Without any doubt in mind Turkey has one of the best and the most delicious cuisines around the world with its variety of dishes. It is not just döners and kebabs, this country’s cuisine has more than these widely known dishes. There are too many options for everyone and every taste. Because of the fact that Turkey functions as a bridge between Asia and Europe, this country’s cuisine obviously has affected from the other countries and this mixture of cuisines created something perfect and very delicious. Here are some of the most delicious and mouthwatering Turkish dishes that you should try and it is highly possible that after reading this article if you love trying new dishes, you are going to plan a trip to Turkey and to try all of them.

1. Lahmacun

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Although it is generally translated as Turkish Pizza and it may be seem like it from a distance, it is not actually a pizza. It is a thin dough with minced meat, vegetables and seasoning on it. It is served as freshly baked and you can add some onion, tomato, lettuce and squeeze some lemon and then roll it to eat it if you want. Lahmacun is really good and tastes delicious. You can also eat 2 or more for a meal if you can’t get enough of this great Turkish dish.

2. Kebab

Adana kebabı
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One of the most famous dishes from the Turkish cuisine, Kebab is really delicious an it definitely is a must eat in Turkey. It is like an open sandwich but you can also roll it and eat it if you want. It contains meat cooked on a skewer and various vegetables. If you don’t mind extra spicy foods you can order Adana kebab but if you don’t like too spicy foods you can have Urfa kebab which is less spicy than the other.

3. Mantı

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Very similar to ravioli, mantı is one of the most delicious Turkish foods you can eat in Turkey. It is can be described as folded dough bits which are filled with lamb or beef meat and it is served with some Turkish yogurt sauce on it. You must definitely try this tasty Turkish food if you are planning to make trip to Turkey and the place to eat mantı in Turkey is definitely Kayseri which is the city where this great food, mantı came from.

4. Çiğ Köfte

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Besides being one of the most popular and yummy Turkish snacks, Çiğ Köfte is also an all vegan food. Even though it is translated as raw meatball it does not contain any meat. In traditional version it actually contains raw meat but you can not find any with meat in restaurants in Turkey. What it contains are onion, tomato paste, bulgur and some spices. You can eat it with some lettuce and squeeze a lemon to it and you can also wrap it with flatbread to easily eat it if you want.

5. İskender

döner kebab
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Sometimes known as Döner kebap or İskender kebap, it is one of the most popular and delicious dishes in Turkey that you must definitely try. It consists pita which is a kind of traditional bread and on top of that they add sliced lamb with tomato sauce. And then they add butter and yogurt. This dish is actually from Bursa which is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. You can also visit Bursa and try eating İskender in its own place.

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6. Simit

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It is a very common street food in Turkey. It is like a circle bread, encrusted with sesame seeds and it is really tasty and delicious. It is a great quick snack if you are in a hurry to eat something. You can find simit in every street and every corner in Turkey.

7. Baklava

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One of the most popular and tasteful desserts in Turkish cuisine, baklava is made of layers of flaky pastry and filled with nuts and held together with sweet syrup. You can find it nearly everywhere in Turkey. If you don’t mind too many sugary foods you must definitely try this dish in Turkey.

8. Kumpir

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Kumpir is one of the tastiest foods in Turkey. It is a baked potato with fillings. The middle of the baked potato is being cut down and then they add some fillings such as cheese, butter, corn, sausage slices, gravy and more ingredients if you want. There are plenty of options to add to your kumpir. It is so delicious and you should definitely try it while you are in Turkey.

9. Pide

pide güveç
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One of the greatest Turkish dishes pide is actually very similar to pizza. It is a kind of a flat bread baked in a wood fired stone oven with variety of toppings such as Turkish sausage, chopped or minced lamb, some vegetables and cheese. It is very common in Turkey so you can find it almost everywhere. There are also plenty restaurants that only does this dish. If you are planning to go to Turkey you must definitely try this dish.

10. Dolma

biber dolması
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Dolma is a very common stuffed dish in Turkey. The stuffed vegetables can be peppers, eggplants, tomatoes or zucchini. They usually use rice mixtures with onion and spices to stuff them. It is a very delicious dish and it is very popular in Turkey so when you go there you can find it easily everywhere.

11. Yaprak Sarması

zeytinyağlı sarma
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Yaprak sarma is one of the most popular dishes in Turkey. It is a  wrapped vine leaf roll with fillings of rice, pepper,onion, and spices. You can find it everywhere in Turkey as it is very common. It can be made for every occasion. It is absolutely heavenly delicious. Once you ate it you would never forget the taste of it. It definitely is a must eat in Turkey.

12. Börek

tepsi böreği
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Börek is one of the delicious dishes in Turkish cuisine. It is made of a thin dough also known as phyllo. It can be in all shapes and sizes. Börek can be filled with meat, cheese or some vegetables like spinach. There are also many restaurants dedicated only for this particular food. Börek can be a great snack or a quick breakfast, you must definiely try this while you are in Turkey.

13. Lokum (Turkish Delight)

Turkish delight
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Turkish delight or also known as lokum in Turkish language is one of the most popular and the sweetest desserts in the famous Turkish cuisine. It is like a delicate cube of jelly and it can be in variety of shapes, colors, falvors and sometimes it can be dusted with confectioner’s sugar. Lokum is usually served with Turkish coffee and it is the essential dessert that is served in some traditional occasions and holidays in Turkey.

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14. Turkish Coffee

Türk kahvesi
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Turkish coffee is a kind of an unfiltered coffee and it is called kahve in Turkish language. It is one of the widely known Turkish drinks around the world. They usually have a cup of coffee after the breakfast or a meal. It is super delicious and you will be very frustrated if you couldn’t have the chance to try it while you are in Turkey.

15. Maraş Dondurma (Turkish Ice Cream)

Turkish ice cream
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Turkish ice cream or in Turkish language maraş dondurma is very different from those you have had before. The ingredients it has help it to not melt and it is more chewier and a little thick. You can find Turkish ice cream nearly in every corner. You can even watch the performance of the seller dressed in a traditional costume which is a must see in Turkey.

16. Menemen

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Menemen is very popular and delicious dish for breakfast in Turkish cuisine an it is also very similar to shakshuka. It is made with tomatoes, whisked eggs, onions and peppers and also some cheese or spicy sausage can be added. You should definitely try this delicious dish, menemen for breakfast while you are in Turkey.

17. Kuru Fasulye

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Kurufasulye is one of the most common dishes in Turkey. It consists creamy beans stewed in tomato gravy and it can be also made with meat. They usually serve it with some pickles and some plain rice called as pilav in Turkish language. If you want to try this delicious food you can find it easily in everywhere especially in Süleymaniye in Istanbul which is the place where you can find the masters of it.

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Bottom Line

After reading this article we can feel that your stomach wants some tasty Turkish foods. Well if you are planning to visit Turkey to try them you might want to check out best holiday booking sites and top online hotel booking websites to find the perfect hotel to stay in Turkey.