A beautiful city with a relaxed and quiet atmosphere, Helsinki is one of the greatest cities in Europe which you should visit at least once in your life. In Helsinki there are plenty of green parks and islands as well as many tourist attractions that you can enjoy exploring. When you think of other popular cities in Europe such as Paris, London or Milan, Helsinki is not that popular and as a consequence of this it is not that much crowded like other touristic cities in Europe.

Although it is not a popular destination when it is compared to the other popular cities, Helsinki is also a very great city that everyone should definitely add to their travel list and visit at least once. It is the capital city of Finland and it definitely is worth a visit. There are many attractions in this city that you can see and fall in love with.

There are also many other interesting things to do in Helsinki and the city offer variety of enjoyable activities to do. You can go many different events and try some delicious and unique foods in this city. You can also have the chance to enjoy one of the greatest coffees in the world here in Helsinki. And obviously there are too many reasons to visit this wonderful city. Here you can find 13 different reasons why you should visit this city at least once.

1. The Food

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In Helsinki there are plenty of restaurants in which you can find variety of delicious and yummy Finnish foods. In all those variety of delicious options you must definitely try some fish in this city because it is a very common thing to eat in here and it is very popular. You can also taste some wild food like berries, mushrooms and wild herbs that are coming from those Finnish forests.

2. Sauna

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In this beautiful capital city of Finland, you can find many great public saunas in which you can experience the Finnish identity. Finnish people definitely love sauna and it really is an important part of the Finnish culture. If you are planning to visit this beautiful city, Helsinki, it is a must for you to visit a local sauna at least once while you are in this city. You can visit The Allas Sea Pool, The Löyly Design Sauna or many other options you can find in this city.

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3. The Relaxed Atmosphere

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Without a doubt, Helsinki is a perfect place to just relax and enjoy the moment. There is no rush in this beautiful city or crowded and noisy places like in those other cities in Europe. You can always sit in a cafe or even in a park and enjoy some relaxed hours while drinking your warm coffee with your loved ones. Or you can also enjoy some relaxed hour with yourself.

4. Finnish Design

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Finnish design is very popular around the world and it takes its inspiration from the nature. There are many Finnish brands such as Iittala, Marimekko, Artek and Arabia. You can find many great Finnish design objects from them and maybe you can take some home.  You can also see this amazing modern Finnish design culture in every step while you are in this city.

5. The Islands

Suomenlinna Helsinki Finland
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You can visit and take a boat trip to more than 300 islands in Helsinki. All these islands are beautiful and definitely worth a visit and you must absolutely see as many as possible while you are in Helsinki. But if you don’t have enough time to do that and it is not possible for you to see all of them there are some unmissable suggestions for you. You can visit Pihlajasaari with its beautiful beaches, Suomenlinna sea fortress which is a UNESCO World Heritage site or Korkeasaari and its Helsinki Zoo. Also check out top best cruise deals to see these beautiful islands in this city.

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6. Spaces to Breathe

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If you are planning to visit Helsinki, you will see that it is really easy to escape from the rush of modern life. You will always have the chance easily find a space to breathe and relax. There are plenty of parks ad green areas in this beautiful city. And you can easily find the perfect place where the people are few. You will also have the chance to enjoy some quiet time in the nature which will be great for people who sometimes seek for some quiet time.

7. Landmarks and Touristic Attractions

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In Helsinki, you can find plenty of attractions, landmarks and museums to discover more about the Finnish and Viking culture, history and art. Here in Helsinki, you must definitely visit The National Museum of Finland and Suomenlinna to discover lots of stuff about Finland and Helsinki. There are also many other attractions to see in this beautiful city and it is a really great place to visit if you love exploring new things.

8. The Architecture

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While you are walking around in Helsinki you will have the chance to see and amazed by the art nouveau architecture in Helsinki. In this beautiful and wonderful city you can always encounter with many great buildings and styles. And one of the greatest buildings in Helsinki, the Temppeliaukio rock church is a must see destination.

9. Friendly Locals

Locals are always very friendly, hospitable and helpful in Helsinki. You can ask them anything you want and they can speak English very well and fluently. They can also help you if you need. In Helsinki you don’t have to be afraid of asking locals for help. They are very helpful and friendly.

10. Natural Surroundings and Outdoor Activities

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Natural surroundings in Helsinki is definitely one of the reasons to visit Helsinki at least once.  In Helsinki you will have the chance to try plenty of different outdoor activities. If you love nature and outdoor activities, then Helsinki is the best place for you.

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11. Interesting Events

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Another reason to visit Helsinki is the interesting events it offers. You can join the Night of the Arts in the summer if you love art. There are also many other events that you can see. Helsinki is a really great place for you if you love taking part in different events.

12. Vintage and Second-hand Shopping

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Helsinki is one of the most popular cities for second hand and vintage shopping. You can find plenty of great vintage stores in which you can find variety of clothes, shoes or furniture in this magnificent city. These vintage, second-hand shops can be found in every corner. One of the most popular one among them is UFF. You can also find many different cool vintage shops in this city. If you are planning to go to Helsinki, you must definitely visit some vintage shops and buy some second hand stuff.

13. Easy to Get Around

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One of the reasons to visit Helsinki is the opportunity to explore city very easily. You can either explore by walking as it is really easy to do and every attraction is close to each other or you can also use public transportation which is very affordable and makes easy to get around the city. You can also buy a daily ticket. With a daily ticket it would be very easy to use public transportation and explore everywhere as much as you want.

Bottom Line

As you can see there are plenty of reasons to pack your stuff and go explore Helsinki. It definitely is one of the greatest cities in Europe to visit. It offers its visitors so many things like enjoying nature, art, design, architecture, delicious foods, coffee and more stuff. And one of the most important reasons to visit this beautiful city is definitely sauna. You can go and visit Helsinki only for sauna if you want as it is really important in Helsinki.

Let’s Plan Your Helsinki Trip Here

If you are planning to visit Helsinki after reading this article we recommend you to choose summer time to visit as it can be too cold in the winter time if you don’t like cold weathers. But if you don’t mind really cold temperatures it can be also good to visit this city in the winter time. When you visit this beautiful city, you will also have the chance to visit other Nordic countries and cities around as there are many great cities nearby which you can travel to easily. You can also check out top best cruise deals to explore more about Helsinki and other nearby cities.