Traveling around different places has the power to change yourself positively. Travelling can shift the way you think about yourself and how you can find the actual you. It is not only going to let you change the way you were thinking about the life, world and even yourself before but also going to help you to improve your mood, confidence, freedom and will let you enjoy the new perspectives of the life.

You will get amazing new ways to perceive your life. When you are going to travel around the world you will get a chance to meet new people, explore new cultures, know more about the history of the places, experience the beauty of the world, experience new things and try to be more adventurous. In short, traveling can shape a better you in the best possible way.

There are plenty of people on the internet you know who have become travel bloggers and inspiring people with their amazing and real traveling experiences and telling them practical tips from their traveling experiences to let the others get benefits from their experiences.

Well, here we have brought their experiences, about how traveling has changed their lives in the most amazing ways. So, here we go:

1. Shannon O’Donnell: Travel Blogger at “A Little Adrift”

Shannon O’Donnell: Travel Blogger at “A Little Adrift”

Shannon is a Florida girl who left her place just to travel solo around the world to explore more. She said, at the very basic level travel has made me humbled and helped me to expand my perception in the world. I grew up in a split household of the united states. Once I just left bubble in the united states, I was in thrust to the new situations outside my prior experiences of life. I saw wealth aside poverty, people with different religious views, different opinions, the new baseline of realities, various stories and a lot more. The pace of life away from home base is quickening. The comfort of the familiarity vanished and I was stranger at every place and the new but amazing experiences stacked up quite faster. Well, most years of my solo traveling was on the road, in boot camps, etc.

Perhaps these were truly ensuring years for me that permitted me to process my traveling experiences. Over the years traveling helped me not only to explore the beauty spread around the world but also let me from my patterns, ideas, and opinions based on the lessons I have learnt and the shifting perspectives. Traveling helped me a lot in my personal growth and wider but better lessons. I am now a changed person. Travel has made me less impatient and more introspective. It has built aa deep place in my soul and with a lot of experiences, I have learnt to seek friendships, happiness, and better conversations. Travel let me understand the true meaning of life.

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2. Kach Umandap, Travel Blogger at “Two Monkeys Travel Group”

Kach Umandap, Travel Blogger at “Two Monkeys Travel Group”

Kach Umandap is a blogger and is experiencing traveling since 2013 to onward. She has travelled the world with her Philippines passport and learnt a lot from his traveling experiences. She told that I was a completely different person before I started to travel. Once in my life, I felt a need for a break from the corporate world but I was unable to understand how much. I got some amazing and life-changing experiences during my traveling times but truly those experiences made me a completely different person.

Before traveling I was the type of person who always worried about what people will say or think of me. I was from the place where having dark skin means you are ugly. Well, I always tried to keep myself maintained or presentable to impress others. While I started solo travel around the world I became more confident about my looks, color, weight, dressing, etc. And gradually I learnt to be comfortable with myself. I left to be trapped in competition with others. I learnt the fact that I am complete in myself and now I just have to do the things which are positive and can help me to make an even better person.

Travel also let me find my man. I had been in relationships before but I had a life full of insecurities and arguments but later I decided to let the things go and to love myself. However, during my solo travels, I met with Jon and realized I am ready to fall in love once again. He was a traveler too and at that time I learned the true meaning of being with the right person which made me more confident and secured. However, before being a traveler, I always valued expensive things and always paid for them gladly. But now it is nothing like before, traveling has made me able to live a simpler but happier and more satisfying life.

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3. Lauren Juliff, Travel Blogger at “YTravel Blog”

Lauren Juliff

Lauren Juliff is a solo traveler who has experienced major changes in her life which came with the travel. She described her amazing story and told, I never travelled in my life because I was battling with anxiety which brought panic attacks with it multiple times even in a month. Due to my anxiety, I was also suffering from a food disorder. When I announced my traveling to my family and friends for the first time, everyone told me that I am going to make the biggest mistake of my life. Because I never traveled before without my family. Although my loved ones were right but I thought to suffer from a panic attack at home is never going to be better than having a panic attack on a Thailand beach. Therefore, I started to start my solo traveling 4 years ago and it truly affected my life in so many positive ways since then.

After spending 6 months into my travel, I realized that I didn’t have any panic attack for so long. Then I became happy that my decision helped me to conquer my disorder and I pushed myself gently to take time for me, to explore new places and try new things. During my solo travel, I started to change my food habits and tried the things I never ate before. And in this traveling to Vietnam became a turning point in my life and it started the obsession of experiencing new tastes especially local foods in me.

Well, after traveling for years, I learnt to be a better version of me, left my comfort zone and learnt to be comfortable even in uncomfortable environments, I stopped worrying about the things around which can disturb me and found my confidence and independence.

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4. Clint Johnston, Travel Blogger at “Triphackr”

Clint Johnston

The idea to travel around the world is an idea of many of the people around the world. While Clint Johnston is a person who was always fascinated by maps. Well, he is the man traveling around the world for the above decade and has explored more than 120 countries of the world. In his experience of life-changing with traveling he told, I was always fascinated with maps from my young age. The endless options to visit places and sites was always attractive to me.

But fortunately, I traveled various parts of us with family in my childhood however, I never travelled internationally at that age. At the age of 19, I left for Europe for my very first backpacking trip and from here the life-changing experience got a start. I experienced a completely different and new culture there which left lasting effects on me and gradually I get addicted to travel. After traveling above 80 countries, I feel my life has changed entirely positively. Traveling the world has changed me in countless ways and made me the person I am today. It made me more independent and that feel was incredibly amazing.

I learnt how to manage things more effectively by myself. Whether it is about to find accommodation in a new place or to find online car hire services at an unknown part of the world. Travel helped me to earn self-confidence. I felt travel is all about making a right and quick decisions and managing the last-second changed plans at foreign places and all of these things truly helped me to empower me and make decisions by myself.

Even more, I made new connections at different places and even the friends from all around the world to whom I would love to welcome if they land to my place. For me, leaving my place at 19 did wonder in my life and I became able to be myself, gain confidence, find purpose, and even it gave me new perspectives to view life.


Traveling and reaching to the new places always has its charm. Traveling will dare you to do the things you never did before. You will get enough experience to do the things on your own whether you have to find the best hotel deals, online car hire services, best travel packages or get around new places, etc. It is because traveling will surely boost your confidence and will change you for the better.