Nothing can be a better early morning debate then what can make a good cup of coffee or where I can find a good cup of coffee to start my morning in a better way over the world. Coffee is an effective drink which has the potential to lift the mood up, deliver instant happiness and focus the mind. Without any doubt, coffee could be called a universal beverage.

The pleasure which a fresh cup of coffee can bring in your life after you wake up every morning is truly unbeatable and the feelings would be the same wherever you may go in the world.  In various regions all around the world, coffee has been evolved than just a drink and has adopted specific cultures to bring something new in the taste. Well, some people are great fans of coffee that they seek out the best places to get an amazing cup of coffee to add in their itineraries when going to travel.

Well, if you are a coffee lover too, then you must want to know about the best coffee shops in Europe to have amazing taste during traveling. Then knowing the following list of the best coffee shops can be the best for you in this regard.

Just have a look at our compiled list of the 10 best coffee shops in Europe:

1. Cafe Capitale – Brussels, BELGIUM

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The very first thing which will attract you towards Cafe Capitale is their sign which claims that coffee making is their profession/ they are always there to provide you amazing coffee to freshen your mood with ease. The choices in coffee variety which you can find there are truly endless, you can almost order anything which can come in your mind and you will be served. Well, whatever you are going to order you will really have the best cup of coffee. 

2. Toma Cafe – Madrid, SPAIN

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Toma Café is one of the most popular cafes in Madrid. This can be a peaceful place to work or hang out with friends. Besides this, you can find a perfect cup of coffee here in the city. Most interestingly they can also provide you an opportunity to buy the best coffee beans to take with you home. If you want to have a perfect taste in coffee in Madrid then get benefit from online car hire services and reach to the Calle de la Palma, 49, 28004 Madrid to have fun with ease.  

3. Cuillier | Paris, FRANCE

Cuillier Caffee
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There is no shortage of the best coffee shops in Paris for sure but the amazing CUILLIER based on a little street can be the best opportunity to enjoy the amazing taste. You can find this place by having a few minutes’ walk from the famous Sacré Couer. Here you can see an amazing and beautiful display of the pastries well, actually French pastries. Along with delicious pastries, you can get a perfect chance to have a high-quality cup of coffee with ease.

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4. The Barn / The Barn Roastery – Berlin, GERMANY

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Well in the heat of the art district of Berlin, you can find an amazing and one of the best coffee shops. Although this is a tiny coffee shop which you can find there but you can taste the most amazing coffee there with ease. The Barn is specialized in brewing coffee in the four different methods such as Aeropress, Syphon, Woodneck, and V60, and the filtered water by reverse osmosis is being used. More importantly, The Barn is using its own roasted coffee beans to provide you the best taste in the coffee. You can enjoy the homemade carrot cake there with your coffee to make your every sip of coffee delicious. 

5. Drop Coffee Roasters – Stockholm, SWEDEN

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This is one of the best coffee shops in Sweden which has established a well coffee culture in an effective way. Although in Scandinavia you can find various artisanal coffee bars and coffee shops but no one can beat the taste and aroma of this amazing coffee roasters. This is specialized in providing the best taste in fika and drip brew filter coffee. According to the tradition of Drop Coffee Roasters, you will be served with the pastries and sweets along with the coffee.

This roastery is also focusing on source the grown beans sustainably and supports fair trade which is helping them to spread their passion for coffee in a highly responsible and an inspiring way. The process of slow drip brewing can kill all of the bitterness of the coffee and will reveal the delicious taste and true complexities of the coffee in the best possible way. Are you are looking for an indulging fika break to have in Stockholm? Then feasting on traditional cardamom and cinnamon bun along with a delicious cup of coffee can be the best opportunity for you to avail.

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6. Sant’eustachio IL Caffé – Rome, ITALY

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Whenever you are going to count the most amazing, famous and best coffee shops around Europe or even around the world then you can never avoid the importance of Italy in this regard. It is because Italy is known as a goldmine of the exceptional brewing techniques and espressos’ boasting experts. Well, in Rome, coffee craftsmanship is being regarded as a way of life. You can experience an amazing dose of coffee at SANT’EUSTACHIO IL CAFFÈ in Rome. This is one of the best coffee shops which was opened in the 1930s. There are plenty of history and stories to tell about this coffee place.

The specialty of them is a legendary secret blend which you can find only at SANT’EUSTACHIO IL CAFFÈ and is names as “The blend” only. This should be included in your must-visit list for sure. After tasting the unforgettable taste of their coffee, you will surely wish to take to your home for sure. Although this Italy based coffee shop is pioneering some of the amazing coffee tastes but they are never leaving their root coffee taste which has now become their recognition.

The new techniques are being developed continuously by making variations in brewing and blending of their coffee beans. These slight variations can make their coffee quite special as compared to classic and traditional coffee. Whenever you are in Rome get benefit from online car hire services and must reach this amazing place to enjoy a cup of tasty coffee.

7. Jonas Reindl – Wien, AUSTRIA

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This is a beautifully designed best coffee shop. Here you can experience how much expertise, love, and care is being added in a cup of coffee to provide you an amazing taste. These are expert in providing the best taste in each cup of coffee equally. Well, you can find some amazing but yet distinct flavor and aromas here. It is because they aim to provide you the most unique experience in drinking coffee. They put a high focus on the transparency of their coffee beans’ journey.

8. Fenster Café – Wien, AUSTRIA

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This is the cutest coffee shop that you can ever find. Most interestingly this coffee hatch can be found in a smaller alleyway. Although the setup is amazingly miniature but you can find the best coffee here. This can be the best example of the quote “Best things can come in the small sizes” because once you are going to drink coffee from here you will surely want to get back their soon.

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9. Kolonel Coffee Roastery – Antwerp, BELGIUM

Kolonel Koffie – Antwerp, BELGIUM
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This is one of the best coffee shops in Belgium which were founded in the year 2011. They do the complete process of the store. Their coffee beans are being roasted and prepared by their own coffee shop. Here you can also find an amazing variety of lemonades and quality teas which are being prepared by their own prepared syrups.

10. Satan’s Coffee Corner – Barcelona, SPAIN

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This is one of the most famous and coffee shops in Barcelona which is owned by a 25-year-old person. The beans are being roasted locally due to the lower space in the coffee shop. To quench your desire for having an amazing cup of coffee you can visit SATAN’S COFFEE CORNER. Here you can find a huge variety and can order anything ranged from espressos to Aeropress. The food which you can find at this corner is all homemade. You can easily find something best to start an amazing day. 

This is some must-considering best coffee shops all around Europe where you can find an amazing cup of coffee to make your mood better and to get more energy with ease.  

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