London, which is the beautiful capital city of England, is one of the greatest destinations and it is also one of the most popular destinations that you can visit in Europe. London offers plenty of options to do and see for everyone. In London you will be able to discover many great historical and cultural places like churches, palaces, museums and more, you will also have the chance to capture the most beautiful city landscapes in London. As because, London is a very old and a historical city in a very old country and also one of the oldest cities in the world that founded by Romans, there are obviously plenty of cultural places and attractions in London that you can see everywhere within the city. And sometimes because of the fact that there are so many places to see, it can be really hard for people who are thinking about travelling to London to arrange your schedule of their visit perfectly.

Well, we recommend you to spend at least a week in London, so that you will be able to get to see most of the important places in London. In this article you can find an example of how to spend one week in London if you are thinking about visiting London on your next travel. This article will help you see as much as possible in a week in London and it will also help you to arrange your one week trip to London very easily. While you are planning your trip we also recommend you to check out online car hire services to get around everywhere easily in London.

Day 1

big ben tour in london
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On your first day to explore London, it can be better trying to orientate yourself with this beautiful city first and be careful about not getting too tired on your first day. You can start with the Big Ben which is the most well-known landmark in London and then you can move on to the famous Tower Bridge which is another well-known landmark in London. When you walk over this beautiful bridge you can enjoy the great views of the Thames River and the beautiful scenery that the city has.

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And finally after visiting some popular landmarks you can end your day with London Eye which is the world’s biggest observation wheel. From one of the pods of the London Eye you can enjoy the great views of London and this can be the best way to finish your first day in this beautiful city.

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Day 2

british museum tour in london
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On your second day in London after you had your breakfast you can continue exploring the city with the British Museum which is one of the greatest and also one of the most popular museums in England. British Museum offers its visitors the chance to see a huge collection of arts and human history.  After exploring the British Museum you can continue with exploring the Oxford Street which is the widely known shopping location in London and there you can find numerous shops and historic markets and also lots of street performers.

buckingham palace tour in london

After having a break for a lunch or a coffee you can finally move on to your last destination of the day which is the famous Buckingham Palace. It is the official residence of the Queen of England and you can actually see inside of this beautiful palace and also have the chance to see the great State Rooms if the queen is not in residence. Even if the queen is in residence you can still have the chance to see the famous changing ceremony of the guards. Before returning to your hotel if you still have the energy you can visit the Hyde Park too which is a beautiful park located in the very heart of this city.

Day 3

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While visiting London, why not spend one day just for Harry Potter destinations in London. If you are a big fan of the movie you can start your third day with definitely visiting the Warner Bros. Studio Making of Harry Potter tour, but you need to be very careful about buying your tickets beforehand. You can also go and see King Cross Station and Platform 9¾ and take lots of pictures here.

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If you are not a Harry Potter fan you can also find other options that suits your interests in this city. For example, you can take a Beatles tour or Sherlock Holmes tour or Doctor Who tour and more options are possible too. You can even plan your third day for a day trip to another city in England such as Bath, Brighton or Oxford to explore more. If you are planning a day trip in England you might want to check out online car hire services while planning your day trip as it would be more comfortable than other options to travel around the country.

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Day 4

national gallery tour in london
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national portrait gallery tour in london

You can start this day visiting the National Gallery which is founded in 1824 and it has a collection with more than 2000 paintings including the greatest artworks of the most popular artists such as Sunflowers by Van Gogh and The Virgin on the Rocks by Leonardo Da Vinci. After seeing the beautiful artworks in the National Gallery you can go to Covent Garden to have a little break to eat or to buy some stuff. Then if you still have the energy or time, visiting the National Portrait Gallery can be a great idea to end this day with the portraits of famous and historical British people.

Day 5

st paul's cathedral tour in london
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On your day five, it can be a great idea to start your day with visiting St. Paul’s Cathedral. Situated on Ludgate Hill which is one of the highest points in London, St. Paul’s Cathedral offers many great galleries that you can visit inside. You can see the Whispering Gallery, the Golden Gallery and the Stone Gallery. It will be enough to spend at least an hour for St. Paul’s Cathedral. Before leaving here, you can also rest for while in its beautiful garden.

tower of london tour england

Then you can continue with The Tower of London which is a beautiful ancient building and it also played an important role in English history. After you finished seeing everything in the Tower of London you can visit the Tate Modern which is a large gallery of modern and contemporary art if you are seeking some modern art after visiting all the historical places. After that if you still have the energy, you can go to the Shard. It is a great place to enjoy the beautiful views of London. You can also have an afternoon tea there while enjoying the great scenery.

Day 6

kensington palace tour in london
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westminister abbey tour in london
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Start your day with visiting Kensington Palace and Gardens. This palace is the royal resident and childhood home of Queen Victoria many other royal family members. In Kensington Palace the adult tickets are £14.40 and you can also explore and see the gardens for free. After that you can go and visit the Westminister Abbey which is a church and the burial place of monarchs. And then, you can also see the Trafalgar Square. It is a public square and it is also a great place to sit and relax for a while, if you are a little tired.

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Day 7

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On your last day you might want to buy some stuff that will remind you of your visit and you might want to choose to shop all day as this is your last day in this city. But if you didn’t get enough of this beautiful city you can also visit the Shakespeare’s Globe to see some plays or you can go and see some more museums in this city such as the Imperial War Museum or the Lambeth Palace.

imperial war museum tour in london

If you have the energy you can also do all of them on your last day. On the last day of your visit, before leaving this great city it can be good for you to see the places that you wanted to and you didn’t have the chance to see in 7 days. It is really important to leave without any regret.

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Bottom Line

Definitely the city of London is a perfect place to visit with its various offerings to its visitors. There are many options available for everyone one to explore in this city. It is really easy to find something that will attract you here in this country. It doesn’t actually matter what your age is or your interests are, it is for sure that London is a must see destination and there are plenty of reasons to visit London.

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