Do you want to plan an exotic vacation but do not know about the best exotic destinations which you must consider for your upcoming tour? Well, there is no need to be worried about this because the world has plenty of exotic vacation destinations which has the ability to offer you the most amazing trip in the best possible way. We have brought an amazing list of the exotic vacations destinations which has the most amazing opportunities to enjoy breathtaking scenes along with other plenty of option to do and see there.

It is so obvious that you always want to have most out of your every tour from Asia to Europe or beyond, therefore, these vacations are surely going to offer you some incredible things to do which will surely make this trip an incredibly rewarding vacation for you.

The Best Exotic Travel Destinations Which You Must Consider for your Next Trip

Well, the only problem in many of the cases is just lack of information which is keeping you from enjoying an amazing exotic trip. So, if you really want to know some of the most amazing and best Exotic travel destinations then you must have a look at the following best destinations which are surely going to be the best for you to know in this regard.

1. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Exotic Place
Via Grapesky / Pixabay

With the best Tropical climate, varied topography and secluded palm-fringed beaches, Puerto Rico is surely going to be one of the best and most amazing exotic destinations for you to visit. This is the most exotic island which you must think about to visit for your next exotic travel in the Caribbean. You can spot tree frogs in the El Yunque. Must plan to take a tour to Puerto Rico to enjoy its beauty and to explore the abundance golden sands with a night-time bathe there.

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2. Hawaii

Hawaii Exotic Place
Via Yestoforever / Pixabay

With the amazing golden crescent beaches and legendary surf scene islands which are spanned over 120 miles, Hawaii can be the best exotic destination to visit. You will find the amazing things to do and perfect attractions when you will move anywhere in Hawaii. Maui is one of the most favorite places for its gorgeous sunsets, bamboo forests, and misty peaks. This is the second largest island among all of the islands in Hawaii. To experience the beauty of Maui you can get top best cruise deals which will surely help you to add more fun in your visit to Maui.

Even more, you can sink into the beautiful and award-winning sands of Marvel, Kaanapali at the red sands of Kaihalulu. This is something truly mesmerizing and marvelous which no other beach in the entire world can offer. Along with this, you can also enjoy shopping, museum visits, view artwork and can capture the tremendous places of Hawaii to keep the amazing and lasting memories of Hawaii with you.

3. Morocco

Morocco Exotic Place
Via Ahlams / Pixabay

Morocco is one of the most interesting exotic destinations for the tourist to visit. All kind of tourists can visit Morocco because it always has something to serve them. From the first-time campers to the survivalist’s everyone can consider Morocco as the best exotic destination to visit. It has snow-tipped peaks, sandy deserts, exotic valleys, and mesmerizing beaches visit.

Even if you are interested in some other things like visiting Royal places or visiting loaded gardens with a mesmerizing beauty, tasting delicious food, then you must think about to become a part of the active life which you can experience in some of the most beautiful cities of Morocco. You can visit the amazing historical places and can find a lot of tourist attractions all around Morocco to make your tour most memorable with ease.  

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4. Poland

Poland Exotic Place
Via Surfdeluxe / Pixabay

Well, most of the people will become excited by hearing an exotic trip to Poland. It is because you can experience highly youthful energy currently. In Warsaw, you can find various things to do with arts and culture including the visit to 160 years old building and Raffles Europejski. Katowice is another place which has a rich taste of art and culture and can mesmerize its visitors with it. Along with the most historic places to visit you can find amazing places to visit, best and delicious dines and perfect nightlife in Poland to enjoy and explore.

5. Thailand

Bangkok Thailand
Via iGoEscape Library

Well, Thailand can be an amazing exotic destination to visit due to many reasons. One of the most important ones is that most of the people in Thailand can speak English which means you can get a better chance to enjoy there because you will surely be able to communicate with the locals in the best possible way. Even if someone there is unable to speak English they will happily find the one for you who can speak English. The next reason is that the trip to Thailand is really affordable. Even the beautiful islands in Thailand can help you to see the mesmerizing beauty of the world.

KohRongSamloem is known as the Paradise Island which is one of the most amazing places in Thailand which you must add in your bucket list. Moreover, Karabi is one of the most special places in Thailand to visit. This is the place which is still uncrowded, under the radar, peaceful and one of the best places in Thailand to visit.

The places to stay there are incredibly beautiful. Bungalows are beautiful little houses with the beautiful lap pools and with the biggest beds which you may have never seen before. Well, the hotels are offering amazing food there. If you are at the beachside, you can enjoy delicious barbeques there which are being hosted by different hotels. Well, if you head to Chiang Mai, then you will be able to visit amazing tourist destinations, magnificent mountains, cheap accommodations, and a perfectly relaxed vibe. Even more, Thailand has a rich history which will let you have more pleasing places to visit. Well, if you want to add more fun in your trip to Thailand, then booking top best cruise deals can be the best opportunity to avail.

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6. Riga, Latvia

Riga Exotic Place
Via Websi / Pixabay

This beautiful place is also known as the Paris of the North. The best-kept secret of Europe, Riga, Latvia can be the best exotic destination for you to visit. Most interestingly, this is going to be the highly affordable exotic tour to enjoy. Riga was named as the European Capital of Culture for the year 2014. Accommodation is inexpensive there. This place hosts the largest, impressive and most amazing Art Nouveau architecture. You can visit a lot of historical and artistic places. This can be the best exotic destination for the art and history lovers.   

7. Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands Exotic Travel
Via MrChris89 / Pixabay

This is one of the most attractive exotic tours which you can consider. The only words which can describe the mesmerizing beauty of these islands are exotic and incredibly beautiful. Trip to Galapagos Islands is going to be a once in a lifetime trip for you to have. This is an amazing place to get up close to wild animals safely. Boat tours can be the most exciting ways to discover the beauty of the Galapagos Islands. Island hopping is the must do thing by being at Galapagos Islands. It is because there are a lot of islands which you can explore there.

Various islands are habituated and even more the accommodations there are easier to find and are highly affordable too. Even you can find various free activities to perform there. Including seeing unique species, hiking to the most amazing and adventurous trails and a visit to the turtle breeding areas. Well, in short words, this exotic tour of yours is going to be inexpensive and amazing if you consider.


We are living on a planet which has plenty of things for us to offer and these can be ranged from the most stunning landscapes to the breathtaking views, tropical paradises, unbelievable beaches to shrouded volcanoes. So, there is no reason behind due to which you should not consider going to an exotic travel trip at the present time. Even the most exotic and wonderful places which you must consider to visit are much affordable than you can imagine. Most of the people believe that the exotic tours are expensive and will make you out of budget but this is just a myth. It is because exotic tours are as affordable and comfortable as your domestic tours are. Really, you have heard absolutely right.