It doesn’t matter how much the Peron is fond of traveling or know about the most unique places. There are still prominent chances that he may not know about many small towns that exist. There are a lot of cool small towns that exist but people don’t even hear their name in their life. For such people, we have researched well and brought meaningful information to them. We have gathered the names of several small towns that are worth seeing and we suggest the people must visit them.

People will always enjoy their trip to cool small towns that we are going to discuss here. There are a lot of people who don’t have their personal connivance. For such people, we suggest you to must use online car hire services to reach to small towns.

What Are Some Unique and Cool Small Towns About Which Someone Must Know?

Here, we are going to discuss some amazing and unique small towns about which you will not know much. We are here to tell you about these small towns because we believe that these places are worth seeing and someone must visit them if they wish to explore something new.

1. Lewisburg, WV


When the time arrives to decide where to go? People usually decide to go to places that are well known. We suggest you to must try the adventure and try to visit that small town about which people are not even familiar. Lewisburg, W.Va is the best cool small town that we suggest you to must visit. We think you are hearing the name for the very first time. We ensure you after listening to the specialties of this small town, you will always willing to visit this small town as compared to well-known places.

Why You Should Prefer to Visit Lewisburg, WV?

The population of this small town is about 3830. Here, you can find a lot of things for entertainment. Here, music is the best source to enjoy your day. Here, you can spend the most comfortable time. Either it is a restaurant, art gallery or a shopping mall; you will always find a comfortable environment where you can move without any worry. This town is smaller enough as when you are outside for having dinner, you feel that the entire town is here for breakfast. But the taste that you can get there can beat this over crowd problem and you will remain busy in having such a delicious breakfast.

2. Miracle Village, FL

miracle village florida

You can’t call Miracle Village a city because it is a smaller town in Florida. This also falls in the category of those small towns about which most of the people are not aware of. You wouldn’t believe, many people will read this name for the very first time after our discussion. This town is basically known as the town of sex offenders. In ancient times, sex offenders will not find any place to live there, so they will remain on the best stops, parks or near the schools. But with the passage of time, they got their own places to live even in this small town.

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3. Maharishi Vedic City, IO


You wouldn’t believe at Maharishi, only those people live whose first priority is to maintain the peace in the entire town. Although, this town is too small and the people like us can’t even imagine living there but you will wonder to know this town is most peaceful. It is believed that only this town is capable to act on the principle of world peace.

At this town, no one can eat un-organic food. Here, all the restaurants are vegetarian where you will only get the organic food that will give you a healthier lifestyle. Because of their food, the people of this town remain peaceful because they are not facing any health issues and they are fit physically.

4. Colma, SF


Colma is the smallest town where the dead persons of San Francisco were sent because they will not have enough space to adjust the dead bodies. All the dead bodies were adjusted there. We hope that this is really unique information for you and in our opinion, people must aware of all these facts around the world because these general things can enhance their knowledge to an extent.

As the Colma contains all the graves but there are still some brave and strong people who live there and believe that alive people can also live in this small town. At their small towns, 70% of the area is covered with the graves. The remaining area is occupied by the people and they live happily there and claim that this cool small town has everything that a human could need to spend a happy life.

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5. Astoria, OR


Although our main focus is to cover all the smaller towns about which people are not even familiar, so, we are excited to tell you about Astoria. Here, you can enjoy seeing the old craftsman-style bungalows which are the specialty of this smaller town. Here, people can also visit the beaches. It is not necessary that if you have not heard the name of the town before, there is nothing to enjoy here. Astoria has a lot of things to enjoy. Here, in the evening, you can enjoy the burgers of the local beef with your family at the best hotel in this town. Due to all these specialties, Astoria is also in the list of a top small town from which people are unaware.

6. The Villages, FL


Don’t confuse this village with a miracle village because it is a totally different area and considered in the list of those small towns from which most of us are unfamiliar. It is said that the people of age group more than 55 enjoy in that town a lot because here, there are a lot of things to do for people of this age group.

An important thing about which people are conscious before visiting this smaller town is safety and comfort, we ensure you, you can have a most comfortable and safe visit to this small town.

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7. Clayton, NY

clayton new york

It is in the list of best small towns. We know, most of us are hearing its name for the very first time but the people who have visited it once are a witness of its beauty. You must visit Clayton. Here, you can have lunch at the side of a river every day with your family. Isn’t it a good idea for having a lot of fun and enjoying the food? Of course yes! It is not difficult for people to reach it from their cottages because here they can get a lot of rides to reach there from their cottages. You can enjoy the fishing picnics with your families and can spend the quality of time. You can also enjoy boating there. All these specialties of this town are a witness of it’s on the top list of best small towns that someone must visit once in life.

8. Gibsonton, FL


If you are in Florida and excited to visit the small towns about which people don’t even know, we suggest you to must visit Gibsonton because it is the best smaller town in Florida. If you will be at Gibsonton, you will feel that you are seeing a dream. Here, you can enjoy the performance of the sideshow entertainers. When you will spend 2 to 3 days there, you will know the timings of all hottest entertain shows there. Don’t miss them to have a lot of fun.

This town is best to visit by the technicians and the showmen. We suggest them to must visit this town in offseason. People can enjoy several rides there. The climate here is also not so swearing so someone can easily enjoy his trip.

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Bottom Line

These all are the best and cool small towns that you must visit if you are fond of traveling and exploring new places. For reaching your destination, you can use online car hire services. These services are beneficial to take as you can reach to your destination without any worry. You don’t need to get worried about the location if you are going to visit a specific small town for a very first time. These cars will take you to your final destination easily.