Are you planning to visit China? Well, China is one of the most complex countries around the world and there are a lot of things which you have to know before you are going to visit China to spend some amazing time there. Many of the people who are planning to visit China for the very first time in their lives really do not understand what they should expect before traveling to China actually. Well, in some ways China may meet the expectations of the travelers but in many of the other ways, China is truly ready to surprise its visitors. Therefore, it is really important to get the answer to the most important questions before you visit China to have a great time there in the best possible way.

The Most Important Questions to be Answered Before We Visit China

China is the most populous country from all around the world. Well, this human density could be enough to shock the most expert travelers too sometimes. If you are planning to be in China for your next travel then it is the most important advice for you to leave your conceptions at home. It is because China has been developed quite rapidly over the previous 20 years. However, there are some things which you have to know before visiting China.

1. What Are the Travel Requirements for China?

Travel Mistakes About Visa
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Before planning your trip, it is quite important to understand the required travel documents which you need to have for your China visit. The two of the most important things are a valid visa and passport. However, the important thing to know here is the passport must be valid for at least six months when applying for a visa and must have a blank page to get the visa. A tourist visa will allow the visa holder to have a choice of single entry visa which will be valid for 3 to 6 months only or a double entry which will be valid for 6 months only. To get a travel visa, the applicant has to submit its passport, application form, and recent photos. Well, it is highly recommended to apply for a visa at least before one month of your departure time. So, you do not have to face any problem.

If you want to visit Tibet then you have to get a permission letter through local travel agents. Keep in mind that most of the areas of Tibet are restricted for the foreigners to visit and in case if you entered the restricted area, you will be deported after being taken into custody for visiting the restricted area. Even more, to get the travel visa of China it is important to have proof of your round trip or onward travel information, lodging and hotel reservation information. To get the hotel reservation information, you can visit top online hotel booking websites to confirm your hotel reservation.

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2. Should I Prefer Independent Tour or Go With a Tour Company to Visit China?

Independent Tour or Go With a Tour Company to Visit China
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Well, this is something which most of us want to know before we plan to visit China. However, most of the travelers say that the best way to visit China is with a travel group. Well, if you have someone with you who has traveled to China before then preferring an independent tour will also not going to be a bad idea at all. But if you are the one who is unaware of the diverseness of China then this is the place where a tour company can come into action. A tour company will provide you an amazing guided tour and even more, they are not only going to guide you throughout the travel but will also act as your interpreter and will help you to be a part of amazing activities or visit the mesmerizing places which are not a part of any guide book. In the end, the choice of the type of tour totally depends on with whom and how you are going to visit China.

3. What Should I Pack for My China Visit?

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China is the best place which will let you enjoy the ground adventure. But when making a packing list, you must understand the fact that the seasons are drastic across various regions of China. Therefore, as a wise traveler, you must be well prepared for any curveball. Must keep all of your essentials like passport, visa along with other documents, important electronics, comfortable pairs of shoes, your favorite snacks, a backpack, etc. But when it comes to packing your clothes then it is always important to consider that you have to keep the clothes which made of quick-dry fabrics. You have to pack sweat-wicking materials and it is because you can find various washers in China but driers are rare. Even more, depending on the weather, getting the things dried can be a real challenge.

4. How to Access the Internet?

How to Access the Internet in China?
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Most of the people are unaware of the fact that Google, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook can’t be accessed in China due to the Great Firewall of China. Due to which you will find it difficult to get in touch with your friend through Gmail, Facebook or Twitter. But do not worry about this because VPNs can be used to make internet access better in China. So, you can get a reliable internet through using VPN with ease.

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5. Should I Try to Eat Chinese Food?

Try to Eat Chinese Food
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This is a fact that Chinese food we are eating in restaurants in the USA and other European countries is not available in China. It is because these are not real Chinese food options actually. But you must try real Chinese foods during your visit to China. The real Chinese food is delicious and worth to taste. Even more, you will find an amazing variety in the food options there. The preparation methods and ingredients of the various Chinese food will vary in different regions of China. However, every time you are going to taste Chinese food, you will be surprised with amazing taste and a perfect variety of ingredients. Commonly the food is quite safe so you can enjoy the tastes of China without any problem.

6. Do I Learn Chinese to Communicate in China?

Learn Chinese
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Most of the community in China do not speak English. The lack of English in China can be one of the most notable things. It is because at most of the places you will not be able to order food or ask directions to the locals because people are totally unfamiliar with English. But now English is being taught at schools. So, it is quite important to learn some of the most important words and phrases of Chinese language so that you must be able to communicate with the people around in case of a need. You do not need to learn fluent Mandarin actually just learn the basic things to get a better idea about the things.  

7. Is China Safe to Visit?

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Despite not knowing English, you will never feel unsafe in China. It is because in China the crime rates are incredibly low. Majority of Chinese are quite decent and they are hard-working which is making the criminal rate lower there. However, still to ensure safety do not bring all of your valuables out with you. The security of China is reinforcing the stability of traveling around China for visitors. Even if you are going to lost completely there or have gotten off to an unknown place, you are still safe in China. However, when you are planning your visit to China it is important to get a better idea about the places which are restricted to foreigners and avoid going there. Otherwise, you will get plenty.

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Final Words

Visiting China is surely going to be a lifetime experience if you are going to have it with proper planning. From bustling sites to isolated mountaintops, you can get a perfect range of spaces and activities to enjoy there. Better planning of the trip is highly important not only because you want to get the most out of it but also because you have all of the required things which are needed to get before visiting China. So, once you have gotten the answer of all of the important questions now it is time to plan an amazing tour to China and do not forget to visit the top online hotel booking websites to book the best accommodation there before time. China is always having something for you to offer, you will find an abundance diversity of amazing places to visit in China. So, let’s pack the bags to enjoy an amazing tour.