The Sahara Desert is located in the African region and is probably the hottest desert in the world right now. Also, it stands out third in number in Arctic and Antarctic region in terms of its area. We can safely say that this dessert is almost around the size of the entire China or the United States of America (USA). At various points, it connects to sea, oceans, various continents, countries, etc. Thus, it is possible to reach this place from many sides and in many ways. You can take any direction and mode of transport to visits this biggest and the hottest desert in the world.

Well, considering the unique nature of this region of the world, many people like to come here and spend time under the sky, especially at night time. Camping at various points in the Sahara Desert is very common. If you are also planning to come here and spend the memorable nights under the stars in the Sahara Desert, then you are at the right place to learn about it. Let us get the complete guide that how can you possibly get this best experience of your life.

Guide to Spend Night Under Stars in the Sahara Desert

The guide about visiting the Sahara Desert is simple. Just like you go for any other tourism experience at any place in the world, the same is the case with the Sahara Desert. However, there are few guidelines that you have to follow before going there, and a few that you can keep in mind in order to get the best experience of your life in the Sahara Desert. Let us get started with the main points of guideline about visiting the Sahara Desert and experiencing the night time sky full of stars.

1. Packing Is Crucial

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The temperature with an average of 38°C at the day time, while an average of -3.9°C at the night hours’ time is expected in the Sahara Desert, so you have to pack things with you that are appropriate with this kind of temperature range. So, you can clearly marine that how hot the days could get and immediately when it is the night the temperature falls below 0 degrees. Well, if you really are looking for sleeping under the stars, then you have to get enough layered up for that. In otherwise case, you won’t be able to handle the cold and will ruin your tour at the Sahara Desert. Even if you think that you are going to sleep in the tent, for that too you would need to have an extra layer of blankets on you to feel cozy and comfortable.

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2. Spend Only When Needed

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When you are traveling a long distance to reach the Sahara Desert, you worry about the things you have to take with you. Even if the tour is of a few days, you think about packing 10 bags considering the nature of weather over there. Well, this is something that you need to learn about. It’s fine that you pack the clothes that you would need there, but not the other stuff. This is because when you are doing the online booking hotel comparison, and eventually book a place for yourself, then it is sure that it would be a nice place for your stay over there. At these places, you will get a nice and clean kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and comfortable linen. Ther is no need to worry about things related to them and spend just on the most essential ones. This is how you have to worry less about things and you will enjoy more under the sky full of stars in the Sahara Desert.

3. Advance High-End Camp Booking

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Now, if you have planned to go to the Sahara Desert and spend some nights under the start of its sky, then surely you have to make a few extra efforts to do that. Just like you like to get the comfort of a separate toilet and a nice place to get accommodation. You make efforts on online booking hotel comparison so that you can avail of the best possible option. In the same way, if you want to spend time under the stars in the Sahara Desert, then try to get the high-end camp for yourself. It is possible only if you are willing to make extra effort to get it. This can be easily done by booking in advance.

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4. Arrive on Time

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Timing to reach the Sahara Desert is very crucial. You have to be very exact about it if you really want to enjoy the tour. Hundreds of people reach the Sahara Desert every day in order to just visit and enjoy the nights. This is because night time is comfortable and cold, and unlike the day time they have many things to enjoy. Also, they avoid facing the scorching rays of the sun, so night time is favorable and preferred too. So, all you have to do is to keep in mind that the timing of leaving the home and reaching this place is crucial. You must have booked in advance, so now to finally grab your position before someone else come is all in your hands. So, keep this point in mind, and try to follow because only then you will feel comfortable in going over to the Sahara Desert and then staying up all night to enjoy the beauty of stars spread on the sky. This is how simple it is to enjoy the Sahara Desert tour and making it a lifelong memory for yourself, your family, or the friend’s group with whom you visit the Sahara Desert.

5. Stay for Couple of Days

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When you plan your visit to the Sahara Desert, make sure you keep a margin of a few days to visit it completely. Although people are more curious about attending the nights at the Sahara Desert, the days are also fun if your planning is good, and also if the number of days is enough to visits every bit of it. You might get two nights and one day of your visit to the Sahara Desert, and that is the minimum. Ideally, the stay should be longer than this to experience the true colors of night and the beauty of sand dunes in the day, but 2 nights should be a must. The scenic beauty of Sahara Desert is admirable during the day and is wondrous during the night. Your plan should include the research about it, then make a list of the things you want to see there and the places you would like to visit. After this shortlist them, and further plan out the number of days and nights to fulfill that plan.

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6. Unplug Your Mind

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Well, the purpose of coming to the Sahara Desert is to experience something different and to unwind yourself. It is not easy that you get out of your daily monotonous routine and relax. But once you do that, you must keep in mind that the purpose should be served as you have planned. Also, if you are there and would like to experience the unmatchable beauty of the nights, then you have to keep yourself away from social media and the internet stuff. It should be very clear in your mind that you will take only one phone with you for contacting back at home. Other than this, there has to be no gadget with you or no app on your phone that you actively use at this time. So, the main theme of this point is that you unwind your mind, body and soul and help in unplugging from the things that keep you distracted in normal days of your life. It should be the core purpose of your visit to the Sahara Desert, and this is how you can enjoy it the most.

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The Sahara Desert is one of the places in the African region that is becoming the major tourist attraction for the last couple of years. The tourism trends have changed a lot, so people have started to explore unusual and tough places like the Sahara Desert. In the case of Sahara Desert, tourism has increased a lot more than expected because of the night time charm. If you are also fascinated by the stories tourists and vloggers to share, and would like to get the same experience, then you are probably ready for it. After reading the above article, you are quite eligible for doing it.