This world is filled with historical wonders whether manmade or natural. With the human history of over thousands of years, we have produced some of the pretty interesting. Every year, numerous people are flocking from one part of the world to the other to spend the best holidays with families and friends to gather new experiences. There are numerous great ancient places in the world and sometimes it can be quite difficult to decide which of these is the most phenomenal one to visit. However, with the numerous incredible and breathtaking historical sites built by ancient civilizations, it may become harder sometimes to narrow down the best options for you. But there is no need to think more about this. It is because here you can easily find the list of the most amazing ancient wonders which can be a must to visit. 

The Most Amazing Ancient Places Which You Must Visit Once in a Lifetime

When it comes to visiting ancient places then most of the people may have their own lists to visit. However, there are some places that are truly amazing and must be a part of your bucket list. Here we have brought some of the best and most amazing historical places which everyone must visit at least once in a lifetime.

All of these places are attracting millions of visitors every year and providing them more historical exposure in the best possible way. These historical places are well-known because of their special architectures and locations and undoubtedly the best tourist attractions which must be visited with the families and friends. So, here are the most wonderful options which are surely going to be the best for you to know in this regard. You must have a look at the information about these places which is given below to get a better idea to choose which you are going to visit next.

So, here we go:

1. Petra, Jordan

Ancient Places: Petra
Via StockSnap / Pixabay

Petra is also known as Rose City or Raqmu. This is an ancient city which is located in Jordan. However, this amazing city was established in 312 BC and also has served as Arab Nabeteans capital. While this place is known as rose city mainly because of the color of the stones that have been used in its architecture. Well, to understand the beauty level of this place you must know that an award-winning writer once called Petra one of the precious cultural properties of the cultural heritage of man. Well, this city was occupied from its beginning to all the way up to the 4th century but these are the estimated dates actually. Earthquakes in this area caused the change in its trade routes. The most interesting thing about the rose city is that it was lost to the world largely and a Swiss explorer found it in 1812 and it has been on the bucket list of the Jordan travelers ever since.

2. Göbekli Tepe, Turkey

Ancient Places: Göbekli Tepe

This ancient place is located in Southeastern Turkey. However, massive stones which have been arranged and crafted by prehistoric people. Well, the archeologist who discovered this location for the first time in the 1960s didn’t think that this place is anything more than just a medieval graveyard. Well, the truth about this place came out in 1994 when Klaus Schmidt, who has made the most startling and wonderful archaeological discoveries, visited the location and understand the fact that something massive is there underneath.  He decided to stay there and spend some time discovering more from here. After working on this site, he confirmed that this is a temple that was built about 11,500 years ago. There is a lot inside. However, the pillar stones which have been found here are known as the oldest megaliths of the world.

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3. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Ancient Places: Giza
Via Cezzare / Pixabay

Most of people may already know this. However, this is still a secret of how ancient people built these massive pyramids with perfection. Well, these were built in the Egyptians’ 4th Dynasty period that was around 2500BC. However, the largest of the Great Pyramids is actually the oldest of the original world’s 7 wonders and amazingly the only one which is perfectly standing at the present time. it is actually the burial tomb of Cheops also known as Pharaoh Khufu. However, when it comes to reaching the Great Pyramids then you must reach the easy-accessed Cairo by air. Once in Cairo, then just find any of the online car hire services to the pyramids.

4. Stonehenge, United Kingdom

Ancient Places: Stonehenge
Via TheDigitalArtist / Pixabay

This is a historical monument which is located in Wiltshire. It is actually a large standing stone’s circular setting. While archeologists believe that this monument was built between 3000BC to 2000 BC. It means that this megalithic structure is more than 3000 years old. While the stones of this came all the way from Wales. However, it is still an unknown fact that how these stones were brought there. However, various researches are showing that the construction of this monument was completed in multiple phases. Although currently, you can only move around this monument but still it is worth visiting to know the mystery behind this.

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5. The Colosseum, Italy

Colosseum: Italy
Via Free-Photos / Pixabay

Rome is always an Italy pride and will always be. For centuries, Rome is not only home of ancient pottery, weapons, and art but it is also holding amazing architectural masterpieces from and Colosseum is certainly one of these. The Colosseum is the world’s largest amphitheater in Rome which was built around the 1st century. This is remnants of the civilization which has controlled the world once. Well, this location is breathtaking not only because of its beauty but also for its age and history.

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6. The Parthenon, Greece

Ancient Places: The Parthenon
Via Nonbirinonko / Pixabay

Though it is getting a facelift at the present time but still it is breathtaking and astounding. This is an ancient temple to Athena which is standing as a symbol of Athens’s power and also as an evidence to Greek Civilization. One of the most amazing things about this is the fact that this is such a huge city’s sprawl and is an amazing site that has stood effectively the test of the time. However, this amazing place is giving a breathtaking view of Athens and its nearby ruins whose buildings and temples are equally wondrous. Although over the years much of its surrounding structures have been damaged but this structure is still standing luckily.

7. Chichén Itzá, Mexico

Ancient Places: Chichén Itzá
Via Makalu / Pixabay

This has been restored in recent years but still, Chichen Itza’s ruins of the Mayan city are one of the most visited archeological places in Mexico. The actual meaning of Chichen Itza is “at the mouth of the Itza’s well” which is actually referencing the people Itza who was the most dominant lineage in this region. However, it is also one of the new seven world’s wonders. While it is also one of the well-known Mayan historical structures in Mexico. The site is being opened daily for visitors.

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8. Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
Via MadebyNastia / Pixabay

Sigiriya is one of the most well-known historical places which is meant to give a breathtaking view. Well, this is one of the most impressive sites in Sri Lanka with ruins standing upon a huge rock. In the center of the jungle. This giant ancient rock is dating back to 475 BC. Although this is enough impressive but it is standing upon a 600 meters high natural column stone which is mesmerizing enough. To take a perfect scenic flight you must climb it up. To get a more mesmerizing view, prefer to see a sunset view from there. It may take an effort to see it but you must see it to see the real world’s beauty.


Just think of the entire historical wonders which have been listed above, and understand how these are different from each other. A detailed overview of the places certainly has given you a better idea about how these are different. Now it is up to you how you are going to judge these locations to choose the best one for you in a more effective way.

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Most of the people may have seen various amazing ruins of the world while traveling for years but still, these options are capable of providing you so much in the best possible way. So, this is the time to choose your ancient destination, pack your bags, book your flights or find the best online car hire services to reach and just enjoy the most memorable experience with ease.