Singapore is one of the most well-known and a growing country which is being considered as one of the smallest countries in the world too. This country is attracting tons of tourists every year from all around the globe because it always has something to do for everyone. Singapore is one of the most famous places for its hustle bustle and fun life. Although there are a lot of things to do in Singapore but there are many amazing facts too which most of the people are unaware of. Whether you have lived there for years or planning to visit there are many of the interesting and unknown facts which you must know about this country.

Beyond the perfect skyline and amazing city center, Singapore has a lot to offer to its visitors. Although plenty of people are visiting Singapore every year but we bet that there are various facts about Singapore which people still do not know. If you are going to book your tour to this country then before checking flight offers to Singapore you must see the following things which we are sure you are not aware of. It is because here we have some of the most amazing things about Singapore which you never knew about this beautiful, cosmopolitan and green country.

So, have a look at the followings to get a better idea about the things in this regard.

1. Chilli Crab

Chilli Crab Singapore Kitchen
Via Cegoh / Pixabay

Chili crab is one of the 7 most iconic dishes from all around the world and yes, a delicious one too. Even more, this amazing dish comes at the 25th position in the list of 50 most delicious dishes in the world. This amazing and incredibly delicious dish has been compiled by CNN go in the year 2011. It is one of the most popular seafood dishes which is originated from Singapore. This amazing dish is being made with mud crabs which will be stir-fried in a sweet, semi-thick and savory chili and tomato sauce. People love to taste this amazing dish which you also try to enjoy an amazing feast in this country and to experience the perfect taste of Singaporean dishes.

2. Singaporeans Are the Fastest Walkers Around the World

Via Cegoh / Pixabay

Well, it may sound crazy for people but yes this is true that the Singaporeans are the fastest walkers around the world. This study was held by a British Psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman who tested the walking speed of various cities in 32 countries and found that the Singaporeans are the fastest ones among all of them. Probably the hustle bustle of Singapore has made the people habituated to walk fast.

3. Singapore Contains the First Night Zoo of the World

Via DaFranzos / Pixabay

Well, this is one of the most amazing things which you must know if you are planning a visit to this country. So, add to visit the night safari off Singapore in the must-visit places’ list of yours before you are going to check the amazing flight offers to Singapore to find 130 species of animals at a single location. The night safari is one of the incredible zoos to visit if you want to experience nocturnal fun in Singapore. Even more, the night safari is one of the very first night zoos in the world. This amazing place was opened in 1994 for the very first time. To see the main attractions of the park you can hop to the tram rid of 40 minutes and be sure to be on the interlinked 4 walking trials within the place for an amazing zoo trip like never before.

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4. This is a Country of More Than 60 Islands

Singapore Islands
Via Google Maps

This country is not a single island because it is an archipelago of 63 other islands too which are located in this small place. Most of the people may not know the fact that Singapore contains almost 63 offshore islands which surrounded the main island of it. The largest island among these 63 is Sentosa. During your visit to this country, you can visit Sentosa to have more fun in the best possible way. While Pulau Ubin, sisters’ islands and St John’s island are also the prominent ones among these 60+ islands and are best known to enjoy cycling. Some of these islands have beautiful beaches and will surely provide you an amazing feast of enjoyable activities if you are going to visit these. While on the other hand, most of these islands are uninhabited and are commonly being used various purposes including military and industrial use. So, what more islands means to the visitors of Singapore, surely the more fun under the sun in a perfect way.

5. Singapore is Also Known as the Country of Man-Made Waterfalls

Via LonelyPlanet

As per the report of wildlife reserves Singapore, the very first man-made waterfall was built in 1971 which is dropping from the 30 meters high and is considered as the tallest man-made waterfall till the present time. Even more, you can also find the tallest indoor waterfall with 35 meters height in this country. In 2018 an even taller waterfall has been built at the jewel and is being surrounded by a beautiful and lush garden.  

6. Singlish: The Local Language of Singapore

Via MonikaP / Pixabay

Do not get much surprised by hearing about Singlish. It is a well-known language internationally which is being spoken by locals in Singapore other than just English. Singlish is a language which is influenced by the multiculturalism of Singapore.

Singaporean also use the word “uncles” and “aunties” for the strange gentlemen and ladies just to show respect for elders. It is an appealing way of addressing older people. So, when you are talking with the strangers in this country be wise in the selection of your words.

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7. Singapore is Home of UNESCO World Heritage Site

Singapore Botanic Garden
Via Barni1 / Pixabay

Singapore Botanic Gardens has a long history of more than 150 years and now has been inscribed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Singapore Botanic Gardens was honored with this association in the year 2015 and most importantly this beautiful garden is the very first tropical garden and the third botanic gardens which are on UNESCO world heritage site listing. The most popular attraction of this place is the National Orchid Garden which contains plenty of orchid species and is being considered as very important plants. Even more, it contains more than 200 hybrid species of orchid too.

8. You Can Find the Highest Brewery and Alfresco Bar of the Word in Singapore

Via Web Images

Well, if you are the one who loves to enjoy a drink with an amazing view then this is surely going to be the best to know for you that there are various amazing roof establishments you must check there. 1-Altitude Bar is one of the highest al fresco bars in the world which is located at the top place of a 280m tall place. While if you are a craft beer lover then Level 33 is known as the highest urban craft brewery which you can visit to have an incredible experience. These places are perfect to have an incredibly breath-taking 360-degree view of the beautiful city. These are the perfect places to enjoy mesmerizing views of sunsets and night time when lights turned on.

9. Singapore Noodles Could Not Be Found in Singapore

Via Engin Akyurt / Pexels

Although Singapore is a great place to enjoy multicultural food scene with ease but the actual fact is that you will be unable to find the famous Singapore noodles in this country. It may be because the Singapore noodles are actually originated from Hong Kong so are not available in this country. However, you can easily find plenty of other noodles options there to enjoy.

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10. This Country is One of the Greenest Places in the World

Via Coleen Rivas / Pixabay

Although Singapore is known as the concrete place you will be amazed to know that Singapore is one of the greenest places in the world. Despite being a concrete jungle you will find an abundance of greenery in every area of Singapore. Most interestingly, more than half of the area of the territory is covered with vegetation. And even more, this country has an amazing botanic garden which contains thousands of different species of various plants and even the largest tropical garden is also located in this country.

Well, along with these amazing facts Singapore has a lot to offer for its visitors. So, if you want to have a great tour in the upcoming vacations you must think about to visit Singapore to explore more about the place in a perfect way.

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