Switzerland is one of the most beautiful and charming countries in Europe. Little Switzerland is always being one of the top travel destinations in Europe and plenty of people come to visit Switzerland every year. Switzerland is a place of the most charming stereotypes and rich contrasts. It is because it has a border with Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, France, and Italy and most interestingly, Switzerland is home to 4 different national languages.

However, the landscape of Switzerland is alternating between turquoise lakes, dramatic mountain peaks and lush valleys. By being at Switzerland one day you may be propelling down a river while the very next day you may be getting a train to reach the highest mountain station of the continent. Lush meadows, majestic mountains, and Serene lakes have distributed all over the Switzerland which is making this place a paradise especially for the ones who are outdoor activities enthusiasts.

The Best Places That You Must Wish to Visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is full of the most amazing and beautiful places to visit which can be ranged from the most beautiful municipalities to amazing hiking trails and the most exciting skiing treks. Switzerland not only has rich natural beauty but its culture also has the ability to amaze the travelers with ease. Do you want to know the best places which can encourage you to must visit Switzerland? Well, before you are going to find the best holiday booking sites, just have a look at the following amazing and perfect places which you must wish to be at, while you are going to visit Switzerland.

So, here we have enlisted some of the best places which must be in your bucket list when you will visit Switzerland. 

1. Zurich

Zurich Lake
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Zurich is one of the most amazing and biggest cities of Switzerland which consists of the perfect combination of civilization and natural beauty. An amazing blend of modern and antique Zurich is always having a lot of things for you to do. Most importantly, Zurich is lying at the coast of Lake Zurich and visiting Zurich is surely going to stun you with its breathtaking nature and mesmerizing views. You can find the best cruise deals to experience the best lake and mountain view in the best possible way. Even more, if you love watersports, then there is good news for you. Fortunately, you can get a chance to go for, surfing, swimming and wakeboarding in Lake Zurich. While if you want to pamper your taste buds with the most delicious, then there are various restaurants on the lakeside which you visit to taste amazing food.

Zurich is also a famous place because of various galleries and museums. Some of the most well-known museums are Kunst Haus Zurich and Swiss National Museum. Zurich also contains an amazing where above 300 animals which are living in the environments just like their natural habitats due to which it has become one of the best attractions in Switzerland.

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2. Zermatt

Alpine Mountain Matterhorn
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If you are the one who loves to climb a mountain and you are planning to visit Switzerland, then we have a perfect place on our list for you to must visit. Well, Zermatt is the place which is truly amazing for the mountain climbers to visit. Whether you are planning to visit Switzerland in summers or winters, Zermatt can also provide you the best hiking trails with amazingly picturesque landscapes.

This place is not only a gem for the mountain climbing lovers but also a paradise for the ones who are fond of winter sports. You can find the best multi-level snow terrain to ski. From Zermatt, you can also head to visit Matterhorn which is quite close to this place. Matterhorn is one of the most iconic Matterhorn where you must go when visiting Switzerland. The unique and beautiful pyramid-like shape of the Matterhorn makes it more attractive.

3. Geneva

Lake Geneva
Via Websi / Pixabay

Geneva is the most common arrival points in Switzerland therefore, most of the people can find a better opportunity to travel around Geneva. There are plenty of attractions in Geneva which you visit in Geneva including Reformation Wall which is displaying changed Europe’s history and is built in the honor of the major influencers of the movement. Even more, Geneva is also home to the best museums in Switzerland. The most well-known museums which you can visit in Geneva are the Museum of Art and History, International Red Cross Museum, Patek Philippe Museum, Natural History Museum. All of these museums contain fine collection as per their themes and can be the best opportunities to avail for anyone.

Mont Saleve is one of the most spectacular points to visit. It is an impermeable wall of rock which can reach to the height of 1379 meters and can give a mesmerizing view of the surrounding from its top. Mont Saleve is also known as the balcony of Geneva.

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4. Interlaken

Via Hpgruesen / Pixabay

Interlaken is one of the most adventurous regions of Switzerland which is located between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun and is led over with three huge mountains Mönch, Jungfrau and Eiger. Well, Interlaken is being considered as the adventure capital which you must see when visiting Switzerland. It is because of 45+ mountain railways, chair lifts, ski lifts, a solid network of hiking trails, 150 miles of slopes to hike and cable cars which Interlaken contains. While if you are going to visit Switzerland in the warmer months then you must head towards Beatenberg-Niederhorn to enjoy the most amazing experience of paragliding there.

5. Basel

Via JanneG / Pixabay

This is the third largest city in Switzerland. Due to its geographical location, it comes with an ultimate diversity of the cultures and multifaceted history. It is also known as the City of Art because it is boosting modern art and architecture. Along with this, it also contains almost 40 museums including the world-known Basel Art Museum, Museum of Cultures, and the Fondation Beyeler and these art museums are some of the best attractions for tourists in Basel. This is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Basel and comes with amazing tours.

6. Appenzell

Appenzel Village
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If you are the one who loves to visit colorful places and beautiful embroidery then you must visit Appenzell for good reasons. It is because this is one of the most popular Swiss cantons and is known for its rural traditions and customs and cultural events like rustic dances and folk music. Even more, biking and hiking tours are also common in the Alpstein region.

One of the best town where folklore is entrenched so firmly. This picturesque place truly feels like another world. It comes with the narrow streets and the most colorful buildings which are painted with the beautiful motifs which are ranging from flowers, landscapes, animals to people. This place is also popular because of its embroidery and cheese because the main focus of the place is local craft.

Appenzell is one of the best places to visit if you want to escape from the tourist’s crowd. You can come to visit Appenzell to relax yourself and to experience the beauty of the rural culture.

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7. Bern

Via Danielmax / Pixabay

Bern is the capital of Switzerland and is located in northern Switzerland. Bern is a place of most impressive medieval town architecture’s example. Bern has also been declared as a World Heritage Site in 1983 by UNESCO. Bern is also known as the City of Fountains. It contains more than 100 fountains which can grace its squares and streets.

List of the most attractive landmarks is including bear park which is celebrating the symbol of Bern and city clock tower. It also contains various museums to visit The Einstein Museum, The Historical Museum of Bern, The Communication Museum and Natural History Museum. Moreover, in the Old Town of Bern, you must visit Rosengarten which is a beautiful garden filled with plenty of flowers. This can be the best place to relax in Bern with the beautiful views around.

8. Lausanne

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This is situated on the Lake Geneva’s shore. Lausanne is known as the home of the International Olympic Committee. Here you can find some of the best Gothic architecture sites including Cathedral.  Even more, you can visit plenty of chic cafes here too and boutiques. Even this is the best place to visit in Switzerland for the one who is passionate about wine because this location is surrounded by the luxurious vineyards which are truly worth to visit.

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Knowing about these amazing places which you must love to visit when you are planning to visit Switzerland. So, this is the time to find the best holiday booking sites to book your visit to Switzerland.