National Parks all around the world are the most mesmerizing and stunning parts of the world to visit. With the natural and beautiful landscape and amazing wildlife, the National parks for wildlife always have something great for its visitors to see and enjoy. Most of the National parks for wildlife contain remarkable things to see along with the rare and beautiful wildlife and offering the most amazing and unbeatable scientific, recreational and educational opportunities for the people in the best possible way.

Approximately 100 countries of the world have specified land for National parks for wildlife. From the glaciers of Europe to deserts of Africa National parks are featuring the best of best for their visitors. Whatever you are into but exploring the mesmerizing lakes, beautiful waterfalls and amazing wildlife is always something which everyone loves to do. So, if you are the one who loves to spot the wildlife park then this post is truly made for you.

The Best National Parks for Wildlife in the World

Are you the one who is fond of wildlife spotting and want to know about the best wildlife park in the world? Well, have a look at the following amazing and ultimate National parks for wildlife to get a better idea about the things in this regard.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

National Parks for Wildlife
Via Free-Photos / Pixabay

Plitvice Lakes is one of the most mesmerizing National parks which is situated in Croatia. This is one of the most stunning National parks which looks more like a scene from a fairytale than a real place of the world. It contains 16 crystal-clear lakes, vaulted caves and breathtaking waterfalls which are surely going to be enough to be amazed by being at Plitvice Lakes National Park.

The 16 lakes which stretch across Plitvice Lakes National Park are not like the typical water holes. However, these beautiful cascading pools come in a mesmerizing rainbow of turquoise, emerald green, and azure blue. You can stroll along the boardwalk to spot the amazing view of waterfalls, hidden caves, and fir tree forests.  All of the 16 lakes are connected with the dozens of scenic waterfalls which are ranging from trickling to the turbulent. Even more, the evaluated caves are amazing natural formations. Water is enriched with the minerals and it winds its way down to the rocks which are being a reason for the continuously changing landscape of Plitvice Lakes National Park.

However, you can spot diverse wildlife too in Plitvice Lakes National Park. Beautiful butterflies, rare birds, bears, and wolves can be spotted in the vast forest which surrounds the lakes. This is surely going to be a perfect place to visit and capture beautiful memories with ease.

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Jasper National Park, Canada

Jasper National Park Canada
Via Brigachtal / Pixabay

Although most of the people are associating Jasper with the Canadian Rockies but this is actually one of the wilder, richer and larger National parks to visit. Take a tour to the Jasper National Park to take the amazing Icefields Parkway up to the incredible glaciers, wildlife, and woods of Jasper.

Yellowstone National Park, WY

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Yellowstone National Park is being known as the Serengeti of America because of its diverse wildlife sprawling landscape. With the most dramatic peaks and mesmerizing pristine lakes, the Yellowstone National Park is a paradise of wildlife lovers. Most amazingly, more than 4 million visitors are visiting Yellowstone National Park every year but whenever you are going to visit Yellowstone National Park, you will not experience any rush of people there and it may be because of the vast area which this park contains and. The 2.2 million acre-based Yellowstone National Park is containing 67 different species of mammals. However, the most commonly spotted animals in Yellowstone National Park are bighorn sheep, wolverines, mountain lines, pronghorn, black bears, grizzly, elk, bison, mule deer, bald eagles and much more.

While Yellowstone National Park is best known for its awe-inspiring natural wonders such as Mammoth Hot Springs and Old Faithful and red-tinged canyon walls. However, you should never miss its most amazing hiking trails too because these are surely going to add more fun in your trip to Yellowstone National Park. These hiking trails are much popular among the people who love adventurous trails to hike.

Yellowstone National Park has the ability to give you amazing opportunities to enjoy your visit there. You can head to the Yellowstone Lake to have amazing boating experience or move to the northeast direction to the Lamar Valley to experience the excellent opportunities of wildlife watching. You can find plenty of things to do in Yellowstone National Park. So, if you are feeling excited about to visit the place they must keep in mind while going to Yellowstone National Park it is better to hire a car from online car hire services because public transportation is not going to be a better idea to adopt.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

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Most of the people already have heard about Serengeti, this is a true legendary expanse on the border of Kenya and Tanzania which is the place of the oldest ecosystem of the world and the major animal migration. This is the oldest National park for wildlife of Tanzania and surely going to be one of the best wildlife parks which you must add in your bucket list.

This place is enough famous because of the migration of annual wildebeest. This is the only major animal migration place on the earth. Most interestingly this is one of the few places in Africa where the number of loins is not decreasing. If you want to take an amazing Safari type tour then the best time for you to visit this amazing place is anytime between December and March. This amazing Wildlife park has made Tanzania one of the most visited part of Africa. Here you can keep an eye for the big five in the best possible way which are rhinos, elephants, buffalo, leopards, and lions.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

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If you want to see the original wonders of the world then this is a must have a place to visit in your bucket list. Great Barrier Reef has been expanded from Cape York North to all the way Bundaberg which is in the South. It contains more than 1,500 species of fish, 600 islands and 2,900 coral reefs. This is one of the most visited places in Australia which experience more than 2 million visitors annually. This is the largest coral reef system of the world and a heaven for the enthusiasts of water spots. Your tour to the place is surely going to be once in a lifetime experience and will leave a lasting impression. To spot wildlife you can visit the Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas and visit the Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas to see the unique animals of Australia.

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Guilin and Lijiang River National Park, China


Sleepy fishing villages, a winding river, and Misty karst hills are the most amazing part of this National park which is located in Southeast China. Hire a car from online car hire services to reach this amazing place to see the mesmerizing natural beauty around there. This park is best known for its beautiful scenic area. This is also covering 50-mile of the river between Yangshuo and Guilin which is surrounded by the sheer karst hills. This amazing National park can offer one of the most mesmerizing and dreamy panoramas on the Earth. You must visit this place to enjoy a friendly fisherman and striking peaks.

Zion National Park, USA

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Zion National Park is located in the southeast corner of Utah. In the year 2017, this National Park has experienced the record-breaking visit of 4.3 million people. Visitors can view walking through the virgin river which it contains or can ascend to Angels Landing to view a mesmerizing and even more breathtaking view with every bend of its trail. The Zion National Park is brimming with the most inspiring views and can offer a perfect and adventures day you can spend outdoors. You can experience the beauty of the canyons of burnt umber color along any of the hiking trails of the park. It will reward you with the most beautiful views of the park and the wildlife it contains. You can also get a free shuttle service to enjoy the wander around the beautiful Zion National Park for wildlife.

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These are surely going to be the best National parks to spot amazing wildlife all around the world. On the basis of your interest, you can easily mark any of these destinations as your next wildlife park to visit.