Mexico is an amazing place to visit with lots of locations that are attractive to tourists from all over the world. We have compiled the short descriptions about the Tulum, Sumidero Canyon, San Miguel de Allende, Izamal, Morelia Cathedral, Los Cabos, Guanajuato, Gran Cenote, Playa del Carmen, Mérida, Palenque, Guadalajara, Copper Canyon, Islas Marietas, and Chichén Itzá. You can manage the online booking hotel comparison before you get yourself at these places so that you can fully enjoy visiting them, and also read our descriptions to make sure you have enough knowledge about them. Let us get started with them in detail now.

1. Tulum

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If you want to visit someplace that will make you feel at peace and mental relaxation, then Tulum is the best place to visit in Mexico. The coral reefs, the tropical natural setting all around it is just super relaxing to the viewer, and offer the best option if you want to unwind from the hustle and bustle of your city life routine. There are also many beaches that you can visit, along with scuba diving options that will lead to life experiences. It is a completely safe travel destination in all aspects, so give this place a try for sure on your visit to Mexico.

2. Sumidero Canyon

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In the southern region of Mexico, the Sumidero Canyon is the national zoo or park kind of place that is built just with the intention to save the various animal species. These species are mostly those that are endangered. If you are also an animal lover, then you can find the crocodiles, monkeys, and many others at this one-stop. Make it at the top of your list because it is such an amazing place to be part of.

3. San Miguel de Allende

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It is a very famous city located in Mexico where there are so many historical locations where you can visit and enjoy the old architecture. In the past, it was feared that it will turn out into some kind of ghost city because of no population or very few visits from the tourist, but later on, with the renovation, it turned out amazing. It is now very lively and many people come to witness its beauty.

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4. Izamal

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In southern Mexico, this city is the location at almost about 73 kilometers away. It is known as the yellow city because most of the buildings and the architectural pieces you will witness here are made I yellow color. So, that is something that attracts the visitors the most. Also, there are so many ancient pyramids and hills that it is also known as the city of hills. It is also among the must-visit locations in this country.

5. Morelia Cathedral

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In the center of this city in Mexico, there is a Cathedral that marks the best place of the location. It as a very spiritual vie due to the kind of buildings and architecture over here. Other than this, you will see so many plazas here with a garden all over the city’s sides. So, if you are looking for different adventures at one stop, the Morelia Cathedral location and the overall city is the best place to be in.

6. Los Cabos

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This location is known for sports, especially the tennis game is very popular over here. There are so many popular tennis players that professional play this game belong to this place. If you are here for some weeks, then you can surely get your hands on some of the major skills of tennis in this location in Mexico. So, there is something for sports lovers too, and they should visit this antique place for sure.

7. Guanajuato

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This is the place in Mexico that is popular for swimming adventures. You will find the lakes where you can swim in crystal clear water, there will be caves in which you can dive in and explore the lives inside of them. Other than this, this 140-kilometer square place offers you the natural beauty which you can enjoy y walking all around, shilling with the landscapes, and taking pictures for lifetime memories. O, try to put it in your list for visit on your next vacation plan to Mexico.

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8. Gran Cenote

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When you will visit the Tulum location on your visit to Mexico, then make sure you travel a few kilometers further to Cuba and experience one of the best Cenote, the Gran Cenote. It is one of the most popular and deep-diving locations along the river in this place where you can get training first from the professionals, and then start experiencing this heavenly natural beauty. Even if you are not that brave, then you can still dive a little and still see the life that exists underwater. Therefore, you must visit this place to get the best experience.

9. Playa del Carmen

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Playa del Carmen is the coastal location of Mexico where you will find so many attractive beaches with the row of trees that cover its sidelines. There are locations where you can just go and witness nature without any hustle-bustle, buildings and pollution around you. There are some shops, hotels and restaurants, but no too much that they will ruin the natural beauty of the place. You can just go there and enjoy whatever you want to enjoy and the way you like it.

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10. Mérida

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Merida is that city in Mexico which is known as the modern city that has so many things to offer. All you have to do here is to come and experience the human-made beauty of this place. The architecture and the colonial heritage of this place is also a point of attraction for people coming to visit it from all parts of the world.

11. Palenque

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Towards the southern region of Mexico, almost about 500 to 600 miles away, this May city is located which is as old as the 7th century. There is a mixture of highlands as well as the plain regions in this place where you can just go and enjoy the peace it offers. The name came from the Spanish word for this city, and that means the ‘big water’.

12. Guadalajara

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It is simply the historic location of Mexico that you will find at the western end of it. All you will find here is about history, the wars fought in the previous times, their museums, the buildings and temples with different designs that remind of the old people.

13. Copper Canyon

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It is one of the very unique places in Mexico where no many people visit, and the reason is just that they are unable to explore it yet. It is located in the southern region of the country where there are not so many buildings and population, so you can easily roam around and just focus on the natural beauty of the place. There are mountains, hills and greenery which will fascinate you in different ways in different seasons.

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14. Islas Marietas

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Almost about 7 and a half kilometers into Mexico, you will be able to reach this Island that is so beautiful that your eyes won’t believe. It has greenery all over it, the caves of water where you can dive deep inside to see the creations that you never have seen earlier in life. Other than this, the beach locations around it are also fantastic, and very peaceful as very few people explore and reach there.

15. Chichén Itzá

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This place in Mexico is also known as the place of water magicians. You will find many sites where temples are located with modern as well as traditional architectural designs. Moreover, if you find visiting the pyramids, then again, this place is great for your visit.

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Mexico offer all these amazing places, including the top ones like Tulum, Sumidero Canyon, San Miguel de Allende, Izamal, Morelia Cathedral, Los Cabos, Guanajuato, Gran Cenote, Playa del Carmen, Mérida, Palenque, Guadalajara, Copper Canyon, Islas Marietas, and Chichén Itzá, to visitors who come here from all parts of the world. They can enjoy each and every one of these places just by picking and choosing those that touch their souls the most. We hope you will get help from our descriptions and will be able to choose the best location from Mexico in your next visit here.