There are actually too many reasons to fall in love with Vienna. Vienna is the beautiful capital city of Austria with its famous cafes, beautiful architecture and great culture that it offers. And being the world’s most liveable city in the world is also definitely one of the main reasons to go and see Vienna. Vienna has many great things to offer such as a lovely and a clean environment with lots of green spaces and beautiful sights that you can enjoy every time.

Vienna is definitely a must see city in Europe and you will never regret visiting this beautiful city and learning about this beautiful city. Every traveler who come to see Vienna can find something to enjoy in this city, there are plenty of options that you can find enjoyable and there are plenty of reasons to fall in love with this city. Here are 13 main reasons to fall in love with Vienna and the reasons to add this city to your travel list for your next vacation to Europe.

1. Heart of the Music

mozart music vienna
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Because of the fact that Vienna is home to the most famous and well known composers in the world such as Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Franz Schubert and many others, music is very important in this city and this fact makes it also the capital of music which is great for those who love and interested in music very much. In Vienna, you can have the chance to see a live music show in historical palaces or in opera houses. But if you are looking for something cheaper you can always listen to street performers who are absolutely very talented.

2. Coffeehouses

cafeehouses sacher vienna austria
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Coffeehouses in Vienna are a very important and the very essential part of the Viennese culture. There are plenty of cafes in Vienna that you can enjoy the most delicious desserts in the world and the greatest coffees in the world together. In Viennese coffeehouses you can always eat great foods and also meet your friends and have a great time with them. Each one of the cafes in this city has its own character and they always offer a cosy and a great atmosphere at which you can spend a really good time. Some of the most famous cafes in Vienna are Cafe Sacher in which you can have the chance to try the famous Sacher Torte, Cafe Sperl, Cafe Frauenhuber at which Mozart and Beethoven performed, Cafe Central, Cafe Mozart, Cafe Demel and more.

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3. The Famous Sacher Torte

famous sacher torte in vienna
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The famous and delicious Sacher Torte is definitely one of the reasons to fall in love with Vienna. Sacher Torte is a chocolate cake with dense chocolate and filled with apricot jam. It was first invented by Franz Sacher for Prince Wenzel von Metternich in 1832.  If you want to try this great dessert, Sacher Torte in this city you must definitely visit Cafe Sacher to try the original flavor.

4. The Most Beautiful Library in the World

library vienna austria

One of the reasons to fall in love with Vienna is the beautiful Österreichische Nationalbibliothek which is a great place that you must definitely add to your travel list and see. There are more than 200.000 books and 10 million items and it is considered to be the largest library in Austria. And its State Hall is also worth to see because it has a spectacular Baroque architecture that you are going t fall in love with.

5. Glorious Architecture

perfect architecture in vienna
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When you walk through the streets of Vienna you can see the beautiful buildings with great architecture everywhere. All the buildings in this city, they all are equally beautiful. There are many buildings to see the glorious architecture in Vienna, some of the most beautiful that you can see are St. Stephan’s Cathedral, Hundertwasserhaus, Secession building and more.

6. St. Stephen’s Cathedral at the Heart of Vienna

St. Stephen's Cathedral at the Heart of Vienna
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St. Stephen’s Cathedral is one of the greatest Gothic buildings in Europe. Located in the very heart of Vienna, St. Stephan’s Cathedral can be considered as the symbol of this city with its unique roof. It definitely has a stunning structure that you must see, and you can also see the inside of St. Stephen’s Cathedral for free or take a tour to see the underground catacombs.

7. Museums

museums in vienna austria
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There are more than 100 museums and art galleries in Vienna that can be interesting for everyone. You can visit Belvedere Palace which houses the largest collection of Gustav Klimt’s works such as the well-known ”The Kiss”, ”Adam und Eva”, ” Judith and the Head of Holoferes” and more. Museumsquartier which is the 60 000 square meter area that you can find the greatest museums with restaurants and cafes, Museumsquartier houses also many festivals happen during the summer. You can also find many other museums to visit in Vienna if these are not enough for you. With its variety of museums that will feed your soul with art it is definitely not possible to not fall in love with this beautiful city.

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8. Viennese Food Culture

Delicious Foods in Vienna
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Viennese cuisine offers variety of great and delicious dishes that you can enjoy and there also many restaurants in Vienna that you can have the greatest meals. Although it is mostly popular for its sweet dishes such as Apple Strudel or Sacher Torte which are super delicious for those who love pastries very much, there are also many other great dishes that is mostly based on meat. For example, in Vienna you can eat the famous Wiener Schnitzel with Austrian potato salad or you can try the delicious Austrian Goulash which is a great food to eat in cold winter days.

9. Numerous Parks

Numerous Parks in Vienna
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Another reason to fall in love with Vienna is the numerous green areas the city has. You can always have the chance to enjoy some peaceful moment in the green parks of Vienna. There are about 2000 parks and gardens in this city and this is one of the reasons why this city is one of the most liveable cities in the world. In Vienna you can visit Stadtpark which is located in the middle of the city, Burggarten, Volksgarten in which you can find a beautiful rose garden and more.

10. Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets in Vienna
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In Vienna Christmas markets are very popular and they offer lots of great and unique stuff such as traditional handicrafts, knitwear, glass decorations and more. They also have a very colorful, festive and a magical atmosphere with twinkling lights and wooden stalls. And furthermore, you can taste some delicious gingerbread cookies while iwandering around the stalls in Christmas markets. The most famous one of those Christmas markets in this city is definitely the one that takes place in front of the City Hall, Rathausplatz.

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11. Wine Taverns

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Wine taverns and gardens in Vienna are very important to Viennese people and there are many wine taverns in this city that you can find the greatest wines of Austria from their own vineyard. These wine taverns in Vienna offers its visitors delicious foods and wines.

12. Perfect for Cycling

Cycling City Vienna
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One of the reasons to love Vienna is its being perfect and very suitable for cycling and for the people who love cycling. This city offers the greatest and widest cycle paths. You can always ride your bike without stress and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city in this city.

13. Opera for €3 in the Vienna State Opera

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One of the busiest opera houses, Vienna State Opera offers many great performances mostly every day. Here in the Vienna State Opera you can have a standing room ticket for about €3 which is great for those who are traveling on a budget. You can also take a guided tour to discover the building. You can see the Schwind Foyer, the Tea Salon, the Gustav Mahler Hall and more. Vienna State Opera or the Wiener Staatsoper is definitely a must see place in this city if you are a person who is very much into opera.

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Bottom Line

Being the best place to live in the world, Vienna is a wonderful city in which you can enjoy many things from art to nature. There are many reasons to fall in love with this city after learning about all the things that it offers. If you are planning your next trip to this city you must arrange everything carefully and also be very careful while searching for flight offers to Vienna. Here you can check out flight offers to Vienna to get the best offers and have a nice trip.