Greece is the most beautiful place on the planet which you will never get bored of visiting. With the most gorgeous mainland and numerous little islands, this is a place that you will find better and better with every visit. However, whenever you are planning to take flight offers to Greece, visiting some of the most beautiful Greek islands is a necessity.

Greece is a land of thousands of islands and each of these has its own charm and beauty. Even more, this can be the best destination for a year-round beach holiday. It is because there is no wonder that the beautiful Greek islands are known as the most popular as well as the most amazing sea destinations to visit in Europe. Turquoise waters, romantic sunsets, whitewashed houses, the most delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and warm temperatures are making Greek islands the best to visit.

Most Beautiful Greek Islands You Must Visit

A region whimsical and wondrous, pristine and rugged, paradisiacal and wild, beautiful Greek islands are continuing to sway supreme as some of the most coveted spots of Europe to visit. However, when it comes to knowing the best Greek islands then there are few names which come in the mind of most of the people. But in fact, there are multiple islands which are worth to visit and can make your trip to Greece more amazing and most memorable with ease.

Are you looking for the best flight offers to Greece to enjoy amazing beach holidays there? Before making any plans, take a look at our selection of the 7 most beautiful Greek Islands which you must visit while you are in Greece. Knowing about these some of the most gorgeous Greek Islands will surely let you get a better idea about which Greek island is a must to visit and what you can do there to make your tour to Greece most memorable with ease. So, without any further delay, let’s have a look at the following information to know more about the things in this regard.

1. Mykonos

Mykonos Island, Greece
Via DanaTentis / Pixabay

Mykonos is known as one of the most stunning Greek islands more specifically with the little quant towns and coves which you can find here. These are truly picturesque and will give you a perfect time to enjoy here. However, when you are visiting the stunning Mykonos island then make sure to visit around the Mykonos’s cobbled streets. Take a small boat ride and head over to Delos Island or visit the beautiful Panagia Tourliani’s Monastery to get the most out of your time here.

Even more, you must visit the most famous thing on the island which is windmills, these look super gorgeous at sunset. Even more, if you are a party person then you must be happier to know that here you can enjoy the best sunrise parties. This can be a perfect Greek island for the ones who love to enjoy parties. While laid back holiday vibe is quite contagious because of which Mykonos has become one of the most famous beach destinations in Greece.

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2. Santorini

Santorini Island, Greece
Via Russell_Yan / Pixabay

You may feel that you already have been there because here you will see the most iconic white-washed homes which have been set against the crystal-clear blue sea. Well, the most interesting thing which you can notice here is that not all of the beaches are containing golden sands swatches because some of these are having, in fact, black sand. Well, the most southern island is made of volcanic rocks, and ultimately, the uncommon color of their dunes also.

This is without any doubt the most beautiful and famous Greek islands which you can ever visit. It is because it contains extraordinary landscapes, picturesque villages, stunning archaeological sites, mesmerizing Sunsets, and splendid beaches. Due to these amazing reasons, Santorini is reflecting tons of visitors yearly from all around the world.

3. Rhodes

Rhodes Island, Greece
Via manfredrichter / Pixabay

If you want to call rose with any other name then you can call it Rhodes, because this is the Greek name of this most romantic flower. As its name, this island itself is marvelous. It is packed with the most amazing historical places such as Venetian fort and castle of Kritinia which are aiding in its popularity.

Rhodes was the very first Greek island that I visited and it was a perfect introduction to the beauty of the Greek islands. The most beautiful places which you must visit in Rhodes are the village of Lindos, medieval sites in the old town and the Acropolis. However, if you want to taste the most authentic and delicious Greek food here then you must put your hands on the moussaka. You can find the tastiest moussaka anywhere in Rhodes with ease.

Along with taste and marvelous beauty you can also find much more from ancient history here because of which this island has been declared as UNESCO World heritage.

4. Milos

Milos Island, Greece
Via Moniek58 / Pixabay

The Venus de Milo statue which is known as the symbol of excellence and classical beauty was discovered from Milos. However, when it comes to the beauty and charm of this small yet beautiful Greek island then you can declare this indeed a paradise with ease. This beautiful Greek island is characterized by its astral landscape with white sand and rocks. However, the strongest point of this island is its mesmerizing beaches. These magnificent beaches are a total 70 in the count and some of these are still hidden. However, these beaches are amazing enough that these can make your breath away. However, the most surprising thing about this island is that it is almost deserted in the summers.

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5. Corfu

Corfu Island
Via arshopenby / Pixabay

This amazing Greek island is located in the west part of Greece. Well, this is one of the most amazing and larger northerly islands which is certainly a must for you to visit when you are enjoying your holidays in Greece. Most of the people have a misconception that Corfu is all about packaged holidays but actually, there is nothing like this. Although there are some certain places which have been catered for party crowd but a huge majority of the island is there to offer you breathtaking views, due to which this can be an ultimate ideal and gorgeous spot for the visitors to explore. Even more, while visiting Corfu make sure to see dramatic Cape Drastis, stunning canal d’Amour, and amazing Vlacherna Monastery to make your Corfu visit memorable forever.

6. Cephalonia / Kefalonia

Best Greek Islands
Via NinasCreativeCorner / Pixabay

This is the biggest Ionian Sea’s island which can be the best to visit because of its breathtaking landscapes, stunning beaches, mesmerizing monasteries, big mountains, and welcoming locals. This is one of the most important places to visit for a tourist in Greece. The underground cave of Melissani is one of the most popular tourist attractions here. This cave also has a magnificent lake with electric blue water within it. When sunlight comes down from this, then it gives a mesmerizing and magical illusion to its visitors. However, make sure to visit Myrtos beach and enjoy kayaking here to have more fun.

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7. Syros

Greek Islands
Via iliastz / Pixabay

If you want to have a little break while enjoying a perfect beach trip then Syro a little Greek island can be a perfect option for you to choose. This is an extremely gorgeous island to explore and it is capable of giving you more opportunities to have fun there. However, when you are visiting Syros then make sure to wander around the beautiful and narrow streets of Hermoupolis to see the most amazing Allou Yialou for some delicious island food options and Apollon Theatre to get more of your time here with ease.


Most of the people need help to choose the best of the Greek Islands for family, friends or couple’s holidays. Therefore, we work hard to cover some of the best and most incredible Greek Islands to enjoy the most beautiful time in Greece in the best possible way.

Greece has much more beautiful islands than Cher has wigs. It clearly means that you can find here something exceptional beyond just iconic and obvious beach vacation spots. It is because there exist hundreds of alluring and breathtaking islands to choose from and numerous mini-archipelagos to explore their beauty in a more amazing way.

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Enjoying these beautiful islands visit will give you better opportunities to have fun and enjoy time with yourself more. However, to simplify the best hunts, we provide you more amazing Greek islands which you must visit to enjoy the fullest in the best possible way.