Portugal is one of the most beautiful yet small countries, which is facing Iberian Peninsula’s Atlantic coast. Because of its amazing historical heritage and beautiful coastline, it is one of the most visited places in Europe. Most amazingly, smaller size of this beautiful country always makes it easier and more amazing to wander around your favorite places here. It means you can visit more places in Portugal even in lesser time. Pleasant climate is making it a year-round destination to visit.

Here visitors can see Moorish and Roman ruins along with other tourist attractions in Portugal. Portugal can impress its visitors by all the stunning landmarks and marvelous places in the best possible way. Therefore, you must start to look the best flight offers to Portugal. Because after reading the following list composed for the best historical places in Portugal, you can’t stop yourself from flying to Portugal.

Best Historical Places in Portugal You Must See

There are plenty of historical places in Portugal to visit. Portugal is one of the oldest places in Europe. It is not lacking in offering most beautiful historic to its visitors. Do you want to visit the best historical places in Portugal? Here we have brought some of the best options for you to consider in this regard. So, have a look at the most amazing historical destinations given below:

1. Belem Tower

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This is one of the oldest defensive towers on the River Tagus’ bank in Lisbon. It is also known as a popular symbol of Portugal’s Age of Discovery. However, this defensive tower was constructed between 1514 and 1520. However, it is also a well-known tower as The Tower of St Vincent. While, at the present time, it has been designated as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. This defensive tower is a beautiful combination of intricate detail and sturdy fortifications.  

2. St. George’s Castle

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The beautiful castle of St. George is located in Lisbon. However, this beautiful castle is located atop the highest hills of the city which is overlooking the beautiful Tagus River. At the present time, more and more people prefer to visit this beautiful castle not only to know more about it but also to enjoy the mesmerizing views across the Lisbon in a more amazing way. However, the castle also has some exhibitions along with presentations of the history of this city. Even more, along with exhibitions, handful of battlements and courtyards can be the best to explore here.

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3. Obidos Castle

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This is one of the most impressive and older structure which you can find on the hills of Obidos. This is a small yet one of the most beautiful cities which is dating back to the era of Roman on the Atlantic coast of Portugal. However, when it comes to this elegant castle then you must know the fact that this was built by Moors in the 8th century. However, its building was reconstructed in the 14th century and then a keep was added to secure its structure in a more effective way. However, at the present time, this castle is also housing pousada hotel. However, you can still enjoy the beauty of its architecture in the best possible way.

4. Alcobaça Monastery

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Alcobaça Monastery is one of the most beautiful Roman Catholic Monastery which you can find in the town of Alcobaça, located in the central Portugal. This beautiful Monastery was founded by the very first king of Portugal, Afonso Henriques in the year 1153. Even more, it has been maintained as a closest association with the Portuguese kings throughout the history of Portugal. The monastery and church are the very first Gothic buildings you can find in this country along with Monastery of Santa Cruz which is located in Coimbra which is also considered as one of the most important medieval monasteries in this country.

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5. University of Coimbra

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University of Coimbra is one of the oldest but still continuous universities which you can visit in Portugal. This university was firstly, established in 1290. Along with being one of the oldest, it is also the largest universities which you can visit in Portugal. It contains more than 20,000 students. You can find multiple interest sections within the complex of this university including the areas built by the King Joao V in the 18th century. However, the library Biblioteca Joanina can be the best example of Baroque architecture which you can see here. However, original throne room, Sala dos Capelos is the place where the decorators were awarded.

6. Capela dos Ossos

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Capela dos Ossos is one of the most amazing historical places which you can ever visit in Portugal. Most amazingly, this place can appear to come straight from a Halloween movie. However, it was the simplest solution on what to do with too many cemeteries which were takin up more space in Evora by the monks of 16th century. They decided to move the humans to a more special special chapel which was named as Bone chapel. Where the bones were being used to decorate the interiors of this chapel. However, this chapel is known as the most important part of St. Francis’ Gothic Church. However, it is being estimated that the walls and ceilings of the chapel are now containing more than 5,000 skeletons including numerous skulls.

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7. Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

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This beautiful place is synonymous with the golden age of discovery of Portugal. This is an iconic monastery of 16th century in Lisbon. Along with a nearby Tower of Belem, it has been designated as one of World Heritage sites. This was started in 1502 under King Manuel I’s orders. However, it was built in the honor of Vasco da Gama’s achievement of discovering a sea route to India in 1948.

King Manue and Da Gama both are now buried at the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos along with some other well-known figures. However, at the present time Mosteiro dos Jerónimos is being considered as one of the most revered and cherished buildings of the country. Even more, its beauty and amazing prominent historical attributes are making it one of the most visited historical places in Portugal. The monastery and church are embodying the spirits of ages. And are featuring the finest examples of Manueline architecture which you can find anywhere in Portugal.

8. Palácio da Pena

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This beautiful palace is being considered as one of the expressive specimens of romanticism of 19th century in the world. This seems more like a fairytale castle because it is standing above the clouds on the overcast days. This gorgeous palace is sitting on the top of a hill in Sintra. Most amazingly, you can also see this beautiful palace from Lisbon but on a clear day. This fairytale style palace was created by King Ferdinand II, and is combining two beautiful architectural styles Manueline and Moorish. This historical place is also being used for state occasions at the present time.

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9. Quinta de Regaleira

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This is a world heritage site which is boasting a lush park and an amazingly, romantic architecture. To enjoy the Quinta de Regaleira visit to its fullest, you must walk through its past lakes, fountains, wells, statues and the park. This palace was constructed in 1910 and also known as Palace of Monteiro the millionaire as per name of its owner. However, this beautiful landmark is perfect work of an Italian architect who used Manueline, Renaissance, Roman and Gothic influences. However, the most distinctive attributes of this palace are octagonal tower, and gargoyles of palace among other various attributes.

10. Lisbon Cathedral

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Lisbon Cathedral is one of the oldest structures of this place. This amazing cathedral was built in the mid of twelfth century. This beautiful structure was constructed after Christian crusaders which was led by King Afonso retook the place from the Moors. Lisbon cathedral has built in Romanesque style originally. However, it also has undergone from an array of renovations and reconstructions because of the damages which had been made by earthquakes. This is the reason why the present structure of Lisbon Cathedral is imposing a fortress-like structure and has added elements of different styles in its construction specifically, Baroque.

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These are some of the best and most amazing historical places in Portugal which must be added in your bucket list. Even more for the people who love to explore historical landmarks, these can be the best reasons to find out the best flight offers to Portugal, for sure. So, this is the time to get ready to explore Portugal in a more amazing way.