Whenever you are going to think about any country in the world where you have traveled, the most important thing which you always consider is food. It is because your food experience always has an impact on your entire travel experience. Even, most of the people around the world are also choosing their travel destinations based on food. However, delicious and great meals are favorite among everybody. No one can deny the fact that he does not like delicious food to taste. This world is packed with some amazing destinations which can let you experience the world-class taste in the best possible way.

However, when it comes to finding which country contains the best food then undoubtedly, you can never find any other loaded question than this. Besides the best places, many of the countries in the world are containing varying culture with massive places that can makeup with amazingly disparate food scenes in the best possible way.

Do you want to know the countries which can offer you the best food tastes in the entire world? Well, here we have brought 9 amazing countries with the best cuisines which you must know:

1. Italy

Pizza in Italy
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Italy normally comes at the top of the list whenever you are going to find the countries with the best cuisines. It can be difficult to talk about the food here but quite easier to enjoy it. This is the reason due to which whenever you will talk about the countries with the best food Italy is never missing the chance to come across your list. Italian food is a favorite for the majority of people everywhere. Commonly their food options contain an amazing blend of colors which can provide you an unforgettable taste in the best possible way.

However, yellow, red and green are the most common shades of Italian food and can give you a perfect match of color and taste to enjoy. Mostly, Italian dishes are being derived from bread, olive oil, and tomato. Even a simple pasta from an Italian chef can be finger-licking. Most interestingly, it is not only the taste which can wow you but the perfect look too. The secret of these delicious cuisines is not only because of their preparation process but also because of the freshness of the products.

However, the most amazing Italian food options which are commonly being loved are pasta, pizza, panna cotta, Caprese. However, the must-try drinks in Italy are red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, and San Pellegrino water.

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2. Mexico

Mexico Best Cuisines
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If you are looking for the delicious cuisines then undoubtedly Mexico is a must go to place for this. Although Mexican food contains its origin in European continent but influenced with African and Indian dishes. Even more, some of these delicious cuisines also contain Spanish history. Most of the Mexican foods are using corn, beans, and chilis. Along with these ingredients, meet of beef, chicken, pork, etc. is another major product which is being used in Mexican foods. Although cheese and other dairy foods were not familiar in Mexico but the Spanish brought the use of these options in this place.

Mexican people believe that food is more than body nourishment because they associate it with the family and love bonding. However, you will never get bored with Mexican food because of its amazing variety and perfect taste. Mexican food contains a little bit of almost everything which can make it amazingly nutritious. Most loved Mexican food options are including Chili con carne, Tacos, Quessadilla, Guacamole, Enchilladas, and Empanadas. While must try Mexican drinks are tequila and Margarita obviously.

3. Turkey

döner kebab
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Turkey is also one of the famous migration zones. More interestingly, the food culture of Turkey has also adopted various other culinary skills over time. This is the reason why it is also offering the dishes which you can also find in the lists of some other countries too especially in the Asian region. Most of the people who know about the amazingness and beauty of Turkish food prefer to choose the best online car hire services and enjoy a food tour in Turkey. It is because there you can find numerous options to enjoy the best taste. However, when it comes to talking about the most amazing and well-known Turkish food options then Dolma, doner, simit, menemen, borek, tuzlama, pilaf, bulgur, kebab, meze, and raki comes at the top of the list.

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4. Japan

People Eat Different Types of Meat in Japan
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Just like China, Japan is scrupulous in everything they are doing including cooking. They have maintained their amazing and indigenous food cultures in the best possible way. They are still using chopsticks to eat. More interestingly, they can make the entire world follow suit when people are enjoying the food there. You can head shake for an amazing range of food options there but you have to bring them to your mouth with chopsticks. Due to distinct geographical divisions there you can find an amazing variety of cuisines in Japan. White rice is known as a staple food there while Tempura, Wagashi, Unagi, Soba and Udon, and Tonkatsu are also amazing options to enjoy. However, the must-enjoy drinks are Yakitori beer, Sake, and Tea in Japan.

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5. Thailand

Street food in Bangkok
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If you want to taste hot food then you must prefer to go with Thai food options. Thai foods can genuinely bring heat because these are amazingly spicy chewy, slippery, salty, sour and crunchy. Like most other countries in the world, rice is the main food in Thai cuisines. However, Thai food is an amazing combination of different flavors, fortunately, because of the various food countries’ influence in the region. As Thailand is closer to some of the top world’s best food destinations therefore, you can find the best taste here. Most interestingly, in Thailand you do not have to look for online car hire services to reach the big restaurants to try a perfect taste. It is because Thailand can offer you the best street food in the world. Most loved Thai food options are Tom Yam Goong, Pad Thai, Som Tam. While a must enjoy drink is beer and Sang Som.

6. Portugal

Best Cuisines: Portugal
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When it comes to finding the top countries with the most amazing food options then Portugal is a must-consider option for this. However, if you want to enjoy the amazing taste of Portugal food then you have to be ready for increasing your weight within a shorter period. It is because while eating food here it becomes difficult to stop your hand due to delicious taste. However, when we talk about the best and well-known dishes here then Bacalhau, Pateis de Natal, Alzeida, Pollo arrosto, and Francesinha are some amazing names to try. While Vinho do Porto and Vinho Douro is amazing drinks to give a try here. 

7. Spain

spanish cuisine
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If you are a true food lover then you must be knowledgeable about Spanish food. Spanish food consists of an amazing variety of options because of being influenced by various countries at different eras of history. However, mainly Spain food is utilizing the Roman Empire food style. Various Spanish dishes are using Mushrooms and are being served by using olive oil. Paella, Tapas, and Jamon are must-try food options here. While Sangria and beer are must-drink options to consider.

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8. France

French Cheese
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When it comes to the French cuisines then French fries are the most well-known option which is being used all around the world largely. However, the best name which can describe French food perfectly is “Contemporary”. French cuisines are known among the top food countries because of the innovativeness in their cooking. The staple food of French cuisines is cheese. While some of the most loved dishes are Charcuterie, Roquefort, Bouillabaisse, Tartar, and Croque-Monsieur. However, the drinks which you must try here is wine. 

9. India

Indian Food
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Indian food also contains the best variety of vegetarian food options. People here know how to produce the best vegetarian food choices. It comes at one of the top names when you want to get spicy yet tasty vegetarian foods. The food options here are combining multiple spices which result in rich curries with spicy and delicious pepper taste. However, it is highly recommended to drink bottled water here and eat the food which is cooked in front of you. However, must-try the food here is Paneer Butter Masala while drinks to enjoy are Masala Tea, Old Monk rum and Kingfisher beer.

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These are some of the most amazing options which are surely going to be the best for you to know if you want to know about the countries with the best cuisines.