India is a beautiful country and a tourism spot for many people coming from Europe and American, especially. If you are from these regions or any other place, you have to keep in mind the fact that there is much more preparation needed to come here than just doing the online booking hotel comparison. It is important but after doing everything else. You have to basically understand what India has to offer you, and what you can explore here. Well, there are so many things included in it but make sure you make a list of top ones.

This article is all about the various places in India that you should travel to when you reach here finally. We will be sharing the top such places for your information and help. Let us get started with the details of each one now.

1. Bring Cash with Yourself

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Cash is the most important thing which you have to keep in mind while traveling to India. Before even you finalize your plan for coming to India, make sure that you get the cash arrangements done for you traveling and while you will stay in the country. Other than your credit cards, the cash amount of money must be present in your wallet or pocket for an emergency situation or for your normal daily needs. So, just keep this in your mind and be sure that it helps you get to the point where you want to reach when you come to India.

2. Try Local Weed

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Well, try the options of weed if you are a fan of it. We know that weed is not good for health and it is prohibited in many countries. Some countries have few restrictions, while some do not sell it at all. India is that one country where many weed types are ban, but a few of them are allowed too. SO, you can explore any of these for your needs. If you want to try their local ones which are allowed, then you can surely do that to just experience what they feel like. Try to take a small amount of them because you are a stranger in the country and cannot afford to get into any trouble.

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3. Mountains Can Be Expensive

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Mountains and traveling to such locations can be expensive if you want to do this. So, if you are specifically coming to India for the exploration of mountains, then you have to keep this fact in your mind. Along with this, you need to bring enough cash with you so that there is no problem with it if you want to try more than you planned for it. So, cash credit is your best friend in such a type of exploration. Even if you have no such plan, even then bring money for it because you never know when you make a plan for it because when you look at the mountains in India, it is very hard to resist them. This simple activity costs you more because the mountains here are not very safe and there is a guiding team who go with you for the tours. SO, they are the ones who will charge you according to the efforts they make for you in the journey of exploring the mountains in India.

4. Keep Moving, But with Patience

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You have to keep moving while you are in India as your travel destination. It is such a big country with so many things to explore. So, only if you are able to stay active and mobile, only then you will be able to get the trip done in a better way. The whole exploration needs energy from you. So, keep up that energy and try to be patient with a journey at the same time. You might find it tiring, but in the end, it will worth all your effort, money and time. Therefore, keep this in your plan while traveling to this place and prepare your body for it in advance.

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5. Explore Beyond Cities

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You have to be that person who is willing to explore more than just cities in India. It is extremely important because most of the times tourists work only on the exploration of cities, and they forget that there are much more than just cities in India. There are jungles and deserts too, and they are quite fascinating and beautiful, so being the future tourist of India, keep this thing in your mind when you travel to this destination. You will find this experience very amusing and charming on the whole trip.

6. Try Local Transportation

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Transportation is not a big issue if you know the whole system in advance. So, we recommend that you get the full information about the local transportation of a country like India where the population is too much and it is hard to get transport from one place to another. This research and advance information ill help you stay away from the problems that you can face in India. It is very simple in a way that you can get in touch with some tourists also. They will guide you all about this. So, again, one more thing you have to keep in mind while traveling to India. Never ignore this option and work on it completely to avoid any issue o problem in your transportation within India.

7. Be Conscious of Religions Norms

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When you come to a place like India, you come to know that almost all people of every religion are living in this country. From Christians to Muslims and Hindus, there is a whole lot of following for each religion within this country. So, when you come here or trying to make a plan for traveling to India, be sure that you know that the religion forever person is very respectful, so you may not offend anyone of them regarding this. It will maybe ruin your whole visit if you do that. So, be conscious of the religious norms of each religion being practiced in India.

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8. Eat at Local Street Food Stalls

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Food in India is very diverse and you cannot imagine how many different types of cuisines are popular in this one country. You will find desi food, western, Chinese, and many others that you like. But better you try the one that is native to this place. The desi food which is sold on the streets is the tastiest food you will ever eat in your life. So, try to get tat one for yourself. You can try other is their places, so get your hands on the only that are special in this place. Never underestimate this food because this will bring so much joy to you and also it will cost you less than another type of food available in the markets and in different expensive or luxury hotels.

9. Pay Visit to Historic Locations

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Historical places in India are many. You will be able to find many of them in almost every city. So, just try out the ones that are most popular, such as the tomb of Shahjahan, etc. This one and many others like this are popular all over India and other places like this. You can list out the ones by searching on the internet. Make up a list of the top ones so that you may be able to directly go and visit them without tension. Do not follow too many references, and just go for the ones you have listed down in your book. This is going to be of great help to you during the whole visit to India.

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You might be taking online booking hotel comparison and another such thing seriously before traveling to India. But in reality, those that are mentioned above are more important to be considered. This is because when you are traveling to a country like India, which is very diverse in the form of culture and religion, there are so many things that you need to keep in mind. We have sure that the points we have shared with you in the section above would be of great help to you if you are thinking about visiting this place in the near future. This list is going to help you in many ways, so try to go through it before coming here.