Between the shortened daylight hours, the stress of the holidays and unforgiving cold weather, winter may look tough. However, if you want an escape from the stagnation of the season, knowing a relaxing gateway can be an amazing thing to pull yourself through this. So, planning to visit a perfect winter destination can be an amazing thing to do. So, whether you are planning to heading off for a thrilling winter destination to enjoy some adventure or looking for a romantic winter holiday plan, we have it all for you. Even if you want to enjoy a bit warmer weather then still, we have some ideas for you.

All and all, on the basis of various factors including activities, weather, lodging options and much more, we have determined the best winter destinations for you. Whether you want to hit the slopes or escape to a beach slope these 10 best destinations are certain to pique your interest.

Are you planning your winter holiday visit and want to know some of the best places to visit this winter? Then, let’s have a look at the 10 most beautiful and stunning places to visit this winter.

10. Niseko and Kutchan, Japan

Niseko Ski Resort
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Niseko and Kutchan are two of the most beautiful winter destinations in Japan. Most amazingly, Niseko is making a premier Japanese destination for the international community of ski. Even more, Niseko and Kutchan are also being considered as beautiful jewels in the Hokkaido crown. These are the best places to enjoy amazing opportunities of hiking. Even more, visiting the prettiest river in Japan i.e. idyllic Shiribetsu River can also be an amazing thing to do here.

Rafting, skiing, cycling climbing and visiting the beautiful and stunning destinations around the Niseko and Kutchan can be some of the best things to do here. However, if you want to indulge in the best winter sport other than skiing then snowmobiling is also an amazing option to enjoy here. Most amazingly, Niseko and Kutchan are having swinging nightlife scene for everyone. Throughout your visit you can find a number of different amazing and thrilling activities to enjoy here.

9. Dublin, Ireland

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In the cold weather you can find a lot of snow and even more pubs in Dublin. These are amazing to offer you a warm corner to enjoy the best of Dublin in the best possible way. Most amazingly, Dublin has also been voted as one of the friendliest places in Europe to visit. However, there are some breathtaking Dublin mountains which can offer you a beautiful natural gateway, stunning panoramic views and perfect opportunity to hike. Overall, Dublin can bring a great party life, beautiful views, stunning cold weather and wonderful beer. So, you must plan to hire online car hire services to wander around this beautiful place and to enjoy every aspect of this beautiful place in the best possible way.

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8. Rovaniemi, Finland

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If you want to visit a serious winter destination, then Rovaniemi is an ultimate destination for you. However, it is always recommended to pack some serious winter stuff if you want to enjoy this place to the fullest. Rovaniemi is also known as the official Santa Claus territorial residence. So, whether you want to visit this everyone’s favorite man or want to enjoy the perfect snowy winters, Rovaniemi has it all for you. Here you can find various amazing things to do including a visit to Arktikum museum which can give you insights into the life at this latitude.

7. Zermatt, Switzerland

Alpine Mountain Matterhorn
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Whenever it comes about the most beautiful places in Switzerland, Zermatt always comes on the top of the list. This beautiful place is an invigorating and ever-present site to enjoy. All around Zermatt there is host of vintage places to visit and capture beautiful memories. However, when it comes to the best things to do in Zermatt then visiting Matterhorn is a famous jagged peak. This is an iconic pyramid shaped peak is a perfect landmark but to enjoy from the distance. However, if you want to climb then visiting Breithorn and Klein Matterhorn can be the best to enjoy an amazing aerial view of surrounding. However, there are plenty of other things which you can enjoy here to make your tour the best.

6. Bergen, Norway

Via enriquelopezgarre / Pixabay

Bergen is one of the most popular town which you can visit this winter in Norway. This beautiful place is embedded in the fjords while surrounded by unspoiled nature. Overall, this is preserving an idyllic Nordic village atmosphere. This is an amazing destination in Europe to experience real winters. Mountains are providing amazing opportunity to ski, hike and sledge. While, if you want to admire a panoramic view then going on the top of Mount Ulriken y cable can be the best for you. However, numerous outdoor activities, wonderful nature, stunning views, Spa centers and cold weather combinedly making trip of Bergan unforgettable for its visitors.

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5. Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

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Cortina d’Ampezzo is being a popular destination for tourists since 19th century. This beautiful winter destination is also known as Pearl of the Dolomites because of its stunning beauty. Even more, the natural beauty of this town has also made it a perfect and popular location for filming. Here you can find luxury hotels to stay, amazing outdoor activities including skiing, hiking, and much more to enjoy. Even more, you can also take a cable car ride to enjoy surrounding views perfectly. To have an unforgettable experience it is always recommended to find online car hire services and enjoy every corner of the place easily.

4. Abisko, Sweden

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If you want to enjoy the Northern lights in a perfect way then nothing can be better than visiting the stunning Abisko in this winter. This city is situated in the far North which you can easily get by train. Most amazingly, this can give you some amazing urora borealis photo opportunities in the world. Most amazingly, Husky Mushing is another amazing and once in a lifetime activity which you can enjoy here. It will let you have amazing fun. Even more, Abisko is also known as a place of Nordic wildlife. Here you can visit a vibrant national park, for more frequent aurora borealis appearances.

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3. Iceland

Blue Lagoon Iceland
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Iceland is one of the most beautiful places to visit. This is a stunning destination which looks beautiful in summer while more impressive in winters. Especially visiting Gullfoss waterfall in the Southwest of Iceland can be an amazing thing to do. This is second largest fall of Iceland which freezes partially in winters and give a breathtaking view. The water turns to vibrant blue and turquoise shades to provide a wonderful sight. Even more, Iceland is also offering amazing fun activities to the visitors to make their tour best.

2. Sydney, Australia

Pier One Hotel Sydney
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One of the most amazing advantage of traveling Sydney even in winters is you can get to experience beautiful and warm summertime weather. So, this can be a perfect place to visit for the ones who don’t want to stay in cold weather. However, with thriving population, Sydney is adding a touch of cosmopolitan vibe and cultural dynamism in its society. While, here you can visit some iconic monuments, scenic sightseeing places, and world-class restaurants which can vindicate your decision of visiting this best place in winter.

1. Dubai, UAE

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Dubai is a place with futuristic approach. Most amazingly, oasis in the desert’s classic story can be seen realized here. Dubai is having a Desert that stretches for thousands of miles. However, it is home to the tallest buildings in the world. Even more, here you can also enjoy the fastest roller-coaster, world’s biggest water park, Burj Khalifa, Gold Souk, Desert Safari, and much more. All of these activities combinedly are making it an irresistible dream vacation for the travelers who want an adventurous tour to enjoy. Even more, this is an amazing warm place to enjoy in winter.

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Final Thought

While some of you may be ready to flee the cold this winter while others want to embrace it more amazingly. However, whatever your plan is, visiting some of the beautiful winter destination must be in your bucket list. However, here we have brought some of the most beautiful places which you must plan to visit this winter. All of these places have the ability to stun you with their beauty once winter rolls around. So, don’t wait anymore and find your perfect winter destination here to enjoy an amazing trip with ease.