Living out of a suitcase is an amazing idea which most of the people want to experience especially the ones who love to travel with light. Living out of suitcase is not much hard as most people think. However, the only thing which you need to learn is not what to back but yes how to pack in a perfect way. Well, when it comes to finding the best ways to live out of suitcase for a few months then the most important thing which can make the things amazing is that you do not have to pack fancy bags, high-tech luggage or any other packing aids. There are just a few things which are important and are much needed to keep would be with you. Even more, you can easily look pulled and posh while living out of a suitcase.

Amazing Tips to Live Out of a Suitcase for 6 Months

Do you want to get some amazing tips which can help you to know how to live out of a suitcase for 6 months with ease? Well, here we have brought some of the most essential tips which are surely going to help you in this regard.

So, have a look at the following information to get a better idea about the things:

1. Prepare Your Packing List First

Make proper research about the place you have to travel around before making a packing list. If you have booked your accommodation in advance then it is important to see the amenities which you can find there with ease and go accordingly. Encountering things like weather, travel duration, activities, places, etc. can help you prepare a more effective list with ease.

2. Pick the Right Suitcase for You

Picking up the right suitcase is the very first thing which you have to do once you have done with preparing a packing list. It is always better to choose a durable suitcase you can easily travel with. There are multiple types of suitcases available in the market, pick the one which you think can work great for you. But it is recommended to get the one which occupies huge space for ease.

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3. Check the Weather of Your Destination

Well, before you are going to pack your clothes, shoes and other similar stuff, it is highly important to get a better idea about the weather condition of your destination location. It is really necessary to know about the weather conditions you are going to face there. It is because this can alter your packing list without any doubt. Checking the weather of the place you are going to live will help you more in getting the idea of what you should pack.

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4. Rethink the Choices and Make Them Simplified

Most of the people run on capitalism but it is really difficult to travel for months with heavy luggage. Although you have gotten the facilities like online car hire services which will make it easier for you to move but still it could be hard to go with more stuff with you. Undoubtedly, while we are preparing a list of packing, we may feel that we need everything to be with us. But it is not always possible. So, after making a list and deciding your suitcase size, it is always a better option to rethink about the packing choices which you have made and reorganize them again. Preparing just one suitcase can be a hard job to do but thinking about your priorities and needs once again can help you to manage the things more purposefully.

5. Organize the Things to Maximize the Space

When you are packing your suitcase at that time it is highly important for you to organize the things in such a way that it can maximize the space available in your suitcase with ease. It is a better option to keep the clothes by rolling rather than folding them. Stuff smaller items inside your shoes. Travel space bags are more effective to save more space by compressing clothes, especially for the bulkier items. So, pack your luggage and roll out the air before you are sealing them. For even smarter option, pack your smaller products inside the travel pouches which are attached with your briefcase.

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6. Stick to the 3-Shoe Rule

It is always better to stick to 3-shoe rule wherever you are going to travel and however long your travel is. However, the shoes which you have to keep will depend on the season and place you have to travel. However, it is always recommended to choose the ones which are highly comfortable and can help you to walk more with ease.

7. Prefer to Do Laundry While Traveling Than Packing a Lot

The thing which most of the people are not realizing is that packing for a 6-month journey can be the same as packing for a few weeks. This difference can be achieved with the laundry with ease. For long trips, there is no need to pack a lot of stuff to keep with you. Rather pack the things which are actually needed and bring some detergent and laundry stuff with to keep the things minimal. Even more, never forget to bring a spare bag in your suitcase to keep the laundry separate from your washed clothes.

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8. Contain Yourself in a Perfect Way

This can be the best option to remove the need to rummage through your well-packed suitcase to pack your smaller items and electronic devices into clear and transparent plastic bags. You can adopt this strategy for your multiple smaller objects such as chargers, cables, etc. too. Even more, you can also bring your toiletries in the smaller or travel size which can help you to manage the things in a more effective way. Label the containers you are going to prepare and keep them safe. 

9. Prefer to Pack the Things Which You Can Bear to Get Ruined

Well, if you are going somewhere which is a clean place and can bring your things back in a better condition after dry clean them then it is quite fine. However, if you are planning to visit a place which is adventurous and ruin your outfits and shoes then it is highly recommended not to pack the things you won’t bear get ruined. It is because it will make you sad if the things will get stained, pilled, ripped, bleached or destroyed by any means.

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10. Bring the Things Which Can Be Matched and Fixed Easily

If you are planning to bring the top which can be used with one pair of jeans only then you must rethink about to keep it with you. It is always better to bring the tops, shoes, shirts and other accessories which you can easily mix and match with multiple things to create too many amazing things with ease. It will look like a good idea because this will keep you from carrying the dead weight to here and there in the best possible way.

11. Know the place Well Before You Go

Before you are going to choose a place to live at your travel destination then it is always preferable to check the amenities which you will get there. Try to get the place where you can access a washer and dryer with ease. It is because the best thing which you can do is do laundry. So, if you are going to get a chance to do laundry then it will be better to keep detergent and fabric softener pod along.

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Yes, it is possible to live out of a suitcase for 6 months with ease but only when you are going to adopt a smart strategy. Although living out of a suitcase may look a much difficult task but it is actually not. The experience can turn into a complete joyful journey if you are going to do it in the right way. While living out of a suitcase you can not only enjoy your traveling more because it will become easier for you to manage your luggage in the best possible way but can also find it easier to utilize amazing services on your own. Whether it is about to look at multiple places for finding a better accommodation place to stay or the best online car hire services to move around the place you can easily manage it all by you.