If you have ever dreamed to catch the waves, cruising and hanging into shore and about having fun on the surfboards then you are lucky. It is because there are plenty of places which are perfect to learn to surf and enjoy being on the waves of the ocean. There are two major categories of beach vacations from which most of the people choose as per their preferences. One option is to wade in and out of the water when you want to cool off while the other opportunity will let you become the one who will enjoy with water and let you test your sports skills just like surfing and scuba. Well, when it comes to learning to surf then there are countless amazing options all around the world where you can learn to surf and polish your existing skills in a perfect way.

There is nothing better than surfing. However, to become a master you have to master a wave, to keep yourself balanced on the water and to face the big waves you have to learn to surf first. From UK beaches to Asian seaside there are plenty of amazing options where you can get perfect opportunities to learn to surf in the best possible.

So, do you want to know about the most amazing places where you can find the best opportunities to surf? Well, knowing about the following fantastic surf places is surely going to be beneficial for you in this regard. So, have a look at the following best surfing spots:

1. Cornwall, UK

Cornwall Surfing Spot
Via Diego_Torres / Pixabay

If you do not mind to face the cold water then being in the UK to learn surf, then Cornwall is surely going to be one of the best surfing places for you. For beginners, Cornwall always has something amazing to offer. They can go to Cornwall any time throughout to year to learn amazing surfing skills. However, if you are looking for the most consistent time to learn surfing in Cornwall then being there in the seasons of autumn and winters are going to be the best to choose. To enjoy surfing at this cool surf places you will need to have 3/2 wetsuit if you want to go there anytime between May to October. While on the other hand, you must bring 5/4 wetsuit if you want to visit this place anytime from November to April. There are a lot of surf schools which can help you in your learning process and from various places from where you can rent out wetsuits and boards to enjoy an amazing experience.

2. Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay Surfing Place
Via Freesally / Pixabay

If you are planning your next tour to Australia then congratulations because here you can find one of the best surfing spots for the beginners where they can master surfing skills in a perfect way. Just book your car from online car hire services and be on the way to the land down under and reach to one of the best surf places Byron Bay. Here you can experience jewel and cool water with amazingly calm waves which are surely going to great for you to learn how to balance yourself when you are in the water by being on your surfing board. There are numerous great schools available from where you can learn to surf in a perfect way. Most of these schools are running at the standard US prices and providing you the required essentials to begin your amazing journey.

Aside from the best surfing spots for beginners the place itself is extremely cool with amazing coffee points, restaurants. So, what you can want more? Just plan your tour to Byron Bay and have a memorable experience at the golden sandy beach and around the place by spending the best time there.

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3. Alentejo, Portugal

Alentejo surfing place
Via Filipatp / Pixabay

This is not a place with the Welsh weather throughout the year. However, during the autumn and spring, the coast of south-west Portugal can be the best opportunity for the beginners to learn surfing in the best possible way. Alentejo will provide you an amazing opportunity to learn the curves in a balmy climate. To enjoy this trip, you must have some surfing experience before to have the best time here with ease.

4. Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Via Pablo Robles / Unsplash

Costa Rica is known as a mecca for the surfers for a long period of time. Most of the surfers believe that the best waves of the entire world are reaching to the shore of Costa Rica. For the people who want to catch the most amazing waves of the world, must think about to become a part of all-inclusive surf camp’s opportunities which are available at Costa Rica. The guests of these camping will get the opportunity to have one-week technical surf instructions. At Costa Rica, Tamarindo is surely one of the most amazing surf places for the beginners to get started their fun with the waves.

5. Oahu, Hawaii

Via Jeremy Bishop / Pexels

The North Shore of Oahu is being known as a paradise for the surfers. Most of the beginners enter the practical world of surfing from this place. The people who are quite eager to take their step up to on the surfing sport can come to Oahu to get a better start. Well, it is important to find a better surf school here in Oahu from the plenty of available options around. It is because this is not actually the place to learn surfing on your own.

However, if you are here to polish your surfing skills then you can find the ideal waves on the North Shore of Oahu which is bringing some of the best surfers from all around the world to its beaches. While the beautiful beaches of Oahu are plentiful for gentler waves. Try to find the surf school which is offering customized lessons according to the skill level of each person. Well, for the starters going to the Waikiki Beach is the best option to start their learning process and to get some surfing skills before facing the monster waves. However, if you are the one who is struggling to catch a perfect break and looking for the best opportunity to get surf inspiration then you must go to the Banzai pipeline to see the best rides of monster waves there. This will help you to push up yourself and learn with more focus to reach your goals soon.

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6. Cocoa Beach, Florida

Via Annie Spratt / Unsplash

Cocoa Beach is one of the most amazing surfing spots which is a well-known place for many people. It is because this is actually the place which is famous as East Coast surf capital. For good reasons, this place is surely going to be a perfect destination who are looking for the best surf places around Florida. Well, the tourists say that Florida is one of the most amazing places around the world which is having amazingly beautiful weather throughout the year and offering best opportunities for its visitors to become a part of amazing seaside activities. Cocoa Beach with perfectly fine and warm water temperature and various surf schools which is surely going to help everyone to conquer the surfboard in a perfect way. Moreover, waves at the cocoa beach are quite easy to ride.

Even more, Cocoa Beach is one of the most amazing resort cities in Florida which is offering a lot of things to do. There are tons of restaurants with amazing food varieties and delicious taste. Along with amazing food places, you can book your car from online car hire services and head over to the most famous tourist attractions of the cocoa beach which Cocoa Beach Pier and Florida Surf Museum. After having a learning session of surfing, you can visit these amazing places to collect some memories in a perfect way. 

7. Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Via Barni1 / Pixabay

Well, this is the time to reach the coasts of North Africa to learn how to surf in a perfect way. The Canary Islands is having amazing and accessible opportunities for the surfers but the beaches are characterized by Volcanic terrain. Many of the reefs breaks can be riskier for the beginners. However, surf schools are setting things for beginners in a perfect way. So, by being at Lanzarote you can join the surf school to get all of the benefits from expert tutors, spectacular scenery and sunny climate in the best possible way.

These are surely going to be the perfect surfing spots for the ones who want to be on the waves in the near future to experience practical surfing in the best possible way.