If you are planning a visit to Berlin then there are a lot of things which you need to know before traveling to this city. Even the experienced travelers may face some difficulties while traveling around Berlin if they are not going to be well-prepared or well-planned for their travel. The people who have traveled to some other places before are aware of the fact that traveling to a big city like Berlin required a lot of planning to make your traveling comfortable and to let the things happen in an effective way.

Berlin is a large city which has a lot of things to offer to its visitors. However, to enjoy and make the visit to Berlin amazing it is highly recommended for you to go well-planned. If it is your first travel to Berlin then knowing the following guide to Berlin will surely help you to make more from your trip to Berlin.

Do you want to know about the things which you must consider before going to Berlin? Well, in this guide to Berlin we have brought various tips and tricks for you which are surely going to be helpful for you in this regard.

1. Visit Berlin During the Months of Summer

Visit Berlin in Summer
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You may have a thought that Germany becomes gloomier during the winter months. This is the major reason why most of the people prefer to visit this city in the summers. In the summers you will be able to visit every side of Berlin with ease and can experience the real beauty of the Berlin in a perfect way. While in the winters most of the days of your visit you have to spend inside due to heavy rain or snow outside and it will not perfect time to wander around the city with ease. This can be an important tip which you may find in every guide to Berlin with ease.

2. To Move Around Berlin, It is Better to Prefer Public Transport

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From the time you have reached Berlin, it is always important to prefer public transport to travel around this city. It is because you can notice that traveling through public transport is highly affordable and you will have a comfortable journey to your every destination in this city. Most importantly, public transport is highly punctual and will arrive within the city on time and you will be reached in time at every place you have to wish to visit. There are various possibilities you can travel by train or bus as per your priority.

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3. Do not Forget to Validate Your Tickets Before Time

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If you have planned to wander around the Berlin through public transport then it is highly important to purchase your ticks of public transport and validate the inside the vehicle to keep yourself secure from getting fine. You will wonder by seeing that there are no security gates or checkers at the doors of the subway in this city. However, it is still important to get your train ticket because the ticket checker can reach any time. So, never travel without a ticket by train. In any of such case, you will be fined and more importantly, the checkers have no mercy for this even for the unknown travelers too.

4. Check Out the Free Museum Day to Enjoy a Visit to Your Favorite Museums in Berlin

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Well, there are numerous museums all around Berlin which people actually love to visit. The visits are impressive but expensive too. So, if you want to make your museum visits affordable then you must check the free museum days. Even you can get a 3-day pass to visit more than 170 museums around Berlin. Well, it is never going to be possible to visit each and every one of these 170 museums but you can spare enough time to visit the most important ones from these. 

5. Berlin is Famous for its Craziest Nightlife of the World

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Well, Berlin has some craziest nightlife all around the world. You may have seen some scenes in the shows and think that these can never exist in actual. However, these can be found in this city with ease. Most of the people may hit to the clubs in midnight and parties can go beyond 48 hours there.  Well, you can never complete your Berlin tour without being a part of this craziest and wildest nightlife to have amazing and most memorable time there. Most importantly, the best nightlife you can find around this city on Sunday morning.

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6. The Accent of the Berliners is Quite Different

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While in this city you can find the people belong to every language around the world even a lot of people could be found who speak English there. However, the accent of the citizen of Berlin is quite different. Therefore, it can be beneficial for you to practice some basics of the language so that you can find it easier to communicate with the people around you in this city.

7. Keep Some More Cash Instead of Credit Cards While Going Out

Carry Cash in Iceland
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While you are going out to wander around Berlin it is highly important to keep some extra cash with you. It is because your credit cards are never going to work at every place around Berlin. Most of the small vendors, restaurants, bars, and businesses do not have card machines and there you have to pay cash. So, always have cash in hand otherwise you have to walk to different blocks and waste a lot of your time to search an ATM machine to withdraw your required amount and this may ruin your mood and day.

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8. Sunday is a Close Day in Berlin

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Everywhere in Berlin pharmacies, supermarkets, and shops will remain closed on Sundays. So, it is highly important to have all the stuff which you may need before coming Sunday. Otherwise, you may have to face difficulty because there is almost no place around the Berlin which you can find open on Sunday. Well, keep in mind that cafes and restaurants will be opened on Sunday as per routine. 

9. In Berlin, It Is Important to Respect the Rules

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Germany is famous for respecting its rule and similarly in this city. When you are visiting this city, you have to follow their rules. For starters, it is highly important to wait until the traffic light turn green even the road is blank. While traveling around Berlin it is highly important to respect and implement their code of conduct in an effective way so that you do not have to face any difficult situation there.  

10. Never Get Late, Berlin is Highly Punctual

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Being on time whether for the social or business appointments is a part of German culture. The people of Berlin are highly punctual. If you have fixed a meeting there with someone then it is important for you too to reach on the time you have asked for. Being late may make the next person angry.

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11. Want to Visit the Reichstag Building? Book Your Ticket in Advance

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Reichstag building is one of the most important places which everyone wants to visit in Berlin. Well, without any doubt this beautiful glass dome is highly spectacular and a perfectly worth-seeing place in the Berlin. So, if you are also planning to visit this place then it is highly important to make a reservation in advance. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of your time while getting tickets there and the time to spend inside will remain less. Get the services from online car hire services in this city to reach the place and spend a memorable day there.

12. Tipping Absolutely Works in Berlin

Tips in Berlin
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Tipping is as important in Berlin as it is in the entire world. Although it is not always important to tip your service provider but it can be a polite behavior to tip people correctly who are serving you. However, if you want to tip your service provider then it is important to give at least 10 to 15 percent of your total bill and tell them what you are including in the entire bill as a tip. Always pay the tip along with the total bill. It is also important to give some tip to your driver or the housekeepers in the hotel even though you are getting services from online car hire services in Berlin.

Well, for the people who want to travel to Berlin this guide to Berlin along with some important tips are going to be highly beneficial with ease.

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