The biggest fear that people face during traveling is what will happen if they get stranded in a different country. We all know the fact that flights get delayed all the time due to some emergency or environmental issues, people often misplace their passports, or they have to suffer from theft. In all such situations, you can easily get stranded in a foreign country because either you have no money, passport or there is no means of transportation available. 

You can easily handle such situations if you want and convert the stress into a fun experience. We are going to share a few tips with you that will help you survive if you are stranded in a foreign country and help you reach home safely. 

1. Do Not Panic and Spread Your Cash

Carry Cash in Iceland
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The biggest mistake that we all make once we find out that we are stranded in a foreign country is we start to panic. That is why we lose our ability to think straight and make a plan of how we are going to manage everything. Our stress is shown by our expressions that give thieves an idea that we are foreigners and they try to rob us. If you want to protect yourself and your possessions, make sure that you do not panic. We can understand that you will get stressed, everyone will, but it is better to keep your calm and assure that you start thinking with a cool mind. 

The first thing you need to do is check how much cash you have and try to spread it. Keep it in different bags, pockets of shirts and jeans. Make sure that all the cash is not in the same place. Even if you get robbed, you will still have some extra money available. In case you are stranded because you are brook and do not have money to pay for flight it is better to call someone you trust and ask them to send you enough money to help you pay for the ticket back home.

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2. Protect Your Important Documents

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Once you are done with protecting your money, the next thing you need to take care of is your passport and other legal documents that you have with you. In case an environmental situation is the reason you are stuck, you might have to stay in a different country for days and even weeks. That is why you have to protect your documents to assure that when everything is cleared, you can easily show your passport to book your tickets and reach home. Do not keep your passport in the pocket of your clothes. 

You should have extra copies that you can keep in your pocket. The original documents should be properly secured in your bag so they will not get stolen in any situation. Do not share the location of your original documents with anyone. You should also have pictures of your documents on your phone to assure that you can show them to the embassy if they get lost or stolen. 

3. Find A Cheap Hotel

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In case you are stranded for a few days, you will be short on cash and have to assure that you save as much money as possible so you will not go brook. In this situation, you will have to start searching for the cheap hotels available in the location. Instead of search and asking, it is better that you look for online booking hotel comparison.

It will allow you to get all the information related to the hotel like their cost per night, facilities that you will get and other amenities. Make sure that you compare the reviews and ratings of the cheap hotels as well. The comments from previous customers will give you a perfect idea of whether the hotel you are planning to book is safe or not. Once you find a reliable location, make sure to book it online as soon as possible. The reason is that in case of disaster, people look for shelter due to which hotels get booked quickly. You have to manage everything; otherwise, you might have to spend the night at the airport or a bench in the park which is not appropriate. 

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4. Explore The Place

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Once it is clear that you are stranded in a different country for a few days, there is no need to waste your time sitting in the hotel room and worrying. You should go outside and explore different parts of the city that you have not to explore before. It will provide you the opportunity to visit many other amazing tourist locations, interact with more people, and try different types of foods available. 

You will ever get a chance to visit all those places that you did visit before because of lack of time. You can quickly plan everything again and start your journey. If you are staying in a cheap hotel, chances are you will find some amazing street food locations around it. Make sure that you try all unique types of street foods that are not available in your country. You can visit different bars for some delicious drinks and make new memories in the place. When you start meeting different people, there are chances someone might help you to get back home. 

5. Visit The Embassy for Help


A common issue most people have to deal with is that their passport or other documents get lost. Once your original documents are lost authorities will not allow you to board the plane. That is why, in case you have lost your passport or other possessions, it is better that you file a theft report as soon as possible. Get a copy of that report and visit the embassy quickly. 

Show them the copy of your report and copies of passport and other documents if you have any. It will be easier for them to find your documents and assure that you will not have to suffer from identity theft. As well as from the embassy, you can get a new passport that allows you to get back home quickly. However, remember that such legal processes can take time, and you will have to be patient to assure that you will not have to deal with any legal issues. Cooperate with the authorities because that is the only way they can help you find your documents quickly.

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6. Let Your Friends and Family Know

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Your family and friends are already waiting for you to get back home. In this situation, if you will not inform them about what has happened, things can get serious. That is why you have to assure that you do not go on a digital blackout. Keep your phone charged all the time so you can stay in touch with your family members. 

As soon as you find out that you are stranded make sure to inform your family about the situation and how long you will have to wait. They will not get worried and know that you are trying to get back home. They might help you in various ways that you cannot even understand. That is why communication in such situations is very important to stay safe and assure that your family is well aware of your problems. Telling your family will also help you get rid of stress. 

Bottom Line 

Make sure that you stay safe and manage everything properly to assure that you will not have to deal with any issues even if you have to stay in a foreign country for a few days. An important thing to remember is that you should never compromise during online booking hotel comparison. You have to pick a hotel that is safe, clean, and cheap. Leaving in a poor-quality dirty hotel can cause diseases and infections. You would not like to come back home from a journey after getting sick.

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Reach out to the legal authorities as soon as possible to assure that officials can help you get back home. They might provide you a rescue team in case of disaster to assure that you will not suffer from any problems. Have the best time of your life and make as many memories as possible so you can tell the story to your grandchildren once you get old. We hope that you will not panic and have a great time abroad.