of food. Especially when travelling on a tight budget this travel mistake can be the biggest mistake you could possibly do.

To avoid this travel mistake you can search for where to eat before travelling or take advices from locals. You can choose local restaurants instead of touristy restaurants. When compared to the restaurants which located near the tourist attractions, local restaurants can offer you better and tastier foods with cheaper prices.

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7. Not Factoring the Time Zones

Not Factoring the Time Zones
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Not Factoring the different time zones when you are planning your trip is a common travel mistake. People can sometimes forget about it unwantedly but you have to be very careful about that because it can cause you jet lags. You should double check your travel times in order not to end up trying to get to sleep when your body does not need it. You should also check your smart devices to see if they are automatically correcting their time to avoid this travel mistake or you can use some apps for avoid jet lags.

8. Forgetting to Inform Your Bank About Your Travel Plans

Forgetting to Inform Your Bank About Your Travel Plans
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People who are travelling to another country can generally forget to inform their banks about their plans and banks can spot the use of your card while travelling as unusual activity and put a temporary hold on to your card. You should definitely let them know about your plans so that you can use your card freely overseas.

9. Do Not Skip the Local Tourist Office

Do Not Skip the Local Tourist Office
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It is very important to visit local tourist office first because they can give you the best advices you will need while seeing that country. They can give you advices about festivalsor current events and they will know everything about where you are and all the information you will need. Furthermore, visiting the tourist offices first is important because they can give you discount cards and free maps or they can even help you about your accomodation. Not skipping tourist offices can be very good and they can be very helpful while you are trying to discover a new city.

10. Forgetting the Travel Budget

Forgetting the Travel Budget
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Before travelling, you should arrange your budget properly and be careful about creating a realistic budget that you can stick to. With a cleverly arranged budget you will be more comfortable while spending money. You should also allow unexpected expenses and be more flexible while arranging. By doing that you will have a good trip and you will not have to worry about your budget.

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11. Do Not Use Expensive Money Changers

Do Not Use Expensive Money Changers
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It is a very common travel mistake that using expensive money changers for example don’ t exchange money at airports because it can be expensive to do so.  Instead you can use your credit card and an ATM to get the best rates when you need money. You can try sticking to your credit card as much as possible.

12. Do Not Only Stick to the Tourist Zone

Discover Secret Places
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Never leaving the tourist zone can be the biggest travel mistake you could do because you can miss the hidden gems in the city you are travelling. It can be a very good idea to explore the hidden places in the city and not spendin your all time in the most crowded places. You can wander the back streets of the city you are visiting and find interesting things and by doing that you can easily avoid big crowds.

Bottom Line

Making travel mistakes while planning a trip can be inevitable and planning can be very complicated sometimes. To travel better you can try to avoid doing these common travel mistakes. Not doing these travel mistakes will help you have a better experience from your trip and will also help you not spending too much money or time.

After reading this article you can be aware of those biggest common travel mistakes and you will be able to simply avoid them. You should prepare carefully and consider these common travel mistakes while planning to get the best experience while travelling to another country.