Passport is one of the most important things which you can never forget to keep while traveling. Lost passport is one of the most terrifying situations which any traveling lover can ever imagine. This can be an even horrifying situation when you are at a long international trip and you are looking forward to for months or maybe you are enjoying shopping at Hong Kong or exploring the beauty of any island or strolling along the attractive canals of Venice. When you reached to your pocket and get to know that your passport is misplaced. A lost passport really has the ability to put a crimp the travel style of every traveler. However, it is important to know what to do if your passport has lost to handle the things in an effective way.

What to Do If You Lose Your Passport?

Do you want to know the tips to survive when you lose your passport? Well, here are some of the most important things which you must do. Knowing these important things to do will surely help you in a better way.

If You Have Lost Your Passport Before Your Travel

If you get to know that you lose your passport before going overseas and your trip is planned within the duration of the next two weeks then it is better to apply in person. Reach to your nearest passport agency as soon as possible to replace your passport. Collect all of the required documents immediately and do not forget to bring your upcoming travel proofs with you. However, if you do not have any recent travel plan then you can make an appointment for the sake of an authorized passport acceptance to get your passport replaced at the time of your convenience with ease.

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What to Do If You Have Lost Your Passport During Travel?

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Well, if you are at an international tour then you must know how to deal with the loss of passport in an effective way. Here are some of the most important things which will surely let you survive and manage the things in a proper way.

Do Not Panic

Well, when you are traveling or have to travel but you get to know the worst thing that you have lost your passport then the very first thing which you should do is stay calm. Although it is common to be worried if you have lost your passport but understand the fact that panicking is never going to change the reality. So, it is the need of time to stay calm and think about things more clearly.

Think about the places where you may find your lost passport. You may have put that somewhere else to keep it safe or maybe left it at your friend’s place. Think about all these possibilities. Double-check the things to ensure the fact that the passport has gone in real.

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Go to Your Recently Visited Places

Try to remember the last moment when you saw your passport and start to work back from that moment. Think about places, shops, offices, restaurants, sites, theaters, etc. Which you have visited after that. Trackback to maximum sites which to reach their lost property bureau or get their manager or ask if your passport has been handed in.

Report Your Lost Passport As Soon As Possible 

If it has been cleared that you have lost your passport then this is the time to take action. Go to the police station and report your lost passport. A police report is not only important for you to claim the insurance but it is also required for the passport replacement purposes. It is because a police report is a helpful option to report the circumstances of any theft or loss in the best possible way. Whether you are a victim of any serious crime or have lost just your passport, it is always the best option to report the local police. While do not forget to request a copy of the police report along with the station name and contact number to be written on it. This is important for you to proceed to the next step in a proper way.

Visit the Nearest Embassy 

The next step is to contact the nearest passport agency or embassy or consulate to replace your passport. Do this as soon as possible after knowing that you have lost your passport. If you are in a capital, big city or a popular area with the foreign travelers then getting a consulate or an embassy will be quite straightforward. But if you are at any of the less populated destinations then it may not easier to reach an embassy. Well, whatever the situation is, it is always important to familiarize yourself with the relevant online resources of your country as well as the location and contact information of your nearest embassy before you are going to be on an international tour.


However, when it comes to getting an emergency replacement passport then the rules and regulations entirely depend on the country you are from. Well, get in touch with the embassy, tell them what has happened with you and ask for passport replacement. Take all of the required documents and identifications along. Follow the instructions to report your lost passport. Let them know if you required any other assistance such as financial, or medical. Get your emergency replacement passport as soon as required. However, the thing which you have to keep in mind in that emergency replacement passports tend to have a shorter duration which depends on your travel plan maybe. However, do not forget to apply for an authorized passport as soon as you are convenient to do so.

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Understand the Way to Get Immigration Stamps

Find out what you need to do to get your new immigration or visa stamps. The best option is asking your own embassy for this because they know things much better than any other people around you. Then head to the immigration department of the country where you are in at the present time. Take the documents or any other proof which you have gotten from your own agency to withstand your claim in a proper way.

Get Prepared in a Better Way

Whenever you are traveling, it is always important to ensure the safety of your travel documents especially your passport. It is because losing a passport can lead you to ultimate stress and may destroy your entire tour with ease. Well, here are some things which you must prefer to consider be fairly prepared for any misshapen in the best possible way.

  • Buy hidden wallets which must be capable of carrying your cards and passport and keep that under your clothing with ease.
  • Scan your visa pages and passport and upload them to an online resource such as your email id or google drive. Also, keep your passport number for more convenience. This will let you access these from anywhere with ease.
  • Always keep a photocopy of your passport or visa in a different bag than the one in which you are storing your original documents. Carry extra passport size photos with you.
  • Research more about the place you are traveling. Find safe accommodation through online booking hotel comparison, read about the scams and dangers which you can face in the area. There are various forums which can help you in the process of online booking hotel comparison and more information about the place. This online information is not only going to help you to manage the things effectively but will also help you to get prepared in a better way. Even you can easily find warnings too about the places you want to visit.
  • Do not forget to consider travel insurance. Pay attention to the entire details of the policy and ask your insurance provider whether the policy would cover any theft or loss or not.
  • Make a folder of the photocopies of your important documents and make a separate folder of all the things and leave them at home with any of your family member who can fax or email you in case of emergency.

Although traveling overseas is an amazing opportunity to expand your knowledge, experiences, and networks. To enjoy your tours in the best possible way it is always important to ensure the safety of your important stuff.