Are you planning your very first tour to Kuala Lumpur? Even the travelers who plan to visit Malaysia must spend at least 3 to 4 days Kuala Lumpur. It is because Kuala Lumpur is the most colorful city of Malaysia as well as it is also the capital of Malaysia which has a lot to offer for the visitors. Moreover, it is also becoming one of the top travel destinations in the region of Southeast Asia.

It is one of the most amazing places to visit in Southeast Asia because it is featuring so many yin and yang. It’s progressive yet burgeoning, sturdily urban yet astonishingly rural and energetic yet laid back. Plenty of people are visiting Kuala Lumpur to spend adventurous vacations. But before finding the best online hotel booking offer, it is better for you to know the important things about this city.

Without any doubt, this city is going to be the best place to choose as your mini vacation traveling destination. It is because Kuala Lumpur is actually a melting pot of Southeast Asia and is going to provide you amazing opportunities to make your tour to Kuala Lumpur the best. Well, before you are going to this city, here are some things which you must know. It is because knowing these things will surely let you get most out of your tour to Kuala Lumpur in the best possible way.

1. Where to Stay in Kuala Lumpur?

Kuala Lumpur is the largest city in Malaysia. There are various residential areas in the neighborhoods of the famous areas where you can enjoy a happy and comfortable stay with ease. It is because most of these places are perfect to laid back, great food, small businesses, and innovative cafes. Even more, for the people who want to explore the areas more closely, it will be better to find their residence and for the first timers too, staying in the place like city center will surely going to be a better place to be. It is because this is really located close to the various things which you have to do in this city.

Moreover, you can find the food and transport to travel around with ease. So, whenever, you are going to find the best online hotel booking offer, it is better to get your accommodation in this area to enjoy your visit to Kuala Lumpur in the best possible way with ease.

Well, here is a tip for you to know while you are booking your hotel. Although there are plenty of hotels available in this city with a different budget range. But finding a promo hotel to book can let you enjoy an amazing opportunity to save money because they do not charge any booking fee and you can compare their charges and services with others to get a better idea with ease before booking your room.

Guide to Kuala Lumpur
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2. Weather in Kuala Lumpur

As Malaysia is located just on the Equator, therefore, weather here is hot and humid. Most commonly you will find the temperature in the ’30s (degree). However, here we have a tip for you which you have to keep in mind while packing your clothes. Although the commonly weather in this city but there is no wet season actually exists. It is because, in this city, rain can be started at any time. So, it is highly important to keep your summer outfits for daytime and keep some warm clothes too for a rainy day. While most commonly, rain starts in the evening.

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3. English is a Commonly Spoken Language in Kuala Lumpur

Although the Bahasa is being used as an official language in Malaysia but the most amazing advantage of visiting is that you will not find it difficult to communicate with the locals around Kuala Lumpur. It is because locals speak English really well. Even more, the locals love to speak English with you to enhance their language skills in an effective way.

Although you can still expect some language barriers there because of the different accent of speaking. So, it is highly recommended to speak slower and clear while communicating with the locals. It is because this will make them comfortable while communicating with you and let them understand your concerns in a better way with ease.

Time to Visit Kuala Lumpur
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4. Which is the Perfect Time to Visit Kuala Lumpur?

If you are going to talk about the best time to visit this city then truly you can visit this city at any time of the entire year. However, you have to keep a fact in mind that you can find more rainfalls in major festivals. While, Kuala Lumpur gets busier at the times of Chinese New Year, Christmas and Ramadan.

5. Shopping in Kuala Lumpur

When it comes to enjoying shopping in this city, you must know the fact that you can find an amazing range of things to buy here. Well, the thing to know is that you should explore the local markets in Kuala Lumpur. It is because these places are home to incredible but affordable clothing, cool gadget and artwork to buy. While shopping in such markets, you can get a need to bargain with the shopkeeper to fix the price in the best possible way.

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6. Do Not Forget to Explore the Night Markets in Kuala Lumpur

One thing which you should never miss on your trip to Kuala Lumpur is its night markets. Have fun to witness and indulge in the Southeast Asian life which is exposing its root to the most famous Taman Connaught. Be a bit adventurous and enjoy roadside dine options to enjoy a perfect blend of International street food with the local deliciousness. Well, keep in mind that the scene in the night markets can be enough crowded, so, considering extra precautions to keep your money and other belongings safe is recommended.

Locals in Kuala Lumpur Are Friendly
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7. Locals in Kuala Lumpur Are Friendly

Well, when it comes to the people who are citizens of Kuala Lumpur, you will find them friendly. It is because these people have friendly, kind-hearted, thoughtful and generous natures. Every time you are going to meet a local there, they will greet you with the big smile on their face and they will more than happy while communicating with the visitors in this city and happily tell them about their religion and culture. You will be surely in love with the locals of Kuala Lumpur.

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8. Food in Kuala Lumpur

When it comes to food then truly it is highly recommended for you to must try the Malaysian food there. It is because the food in Malaysia is just incredible.  People in Malaysia do not eat to live rather they love to eat therefore, you will find amazingness and deliciousness in the food in this city.

Malaysian people never consider food as a source to fill your empty stomach only because for them food is life. Therefore, Malaysian people love to eat and one thing which you will understand in this city will be the fact the Malaysian food is just incredible. Even more, you can find plenty of food options for vegetarians as well as you can find the best options to have Muslim Malaysian foods too which will not contain anything pork-related items in their menu.

Well, for the visitors in this city, it is highly recommended to try the street food around various famous attractions to experience the amazingness of Malaysian food. Even it is a fact that you will never forget the amazing taste of Kuala Lumpur’s food which is undoubtedly, going to stay in your memories for long with ease.

How to Travel Around the City
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9. How to Travel Around the City?

So, whenever you are going to talk about the means of traveling around this city then there are two major things you have to look at. One is for sure the cost and other is your comfort. While fortunately at this city, you can find various means to travel which are not only affordable but also let you travel around the city comfortably. Traveling around the city through train can also be affordable as well as fantastic and one of the most recommended sources to travel around Kuala Lumpur. Moreover, you can book an Uber or hire a taxi too to visit the different areas of Kuala Lumpur in the best possible way.

For sure, knowing all of the above-mentioned things which were important for you to know about Kuala Lumpur will help you to have more fun there with ease.

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