Well, when you visit France, then the most famous things over here like the online car hire services, the wine diversity and much more some int the mind. While very few people bother about the villages it is surrounded by. Well, it is very important that you get time for the trip to these villages, explore their extraordinary beauty, witness the lush green landscapes and much more that you are looking for in order to feel relaxed. This article is mainly compiled for you and others who are interested in something relaxing and peaceful for their next vacations. Let us now get started with various village options in France that you can avail to get the lifetime experience. These are probably those villages you might not have heard before, but surely you will become fond of them once you witness their unique beauty.

1. Kaysersberg

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Located in the Haut Rhin region of France is this village that is called as the Kaysersberg. It is a small village with no more than 2 thousand and 8 hundred people in total. It is a lush green village with a variety of flower blooming all around and few crops which the villagers feed on. In the winter season, this Kaysersberg village becomes center of the region because the wine and the kind of Christmas celebrations done here are matchless. If we talk about buildings over here, then they are very old looking in architecture and many churches all around.

2. Saint-Tropez

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Well, this place might not offer the best online car hire services like the cities of France offer, but surely this city can offer you much more beauty witnessing options than the cities. You can come to this small village in France because this is filled with so many options that you can explore as the tourist. The churches and temples over here are hundreds of years old and the architecture that they reflect is just extraordinary. You have to witness this historic beauty no matter what. Only when you will come here, then you will realize how amazing the decision you have taken.

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3. Rocamadour

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Well, the Rocamadour is also a great village of France I which there is more heritage than the village components such as corps, vegetables, and flowers. You can visit this location with the mindset that something extraordinary is going to be found and you need to capture it. So, visit this with all the preparation of cameras and video recorders.

4. Moncontour

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Well, the Moncontour is that village in France where there are very few inhabitants. If you count them, they are just a handful of people over here. The number is no more than a thousand. Again, this is a very nice small village with a clean environment, no hustle-bustle, no noise and pollution. What you will witness over here will be a natural beauty and the historical masterpieces, So, make it up to your bucket list and come here in your next vacations to explore this piece of beauty. It is a must-visit the place which you should not ignore ever.

5. Dinan

Via Jorge Fernández Salas / Unsplash

Well, Dinan is the village of France which dates back to the 13th century when the architecture was very unique. It still has those buildings that reflect the creative sense of people of the past. Other than this, this village has the famous clocktower in which tourists come from all over the world to witness its beauty and huge architecture. It has almost about 158 steps that take you at the top of it.

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6. Saint-Veran

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To be every honest, just like its beautiful name Saint-Veran, this village is also very beautiful and captivating to eyes because of its lush green surroundings all over along with colorful flowers. Even if you come here all alone, there is no chance that you feel boring here because there is so much to offer you in this place. This village ends after 2 thousand meters, and that shows its small area. You must give this location a try once at least because of it worth your efforts and money to reach here.

7. Saint-Robert

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Limousine is the central section of France where this village is located. There are no more than just around 360 inhabitants of this village. It is one of the prettiest villages of France that is famous for its monasteries. There are many of them and visitors from all over the world come here to celebrate the beauty of this place. All you have to do is to search about it in detail on the internet, learn about the locations where you can live for a few days on your tour and else you can do on reaching here.

8. Arbois

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If you are a wine lover, then this place is for you. You must be noticing that there are so many villages in France that are famous for wine, but among all of them, this one is at the top. This place was once very unpopular and not known by many people all over the world, but with time the number of tourists is increasing in number, especially in the summer season. This village has beautiful mountains that cover with flowers in summer so it becomes very attractive for people who come here from outside.

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9. Le Blanc

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The Le Blanc village, also known as the Indre, is that location that is very old if we talk about it historically. It has been renovated quite a lot and now almost around more than one and a half lakh people are inhibiting at this place. So, you can imagine how amazing this must be for visitors because there is a complete transition from traditional to contemporary. However, you will still find the spots of the past in there. So, if you are also thinking about coming here, then surely you must make this plan as soon as possible

10. Mitte Bergheim

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Well, this village is famous for two main things that people come from all over the world to experience. Although the village is older than the 18th century, the way it is organized and the cleanliness system over here is very modernized. Along with natural beauty, the first thing it offers is the pure wine that is not found in any other part of the world. Other than this, there are so many antique museums of this place that people from all over the world like to visit once in their life. So, you must come here and get this lifetime experience.

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11. Sainte-Enimie

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This is a historical village in France that came into being in the 7th century, so you can imagine how old it is. Likewise, the architecture here, the way it is designed, and the kind of people live here also give that vibe. It is popular here hat it was once the place with princess lived and spent many years of her life. Along with this, it is famous for its beautiful fountains that are made by the locals to add to its beauty. It might not be easy to reach this place because it is located in a very remote region of Franc, but surely it is a good option that you can safely add to your bucket list for the next vacations.

12. Ansouis

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This little village of France is located just along the Durance river which adds to its beauty. This fantastic village, although small in area, but inhibits quite a good number of people. Many of this village is known for its different cultures, way of worship and the diversity of food. You can surely enjoy it once you come here for your vacation. It is not much exploring and not very popular, but as you will come here, you will like this fact that there is not too much rush of people here and this helps you explore it in a much better way.

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Normally people like to go to places like big cities that are very lively, full of colors but very noisy at times. If you think you should try some relaxing location, then the above-mentioned French villages are a very good option for you. You can just try to go there and explore as much as you want. They are probably not very popular and you might not know how they are, but surely after our discussion and description gave above you have become quite familiar with them now.