When people plan to visit Tokyo, most of them never think about to spend their days to see the creative art by being at a museum whole day instead they prefer to visit the places around the city to enjoy the natural beauty of the place. There are a lot of people who are fond of art and looking for the best places to visit related to art. Whether you are a foreigner or a local, Tokyo is offering an immense variety of must-see places for the art lovers.

Tokyo is home of art museums and galleries which are providing the best treat for the people who are looking for amazing places to visit. We have compiled an amazing list for you to consider, now you just have to find the best flight offers to Tokyo to enjoy visiting these places.

Do you want to know about the best places to visit for art lovers in Tokyo? So, here are the attractions which you can consider in this regard.

1. Tokyo National Museum

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This amazing museum was founded in the year 1872, known as one of the oldest and significant museums in Tokyo. This great museum is dedicated to collect and display antiquities and historic artwork from all around Asia and Japan. For the visitors who are interested in the art history of Japan, this is one of the must-visit places in Tokyo. This museum is also an important institute for scholarly and research work and people belongs to any age can visit this museum for educational purposes too.   

2. Asakusa

Asakusa Temple
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Asakusa is a famous district situated in Taito, Tokyo. This amazing place is home of the most famous and oldest temples of Japan such as Sensoji, which is an example of typical Buddhist temple architecture. This is the oldest temple which is dated back to 600. This can be the best place to visit for the people who love to see artistic colors in the architecture. Many smaller temples around the big main one can provide an impressive look. 

3. National Museum of Modern Art

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For the people who love the art of the 20th century, National Museum of Modern Art is a must-see attraction in Tokyo. This is a perfect place which can provide the glimpse of the most amazing aesthetic moves and featuring works of the century by the best Willem de Kooning, Dutch abstract expressionists and polymorphic. This amazing place was opened in 1952. The collection of this amazing museum has grown on a continuous basis throughout the history of the museum. The last renovation of the museum was taken place in the year 1999 in which the exhibition library and galleries were made broader which allowed more public access. Well, this museum is displaying an immense and impressive range of the previous century’s artwork both international and Japanese which can be worth seeing for the modern art lovers.

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4. National Museum of Western Art

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Similar to well-known international art cities in London, Paris and New York, Tokyo is also containing overwhelming iconic masterpieces. This amazing museum was opened in the year 1959 and the collection of the National Museum of Western Art was founded on Rodin sculptures and Impressionist paintings which are known as a part of Matsukata Collection. This museum loaned its work from various museums and private collections. The exhibitions of the National Museum of Western Art focuses on the Renaissance of the early 20th century which allows the visitors to gaze at the amazing and finest works of history.

5. Mori Art Museum

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Mori Art Museum is known as one of the highest art museums all around the world. This is the best institute of art which is located on the 54th story tower’s top. This iconic museum is based on the concept “each of the world’s diverse cultures must be accorded equal importance”. In the exhibitions of this museum contemporary art from all around the world is being displayed. Mori Art Museum is also known as an organizer of MAM projects which is meant to support young talent.

6. Mita Arts Gallery Tokyo

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Well, if someone is interested in buying amazing artwork then heading to the Mita Arts gallery in Tokyo can be one of the best decision to make. It is because this gallery is supplying Tokyoites with the perfect quality of Japanese Woodblock paintings and prints for more than 50 years. For the art collectors, this gallery can be worth visiting because it also provides the original paintings to their clients which are dated back to the period of Edo and modern ukiyo-e adaptations from various artists such as Tsuraya Kokei. This amazing art gallery can provide endlessly fantastic art pieces for you to own.

7. The National Art Center

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This is another iconic place to visit in Tokyo for art lovers. Well, this is also a beautiful place to see from outside and it has the ability to show wonders inside of the building too. It is boasting the largest exhibition space. Well, this is a place where temporary exhibitions are being displayed and the exhibitions are being displayed there often. Therefore, whenever you are going to visit you will find something amazing to see hopefully.

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8. Nezu Museum

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If you truly want to appreciate the immerse in the Japanese art then making a visit to the Nezu museum should be in your must-visit list. Previously it was known as Nezu Institute of Fine Arts but currently, it is serving a perfect treat for the visitors as an amazing art museum. This museum is based on Minato in Tokyo. Well, this is preserved to display beautiful traditional art from Japan and East Asia. In the immense collection of the museum, you can find various historical paintings, precious art pieces, and national treasurers. You are surely going to be spoilt of inspiration after visiting this museum.

9. Yufuku Gallery

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The abstract concept of the Yufuku Gallery is contemporary art. This gallery is known as a home of international and Japanese contemporary artists belong to the field of contemporary art, a sculpture which has been created in different materials and from eccentric vision are there to fill the space in the gallery and inviting the visitors to see the amazing art which is collected from all around the world. This gallery has an immense collection which is also available to buy for your home to display.

10. Washi Paper Museum

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This is a unique museum whose similar you never find. It contains more than 40,000 items which are able to cover all the facets both artistic and practical of the amazing paper world. Inside the building of Washi Paper Museum, you will find an iconic display which is covering wonderful inventions of paperwork and its history. If you want to get a chance to create your own Japanese paper then it is really worth to visit Washi Paper Museum.

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11. SCAI The Bathhouse

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This is one of the most amazing and prestigious art galleries which you can visit during your tour to Tokyo. This is located in the farmer public bathhouse which was built more than 200 years ago. The beautiful building is a perfect example of traditional Japanese architecture. By visiting SCAI The Bathhouse you are not only going to be inspired by the amazing art exhibitions going to be held inside but with the architecture of the building too.

12. Harajuku

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This is much more than a spot to visit for the art lovers because it can provide you a full-fledged treat to amaze and make memories in Tokyo. This is a complete district of Tokyo which contains various sightseen places all around. It has the ability to offer much inspiration for art lovers. It is also known as a paradise of photographers. Go to the Takeshita Dori to get inspiration from teenage culture. Well, if it is not appealing you much then you can move to Ukiyo-e Ota Memorial Art Museum which is a small but amazing art museum in the same place. It displays an amazing range of Japanese woodblock prints which are highly recommended to watch for the lovers of Japanese art.

Tokyo is one of the best places to visit for art lovers if they want to get inspirations from an amazing range of Japanese and Asian art. Well, hopefully after knowing an amazing list of the must-see attractions for the art lovers, you are now craving to visit Tokyo. Well, get better flight offers to Tokyo if you want to get an immense range of places to visit.

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