Azerbaijan is one of the most amazing places in Asia. Most interestingly, it is a place which is filled with historical places, amazing culture, and natural heritage. The beauty of this mesmerizing land has the ability to make you wonder why more and more people are not visiting this beautiful piece of the earth. Well, without any doubt, this place is going to be the most amazing destination place for the people who love to explore the roads which are being less traveled. Most amazingly, the architecture, traditions, people, food, culture, and fashion of Azerbaijan are a perfect blend of West and East. It is because this place is showcasing a mix of Turkish, Soviet and Persian heritage which is making this place more unique and amazing to be at. Just find out the more reasons to visit here which can compel you to find the best flight offers to Baku in the best possible way.

The Most Amazing Reasons to Visit Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is known as the land of fire. Although this is combining mysterious, historical and exotic along with hospitable locals who can do enough to help the visitors out there. However, the government recently take enough steps to make it easier for tourists to visit Azerbaijan. Even more, after a remarkable fell in the prices of oil, this place has become one of the most amazing and highly affordable destinations to visit all around the world.

However, other than these reasons there are a lot of things which can let you know why visiting one of the least explored places. Azerbaijan is going to be something quite amazing for you. Do you want to know what these amazing reasons are to visit this little-explored place in the world? Well, here we have brought some of the most interesting facts about Azerbaijan which are without any doubt going to be the best reasons to find the best flight offers to Baku. So, have a look at the following undeniable reasons to know what you can find in Azerbaijan to explore and enjoy one of the most memorable tours of this amazing destination in the best possible way.

So, here we go.

1. Amazing Mud Volcanoes

Perhaps the mud volcanoes of Gobustan are the quirkiest attractions of Azerbaijan. Near to half of the mud volcanoes of the world can be found in Azerbaijan. Boyuk Khanizadagh and Turaghai of Azerbaijan are the ones which are among the largest mud volcanoes of the world with the area of 700 meters. These volcanoes are tending to bubble away quite slowly however; this is causing the build-up the sides with the passage of time. These are also one of the most interesting reasons to visit Azerbaijan and explore more of its beauty in the best possible way.

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2. Beautiful Mountain Villages

Beautiful Mountain Villages in Azerbaijan
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The Caucasus Mountains are also stretching across the amazing parts of Georgia and northern Azerbaijan and are creating an amazing variety of cultural and historical villages. Quba is one of the most favorite and amazing tourist destinations in the northeast region of Azerbaijan. However, the communities of Xinaliq, Buduq, and Laza are also offering the best opportunity to visit and experience the true colors of the culture which has lost to the time completely. If you do not want to miss a chance to explore the beauty of Azerbaijan more then this is highly recommended for you to visit the beautiful mountain villages.

3. Ski Resorts

Shahdag is one of the most amazing places to experience short ski-cation. By being here you can actually get a feel of a winter wonderland. It is because the area is less crowded and you will be offered the cheapest than other ski resorts in the world. Most interestingly, it really does not matter to whom you are visiting Shahdag because here you can find amazing things to enjoy for all with ease. Even more, you can find numerous resorts here and can choose the one which is according to your taste or needs. Here you can find the best options to enjoy skiing, relaxing, and ski-lifts.

4. Untouched Nature

Azerbaijan is one of the most worth visiting places in the world. It is because whether you come there in winters, spring or summer, you will always find something amazing to see and enjoy here. Even more, this can be a must-have place to visit in your bucket list if you are a lover of mountains. It is because the mighty mountains here have the ability to give you a mind-blowing scene to experience in every season. In the winters, these mountains are entirely white and brown due to snow. Among these mighty mountains, you can find hidden and frozen waterfalls which are undoubtedly, worth to trek and explore. Even more, in spring and winter, you will be able to find lush green beauty around the mountains to enjoy.

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5. Sheki’s Colored Glass Craftsmanship

Sheki is one of the most amazing places located on the Greater Caucasus Mountains’ slopes. This place contains a rich Islamic culture. Although this is the most iconic town which you can visit in Azerbaijan but one of the must-see places here is Khan Sarai palace. The most beautiful windows with a colored glass of the palace are painstakingly crafted with the tiny but colored glass pieces along with the handsome wooden slats to create a perfect style window with multicolored and geometric patterns which will never let you keep your eye off to this beautiful craftsmanship. This can be one of the most amazing things which you can ever see in Sheki.

6. The Beauty of Baku

Baku is known as Paris of the Caucasus. This is the capital city which is also called the City of winds and Baki. This amazing place has avenue lined with a beautiful walkway along the mesmerizing Caspian Sea which can give you a perfect opportunity to enjoy a peaceful walk there and Beaux-Arts buildings which can give a perfect view to enjoy.

When you are visiting Baku then make sure to be at Nizami Street especially at night. Icheri Sheherm Maiden Tower which is an amazing UNESCO heritage site to visit, the flame towers and Fountains Square. Most interestingly, here you can also find the land where you can see the natural gas fire burning continuously on a hillside in the north of Baku. This is the actual reason why this place is known as the Land of Fire.

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7. Biggest Landscape Contrast

Reasons to Visit Azerbaijan
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Azerbaijan is a beloved but tiny country. However, most interestingly, you can get a chance to found 9 out of 11 climate zones here. From the Caucasian mountains of high altitude to green meadows, coastal areas, and vast hot deserts you can find here everything with ease. Besides this, we have an amazing fact here for you to know and that is more than 50% of mud volcanoes of the world have been found here in Azerbaijan. However, these are located 50 kilometers from Bako around Gobustan.

8. The Locals

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Similar to their neighbors, Azerbaijan culture has made the people here extremely welcoming and open in the best possible way. They are always there to provide the best possible hospitality to the visitors there. They can do anything to make you comfortable and will help you to every extent which is possible for them to do. The people of Azerbaijan are always friendly, hospitable and curious to know more about the travelers and their own places. They love to meet and serve travelers. Although people there do not speak English mostly but still, they try their hard to the visitors.

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Although Azerbaijan is a place which is unknown for a lot of people out there but without any doubt, it has something amazing to offer for its visitors. It is an exotic place which is right in the middle of Iran, Russia and Turkey and amazingly all of these three countries have played an important role in making its culture. If you are the one who is looking for a highly affordable tour which can help you to enjoy and explore a lot but without disturbing your budget, then Azerbaijan is undoubtedly the place you were looking for. This is the time not to think about anymore and find the best flights to book and reach Azerbaijan to explore its breathtaking beauty and amazingness in the best possible way.