Denmark is one of the greatest Scandinavian countries in Europe and it is placed in the Northern Europe. Denmark has a really relaxed and a very comfortable atmosphere as it is in other Scandinavian countries and the people who live in these Scandinavian countries can have the chance to live a high quality life in their country’s. Especially in this country everything is just perfect, crime rates are very very low and people here can have a safe environment in which they can live without stress and also live a happy life.

Denmark is also widely known for being at the top of the list of the best and happiest places to live and the reason of this is that this country offers a safe place to live and great opportunities to its people. As a consequence, people who live in Denmark are always happy and they are not worried about their future all the time, just the opposite they actually feel confident and secure all the time. There are too many reasons to live in this country and it is really hard to write all of them in an article but here is a short list of the some of the main reasons why Denmark is more liveable than any other countries in the world.

1. The Happiest Place in the World

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Being the happiest country in the world, Denmark can be considered as the real life heaven with its relaxed environment. You can always have the chance to take a breath and just relax. In other words, you can have a balanced work life and a financial security to be free about maintaining your own personal goals in life in here. With this way of living without stress or worries, it is no surprise that Denmark is the happiest country in the world. It is also no surprise that people in Denmark trust each other very much even to their tourists, you can see baby strollers left outside of a restaurant and parents having a lunch without worries.

2. Everyone Deserves A High Quality Education

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In Denmark, students are considered to be very important as they are the future of the country. There are many advanced schools that both Danish students and international students can benefit from. There are also many easy ways to get a scholarship to study in here. Students in Denmark also can have the chance to have a great social life while studying. There are many social events and festivals that they can enjoy. And also there is the fact that Denmark is a very historical place to study history with its many museums and historical sites that reflects the culture of the Nordic people.

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3. Food Culture is Great

Denmark Kitchen
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Denmark has a delicious food culture and a unique cuisine and this makes it one of the perfect places to live around the world. Danish food culture is mainly based on old Viking Era. The Danish cuisine consists of mainly meat, pork, fish and lots of vegetables and potatoes because in this country the cold weather necessitates nutritional foods with lots of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

What the Danish people usually have in a day is, for example, crumbled rye bread which is called junket crumble or maybe wienerbrød which is a kind of a pastry filled with custard for breakfast and an open sandwich with sausage or fish on the top for lunch, and finally for dinner maybe a sweet fruit soup and gruel. There are also many great restaurants in Denmark that serves fresh, local and healthy food. And furthermore, you can always try cheapest options in street food stalls.

4. Bicycle Friendly Country

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Because of the fact that Denmark is actually very flat this makes this country easy to cycle around and a bicycle friendly country. Denmark is among the most ideal destinations around the world for biking. There are many bicycle routes everywhere in this country and people who cycling to work or school actually to everywhere.

5. Peaceful and Relaxed Atmosphere in the City

Relaxing in Denmark
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When you visit Denmark for the first time you will immediately feel the tranquility and relaxed environment, you can be even surprised that city life doesn’t always be crowded, loud or stressed. There are many great destinations in Denmark that you can enjoy good food, good scenery or even the nature at the heart of the city which is great for people who are exhausted from crowded and busy city life.

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6. Country Full of Culture

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In Denmark, there are many great museums and art galleries that you can visit. There are also many great historical buildings such as Renaissance palaces or Baroque castles that shows Denmark’s long history and you can see them everywhere in this country. They all presents the country’s different periods and eras. If you are into historical buildings such as castles and palaces, you can visit the famous Kronborg Castle which is also known as Shakespeare’s Hamlet castle, Frederiksborg Palace and Fredensborg Palace in this country.

Denmark is also a festival heaven and offers variety of popular and big music, fashion or film festivals that you should not miss. Also Roskilde Festival which is one of the largest and most popular festivals in Europe takes place in Denmark every year. People from all over the world come Roskilde to see famous artists and bands and have fun.

7. Danish Design

Denmark designs
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Danish design is very popular around the world and Danish people definitely know how to design and love design. Denmark is one of the most popular design hotspots. There are many places in Denmark that you can buy great and unique items to your home. You can visit Strøget, which is the well-known shopping street in this country and find some good stuff to design your home in Danish ways.

8. Cozy Winters and Mild Summers

Mild Summers  in Denmark
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Winter days in Denmark can be very hard for those who hate cold weathers and below zero temperatures but if you don’t mind the cold temperatures of winter days and enjoy the atmosphere of winter time and the snowy scenery of winter you would definitely love living in this country. In this country, there are plenty of cafes that offers a cozy atmosphere and you can always enjoy a warm drink such as hot chocolate or coffee and watch the snow from those cafes. There is also the Christmas time which everyone and everywhere reflects the spirit of it. You can visit Christmas markets in this country and have a Gløgg which is the delicious Scandinavian drink that you must definitely try when you get the chance.

Besides being not extremely cold in winter, it is also not extremely hot in summer too. Denmark has a mild climate with an average 19 ºC temperature. You can go for a picnic, swimming and mostly sunbathing in those summer months which is great for people who love outdoor activities.

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9. Green Lifestyle is Very Important

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In Denmark a clean environment and a green lifestyle is really important for the people and Denmark is also world leader in renewable energy. Furthermore, being a bicycle friendly country and with bicycle friendly traffic regulations enables Denmark to have a cleaner environment.

10. The Greatest Beer Culture

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Danish people love beer and Denmark has the world’s best beer culture. Along with Carlsberg there are plenty of great breweries in this country that you can go for beer tasting. With the big variety of beer, you can always have the chance to try something different in here.

Bottom Line

In Denmark, you can always experience and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and there are always good variety of activities to do which makes it hard to feel down from the city life. There are so many reasons to live in this country with its variety of events, great culture and soothing environment that is offered by the country.

After reading all these facts about this Scandinavian country from this article, you might want to consider moving there or at least making a trip to Denmark which both can be great ideas for you. If you are now planning to travel to Denmark, you should definitely check out top best cruise deals to get the best deals. A cruise can be a very good idea to explore and it is also really important to get top best cruise deals to plan your trip properly.

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