There are plenty of cheap places around the world that you can explore without spending tons of money on things. Best and easiest way to do that is to take your backpack and take the road. This way of travelling is also very common among students because it is the cheapest way of travel the world. If you are on a tight budget and want to travel the world you should definitely make a list of the cheapest places around the world and start backpacking. Here you will find 15 cheap and awesome backpacking destinations around the world that you can add to your travel list and will help you find the best places to travel to.

1. Albania

Budget-Friendly Destinations
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Located in southeastern Europe, in Balkan Peninsula, Albania is a small, beautiful country. On the Adriatic Sea Albania is a very historical destination in which you can explore many archaeological sites and castles. Here in this country you ca also have the chance to see stunning architecture, museums, historical sites, beaches and Mediterranean views without spending tons of money. This country is a perfect backpacking destination for those who are on a tight budget when it is compared to the Greece, Italy or another country in Europe. Approximately, the cost of a room per night will be 20 dollars and a meal will be about 5 dollars. If you want to explore Europe you should definitely start with Albania which is one of the cheapest countries in Europe and a great backpacing destination.

2. Romania

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One of the cheap backpacking destinations in southeastern Europe, Romania is a very beautiful country. It is widely popular for the forested region Transylvania, there are also many medieval towns, castles and churches. Romania is a beautiful country you can travel to with affordable prices. There are many places here, in this country in which you can eat a cheap meal and also accomodition and transportation in this country is very cheap too. For example; a room with breakfast  will cost you around 38 dollars for per night and bus fare here is less than 1 dollar which makes it perfect for a backpacking destination.

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3. Estonia

Estonia Tallinn
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Located in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea it is a very cheap and beautiful country and a great backpacking destination with its islands, beaches, lakes, forests and museums. When it is compared to the other Scandinavian countries, Estonia is very cheap and affordable country. In Estonia a hostel will cost you around 10 dollars per night, and there are many cheap restaurants that offer good quality meals. The capital city, Tallinn is also worth to see especially the Old Town area is perfect for travellers.

4. Nepal

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This South Asia country is a perfect and cheap backpacing location. Located mainly in the Himalayas, it is one of the cheapest backpacking destinations in the world. For example the transportation is pretty cheap, you can find in Nepal bus tickets for about 5 dollars which makes the country perfect for travellers with backpacks. There are many great places to see here in this country and it is also home to Mount Everest. You should definitely add Nepal to your travel list if you are on a tight budget and trying to find a cheap backpacking destination to visit.

5. Turkey

Istanbul Turkey
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One of the cheapest backpacking destinations in the world Turkey functions as a bridge where West and East meets and because of that Turkey has a very interesting history. This country is very famous for its toothsome dishes and there are many places in which you can try these meals for very cheap prices. And also accommodation in Turkey is very cheap too. A night in a hostel room will cost you about 5 dollars. You can also travel around the country for around 40 dollars. Check out this page to discover a complete guide for Istanbul.

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6. Cuba

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Located in the northern Caribbean, Cuba is a very enjoyable and colorful country. According to UNESCO research Cuba is the most desired place to see. Even if it is really hard to get into the country it is worth to give it a shot. Everything here is very cheap, for example you can find a hostel room for around 10 dollars per night. This entire country is a perfect backpacking destination.

7. Georgia

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Located in the Eurasia, Georgisa is a great backpacking destination if you are looking for a new place and undiscovered country in Europe. Its population is about 3.700 million and the country is English speaking friendly. Also in Georgia prices are very low due to the country’s desire to increase tourist industry. A room for a night will cost you around 7 dollars which is great for backpackers.

8. Indonesia

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A South Asian country with its beautiful scenery of volcanic islands, beaches and oceans, it is one of the most loved backpacking destinations in the world. Indonesia is also widely known for having a very delicious cuisine and prices here are very low and cheap. There are also many different languages that is spoken in this country since its being kome to different ethnic groups. It is a great backpacking destination to visit for travellers and you can have a great and unforgettable holiday by lying in its beaches or  seeing one of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

9. Fiji

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A beautiful South Pacific country with its fascinating landscapes, Fiji consists more than 330 islands. It is one of the most beautiful backpacking destinations in the world with its world’s finest and fascinating beaches and scenery. There is no way you are forgetting your trip to Fiji as it is like a paradise. It is also a perfect country that promising you tons of beautiful pictures to remember. In Fiji you try delicious seafood in local restaurants and after that you can enjoy its clear waters and warming sun by lying on its hot sands.

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10. USA

Mount Rushmore US
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United States is definitely a perfect backpacking destination with its variety of different states. In United States, each state has its own vibe. There are places to explore in this country for everyone and every mood. If you love popular places and city life than New York or Los Angeles is perfect states for you. Also form here you can check out flight offers from Los Angeles and to Los Angeles or flight offers from New York and to New York to get the best offers. But if you enjoy nature and wilderness than you should definitely see Alaska or Colorado. There are also other states that will attract your interests.

11. Cambodia

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A Southeast Asian country, it is one of the most popular destinations in the world. It has great landscapes of mountains and coastlines. And its being very cheap makes the country perfect for backpackers, a meal will cost you around  5 dollars and room will be around 5 to 10 dollars. There also great museums and temples to see in Cambodia. You can have a great and unforgettable trip to Cambodia as it is a charming destination for backpackers.

12. Malta

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Malta is a small island country in Europe but it is also a perfect backpacing destination with its low prices and great scenery. Also its rich history gives the country great historical places to see. This country is very popular for its historic sites, ancient buildings and beautiful beaches. You should absolutely add this country to your travel list.

13. Vietnam

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With its stunning beaches, rivers and landscapes in Sout Asia, Vieatnam is a very popular backpacking destination. Vietnam is also really cheap, a daily cost in this country will be around 15 dollars, hotels start at 7 dollars and transportation will be around 2 dollars. being very cheap and full of things to explore Vietnam is definitely a must see backpacking destination in Asia.

14. Philippines

Philippines Backpacking Travel
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A perfect backpacking destianion, Philippines offers to its travellers many great places to explore and eat cheap. A meal in Philippines will cost you around 3 dollars and a night in a room will cost you around 8 dollars which makes this country more desirable for travellers who are on a tight budget. You will have the chance to both eat and travel cheap in this country.

15. Thailand

Bangkok Thailand
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Thailand is a perfect place to see if you are on a budget. With its tropical vibe and rich culture there are many places to discover in this country. Buddhist temples and exotic islands are really worth to see. It is a very enjoyable backpacking destination and prices are very low too. A night in a luxurious hotel room wil cost you around 30 dollars and a fancy meal will be around 6 dollars.

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Bottom Line

Backpacking is the best way to travel the world and make new friends while travelling. While planning a backpacking travel there are many things you should consider and be careful about. You have to find the cheapest places and prepare your backpack carefully. With these 15 destinations you can find the best places to travel to and where to start.